Alesis Burst Electronic Drum Kit Best Review In 2023

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The Alesis Burst Electronic drum kit has been one of the top models when it comes to electric drum sets.

It has been a really popular set until Alesis launched the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit on the market.

The video below describes the difference between the old models, such as the Alesis Burst, compared to the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit.

The best things about Alesis’ products are their quality compared to price. Most drummers would go for electronic drums from this company simply because they are more affordable.

I have been using e-drum sets for many years now since I started playing drums. Although I have never relied on them for professional work, I still find them quite impressive.

In this guide, I will be reviewing this kit and answering some common questions about electronic drums.

Alesis Burst Kit Electronic Set Drum Review

Alesis is one of the names of the top drums in the world of electronic and percussion instruments. They have been making nice drums for many years and continue to do so for many drummers worldwide.

One thing we love about e-drum sets is their portability. For those who don’t like the bulkiness of acoustic drums, you will find e-sets are a perfect solution.

Also, they are much cheaper than traditional kits. And they offer a better solution for practicing silently.




Sound Quality






Value for Money



  • High-quality drum set at a low price
  • It is durable, with steady hardware
  • Nice-quality samples on the module
  • Compatible with Drum Rocker gamer controller


  • No coaching functions on the drum set
  • The sounds are not great compared to other kits in this range

Alesis Burst Kit electronic set is one such product. It is an entry-level e-drum set with four drum pads, three cymbals, and two pedals.

It is one step better than the DM Lite, which is more basic and much cheaper. The Alesis Burst kit is also light, built for easy transport.

It’s more expensive than the DM Lite; it can cost about $500. A starter drummer can still afford it.

Also, the company has been generous enough to add a few extra accessories to the Alesis Burst Kit. Hence, you will get the kit with a headphone, drumsticks, a drum throne, and a drum key.

As such, the Burst is a complete set ready with everything you need to start rocking immediately. Those who are starting out with the instrument will find it very convenient.

Alesis Burst Electronic Drum Kit Best Review

The kit is configured with:

  • One snare pad
  • Three tom pads
  • A bass drum pad
  • A hi-hat
  • Two other cymbals
  • Other accessories and hardware, including stereo output and connection cables

This is often a standard configuration for a wide range of drum sets, including acoustic ones. Electronic drum set manufacturers use it to offer a complete setup, especially in their entry-level kits.

Who is the Alesis Burst Kit for?

The Alesis Burst Kit is one of the cheapest e-drum sets from the brand and on the market. This is because it’s majorly aimed at beginners.

It is designed to suit all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. You can adjust its height for any reach. It’s also flexible in terms of left-hand configuration.

Each pad comes attached to the drum rack, which is easy to assemble. The rack is solidly built to withstand any pressure you may through its way.

Despite its price tag, and perhaps and not-so-good tonal aspect, experienced drummers can still find this kit useful as well. If you want a viable practice kit without spending too much, this kit is for you.

It features rubber pads and free-floating pedals that make home practice efficient. You will therefore find it extremely applicable in build-up place places like apartments. You can even play it in your bedroom without waking up other people in the house.

This kit is also suitable for musicians who want to set up a home studio. It comes with the DM6 module, which is compatible with any Mac or PC for use on a DAW. The USB port lets you create MIDI tones on your computers. Those who use audio recording tools like EZ Drummer and BFD will enjoy playing this kit.

If you are a parent whose son or daughter has shown interest in drums, this could be a perfect choice for you. The value this kit offers at a low price is unlike anything else you will ever find. This kit is far cheaper than any low-end acoustic kit on the market and yet able to reach great tonal ranges.

Construction and hardware

Alesis Burst Electronic Drum Kit drum pads are plastic with a rubber playing surface. The rubber drumheads hold the triggers that send sound signals to the module. They will give out the sound depending on how hard or soft you hit.

The snare is a 9-inch rubber pad, and the toms are 8-inches inches each.

In terms of stick response, this kit does not disappoint. You can be sure of a healthy bounce. I felt some noise from each pad, but it’s nothing that should worry you.

The snare features a rig, trigger, but not the toms. This is a useful feature as it lets you play different tons.

The manufacturer has included a nice drum rack that holds the drums in place, letting you play any style. Each drum pad comes with wing nuts that hold them tightly in place.

10-inch pads on the cymbals are enough to offer the feeling of a real cymbal set. Rubber trigger areas are set under each cymbal’s surface, (half), letting you achieve great sounds.

Place each cymbal on a cymbal stand and fasten using a wing nut. You will feel very little or no lateral movement once everything has been set.

It would have been better if the ride cymbal had a separate bell to play. This means you can only trigger a bell by hitting harder, which is typical for many entry-level kits. No chokes of three-zoned playing surfaces either.

The hi-hat is better sounding than many others at this price range. It is made up of a 10-inch that works well with a freestanding foot controller. You will find the weight of this controller quite convenient.

The pedal is quite functional, reacting to how you press your foot to play the hi-hat. You can get the open hat by playing on the hi-hat with your foot off. And if you want a close and tight sound, gradually press down the pedal.

A 10-inch crash cymbal pad on this kit can serve as a crash, a splash, or china cymbal.

Now to the bass drum pad. It has a freestanding pedal, which is similar to the hi-hat. It comes with a small beater, which does not take up much space. Connect the drum and the pedal module, and you are good to go. This plate will be sufficient for those who like playing heel down.

