Acoustic Drums Triggers Top Selections in 2023

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Drums are the most commonly used instruments in the world now. But the drums used a long time ago are not the same as the current drums available in the market. In ancient traditional times, drums were made of animal skin and a particular type of wood.

Drums produce sound due to the vibration of the drum head. This vibration produces a sound at a specific frequency and is controlled by the drum head’s tension. The change in vibration’s frequency causes a change in pitch while the tone is influenced by several factors that include the type of drum head, the shell material, and the amount of damping.

What is an acoustic drum trigger?

An acoustic drum trigger is an accessories electronic device that triggers additional sounds in drums. Sometimes, the drummer requires a variety of sounds to improve the quality of his/her music. This can only be achieved currently by the use of acoustic drums triggers.

For instance, if you mount a Roland RT-100 series acoustic drum trigger to your drum, toms and kick drum pick up vibrations and send information to any Roland V-Drums. After that, you can choose the sound triggered; the drum triggers are sensitive to velocity; thus, it will detect how hard you are playing a specific sound.

Tips for choosing the best drum triggers

Choosing the best drum triggers is an easy job, even though they are technical marvels. Here are a few features you need to take into account.


In any device, durability is the main thing to consider before making a purchase. The majority of durable commodities have a higher price tag. Fragile head contact triggers are less expensive because they can get damaged easily. They also have exposed wires and jacks that can be hit and pinched. Using these fragile drum triggers is costly because you can do frequent replacements.


Drum triggers will be among the least expensive equipment in your kit, assuming that you have chosen good quality triggers. It is a good idea to ensure that other factors, other than the price, play a significant role in your decision making.


Several triggers use guitar cables, which are ¼” to ¼ ” while others use XLR to 1/4” cables. It would be essential if you kept in mind that these cables can get damaged, thus always having a spare, particularly those using XLR to ¼” cables.

Drum rim height

If you want to use the rim mount drum triggers, ensure that there will be good contact between the drum and triggers. It should not muffle your drum. Current drum triggers are adjustable; hence you can set them without any difficulty.

How do drum triggers work on acoustic drums?

Drum triggers apply the most straightforward technique to work. It is easy to connect the triggers into the electronic drums and can be quickly done by amateurs too. Thus you can do it on your own, and you are ready to go. What you need to do during the device’s installation is to ensure that the trigger is well attached to the drum shell and then connect to the drum using the wire.

The device itself has the sensors with it. The technique applied is that the sensor picks the signals, which are the drum head’s vibrations. What the sensor then does is to transmit the signals via a wire to the drum module.

What are the triggers in drumming?

A trigger is an electronic transducer attached to a drum to enable it to control an electronic drum unit. When using triggers, the drummer does not strain so much to produce quality sound. Triggers play a very vital role in the current world of technology. The problem that comes with the use of microphones can be dealt with by triggering pre-recorded samples.

Do you need a drum module for triggers?

Getting the drum triggers is not enough. It would help if you also acquired the trigger modules for the system to be complete. Drum modules are like the heart of the acoustic drum electrification system. You will not be able to come up with that quality sound without the drum trigger modules.

The trigger module comes alongside with the various sounds and the sound effects. The trigger module has been designed in a way that it has ports for various inputs and outputs. The input parts which must be on the device are the trigger inputs and the PA while the output ports are the MIDI ports and the headphones port.

Are drum triggers cheating?

The use of drum triggers is not cheating. Every performance on each instrument (piano, guitar), is transmitted from a source to another source. The process is amplified, manipulated, and changed, hence not the sound you made yourself. Thus, acoustic drums are not different from the rest of the instruments. There are several drum triggers currently available in the market. This is the best drum triggers:

Roland RT-30HR Dual Zone Trigger

The Roland Dual Trigger
The Roland Dual Trigger

RT-30HR is a fantastic and improved type of drum trigger from Roland. This trigger is compact and reliable because it fits every drum hoop, both classic and inward-curved drum designs. It is made of quality plastic that can stand any condition. You are guaranteed of long term use of this drum trigger.

It is also well designed to collect both head and rim vibrations. This is an ideal equipment to get MIDI tone from your acoustic drum. It is compatible with most Ronald products that include drums, drum modules, and percussion pads.

Roland RT-30K Kick Trigger

Roland Kick Drum Trigger
Roland Kick Drum Trigger

RT-30K introduced this product to the market three years ago. The trigger is well compatible, especially with bass drums. This fantastic product has an easy mounting system that enables you to mount and play your drum in a few seconds. The mounting system fixes the sensor to an optimal position hence capturing quality sound all the time.

Just like RT-30HR, this product is made of high-quality ABS material. This makes it durable because it can withstand all conditions of is compatible with all Roland devices. A cable is included in this package.

Pintech Percussion RS-5 Acoustic Head Trigger

Pintech Percussion Rs 5 Acoustic Trigger
Pintech Percussion Rs 5 Acoustic Trigger

If you are a professional drummer in need of cheap triggers, then this is the right device for you. But despite its low price, this product has the best features too. The mounting clip keeps the trigger in a perfect position. The mounting system enhances excellent sensitivity.

Pintech RS-5 can be used for home recording also as a silent electronic kit converter. It is accessible to great your sample by connecting the trigger to the drum software. This trigger can also be used as a contact mic for acoustic guitars.

DDRUM Acoustic Pro Triggers

Ddrum Acoustic Pro 5 Piece Trigger Kit
Ddrum Acoustic Pro 5 Piece Trigger Kit

DDRUM is the most reliable trigger kit available. This trigger comes as a complete drum trigger kit consisting of five units. The kit consists of; one bass drum, one snare drum trigger, and three tom-tom drum triggers. Therefore, this is a full package that you require for your drum for your drumming needs.

The triggers are so easy to use and give a fantastic sound quality. You can count on this device for incredible sensitivity and response. This trigger’s mounting system is considered weak, not because it is hard to mount or they are unsteady. It is because of insufficient protection to the drum shells.

Aquarian Kickzone Bass Drum Trigger

Aquarian Kickzone Bass Drum Trigger
Aquarian Kickzone Bass Drum Trigger

Aquarian is among the cheapest triggers with a pretty simple design. It is the best bass drum trigger. It is made to withstand the vibrations of the bass drumhead. It provides decent quality and fantastic simplicity of use. This trigger is favorable for practice and lives performances as well.

There is an added backing that keeps the cord stable though not promising.

Yamaha DT-50K

Yamaha Dt 50K
Yamaha Dt 50K

Yamaha is a renowned company for the manufacture of musical instruments in the world. This device is a hi-quality trigger with a wide range of features. It offers an excellent quality sound in the entire music industry. This device has a metal body that enhances excellent sturdiness and years of use.

The mounting system is the most advanced and most vital feature of this device. You require a few seconds to fix this trigger. It is much safer and does not damage your drum shells. Once mounted, the trigger works correctly and does not affect the drum sound quality.

Yamaha DT-50S Acoustic Drum Trigger

Yamaha Dt 50S
Yamaha Dt 50S

It is yet another fantastic product from Yamaha. It can be used with all types of drum trigger modules. This device is housed in a sleek metal die-cast body that takes footprint on any drum. It is the perfect drum for professional live performance. The trigger works correctly with snare drums, rack toms, and floor toms. It can pick accurate and consistent vibrations from the drum.

It can blend well into the rim of the drum, and it’s sturdy when installed. The sensitivity of the drum can be adjusted using a knurled screw fixed to the trigger. This is another one of the best drum triggers available.


Pick a trigger of your choice from the above-discussed types and make your music enjoyment. Always go for the best, but do not break your budget plans. Make your live performance more lively than never.

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