The Alesis Burst kit comes with a four-post aluminum rack in terms of hardware, which is flexible and straightforward. You will find it relatively easy to set up. Besides, it is strong enough to support every drum and cymbal pad without too many movements.

This rack is stronger than many racks on other entry kits. It holds the drum and cymbal pads perfectly.

Alesis’ Burst kit pack also comes with a drum module user guide and an assembly manual. It should not be trouble setting up. Both the hi-hat and the module can be set in a few minutes/


You will find the same drum module on the Alesis Burst kit as you would on the DM6 USB Kit. Such a small and compact module fits any situation.

On the front of the drum module is a section for pad indicators that show where each pad has been tuned. You can either use a metronome or play without.

The hi-hat and the other cymbals don’t sound great but are still functional.

Also, the module features 108 great-quality sounds from 10 drum kits. You can easily navigate through the preset sounds to select each kit.

Record what you are playing by pressing on the start/stop to begin or end the recording session. You can use this feature to remember some cool tunes you may have played before.

There are 40 play-along songs on the module, which helps you practice with ease. The tempo setting lets you slow down or speed up things you desire. And if you wish to, remove drums from a song to test your timing.


The inputs and outputs on the back of the DM6 drum module carry everything you need for essential connections. There is a stereo jack input for MP3 and iPods, a stereo headphone output, and a stereo out for PA systems.

A USB port is included to help you connect the set to a computer for easy recording. This drum module can be used with any modern DAW tool on Mac or PC. You can then edit, master, or mix your sounds.

The most notable feature of the Alesis Burst kit is switching the hi-hat to work as another bass pad. This will let you play well if you are looking for a double bass drum effect without adding on other instruments. Just change the hi-hat into a kick.


• High-quality drum set at a low price

• It is durable, with steady hardware

• Nice-quality samples on the module

• Compatible with Drum Rocker gamer controller


• No coaching functions on the drum set

• The sounds are not great compared to other kits in this range


If the Alesis Burst Kit Electronic Set E-Kit is not what you are looking for, you may find Roland’s TD-1K a better option. It comes with more drum kits.

Another good option is the Yamaha DTX400K. Like the TD-1K, it comes with coach features, which will keep you practising for a long time.

However, these alternative kits are more expensive than the Alesis Burst Kit. You may want to consider this before investing.

Alesis Burst Kit 7-Piece E-Drum Kits with Professional Drum Module

One of the things I have come to like about this company is that they always give you an option for what you may not like. And in this case, the Burst kit comes in another upgraded version.

The 7-piece Burst kit with a professional drum module has got you covered for those who need something more. It’s more than the normal Burst Kit.

It comes with seven pieces, including a 9-inch snare pad, three 10-inch tom pads, a kick trigger pad, a hi-hat pad, and one cymbal pad. You also get the hardware and a pair of good-quality headphones and a power supply cable.

The brand has made sure that you luck nothing on this Burst kit and that you can start playing immediately.

Notable features

Unlike the normal DM6 module on the Alesis Burst Kit, this professional module comes with more advanced features. It has more sounds.

Also, it comes with coaching features, which can be handy for those who want serious training.

The module has more connections and can be used for professional performance. It is not just a practice e-kit but will also be useful for experienced drummers in need of something more.

Apart from this, the pads are the same as the ones reviewed above. There is nothing much here, only that the module has been taken from a more professional line.

Even though the pads are not very useful in terms of sound, they can still help you with practice. More songs onboard mean you have more to look out for.

Generally, this is an excellent alternative for the entry-level Alesis Burst kit. It will make you feel better about your drumming and easier to improve.

Frequently asked Questions

Are Alesis Drums Any Good?

Alesis is one of the biggest brands for electronic drums. Before they come in, the industry was a two-horse race between Yamaha and Roland.

It has grown so fast that it targeted the lower-level market, producing drums for beginners and budget-buyers.

In terms of quality, the Alesis drums are not very bad. Although most drummers would rather pick Roland or Yamaha, they are still a good choice for modern needs.

Can You Play Electronic Drums with Headphones?

Yes. Electronic drums are known to be a perfect solution for silent practice. This is because the drums are made from rubber or plastic material, which has a trigger. It is this trigger that sends sound signals to the module for sound production.

This means the pads do not produce sound directly. The module comes with Aux and a headphone jack for collecting audio output. Hence, if you are not using a PA system, you can simply connect good-quality headphones.

What Is the Best Beginner Electronic Drum Set?

There are so many beginner electronic kits on the market today, making it a bit tough to choose. However, there are certain features you can look check out.

The best beginner e-kit is the Roland TD-1K. It offers great playability, build quality, and sound engine, which are perfect even for experienced drummers.

Alesis’ Turbo Mesh is another kit you will find very useful. It features the famed mesh-head technology, which is more responsive, at a low price. This technology brings in the feeling of a real drum drum in terms of sound quality. It’s better than the Burst kit.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, consider Aroma TDX-15. Although this is not a well-known brand, this kit will surprise you. It is cheap and yet very high in quality.

Is an E-Drum Set Good for Beginners?

If possible, do not use an electronic set of drums when beginning to learn drums. This is because most beginner sets are not well-equipped to deliver a smooth transition when you want serious playing.

However, electronic drums are considered “quiet,” which is good for practicing anywhere. This makes them good for beginners.

Also, they are cheaper. This means the buyer will not be investing a lot in something they may not need later.

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