Alesis Command Mesh Kit Electronic Drum Kit Best Review Of 2023

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If we talk about the best manufacturers of electronic drum sets, Alesis is a brand that stands out. The Alesis Command series, a mid-level electronic drum kit, was enhanced with the addition of a leather tom. They were formerly rubber.

This makes this high-quality kit affordable. It ensures the best performance and functionality that can be expected from such a product.

Find out all you need you don’t know about the Alesis Command Mesh Kit.

Is Alesis a good brand?

Alesis Command Mesh Kit
Alesis Command Mesh Kit

The world of electronic drums was ruled by two giants, Yamaha and Roland. And in fact, these are the names that many drummers come up with when it comes to electronic drums.

However, in the last decade, the market has opened up to the competition. This applies mainly to low- and medium-level sets.

In this Alesis is a company that has not gone unnoticed and is becoming a competitor to consider. It offers excellent products that are not only an imitations of the big brands.

For this reason, Alesis at the moment has earned third place in the ranking of renowned electronic drum kits.

The Alesis collection is a safe haven for those interested in affordable electronic music products. They offer a wide range of products from as the SR16.

This is why Alesis is considered among the best manufacturers of electronic drum kits.

They have currently updated the kit, adding leather tom so the sound experience is definitely better.

In this article I will take a look at this kit.

Review of Alesis Command Mesh Kit

We can say that this company has invested a lot of energy in these preset sets.

First, the pads were made with better threads and the mesh gives it a louder sound. In addition, the range of payback sample sounds loaded confirms that Alesis is a valid competitor.


In the package you will find:

  • Eight-inch pad (with pedal), a ten-inch double case.
  • 8 inch double drum.
  • 3 10-inch plates (a laugh, an accident and a hi-hat).
  • Both the football and the dishes are equipped with a pedal.
  • All pads have been updated with mesh heads.


Alesis Command Mesh Kit DEMO

Alesis has only released 3 preset games that have mesh head pads, and the Alesis Command Mesh Kit is one of them. The other two are the Surge and the Strike premium offer.

So, you can expect the best from this 5 piece drum kit. It is equipped with 3 inch tom that give a good powerful sound, a bass drum pad and a 10 inch box.

All pads in the box and drums are double. This means you can make separate sounds at the top and bottom of these pads. This allows you to get eight or more different voices before including other tools.

The plates measure 10 inches each, which is an excellent size. In addition, it has a support of 1.5 inches. You can notice a similar structure on the Roland and Yamaha drums.

In addition, you will be happy to know that the kit includes plugs and connections. There is a USB MIDI connection. This is essential if you are going to record MIDI data on a computer. MIDI in/out jacks are also included.

The 3.5mm headphones and AUX jacks allow you to connect external audio devices.

In addition, there are several plugs for a drum and an extra plate. There is a USB plug on the side, allowing you to connect a flash drive. You can use it to save tracks or play your favorite pieces.


Alesis Advanced Drum Module
Alesis Command Mesh Kit

Alesis has followed the example of other brands, selling a package “to assemble”. Therefore, you will have to build your own set.

This task requires a lot of time and energy, and you can’t avoid it.

The module is quite intuitive. It looks agile and is different from the standard models you’ve seen out there.

It is supported by a large rotary machine in the middle, which is the central control of the whole and, as you would expect, it is quite easy to orient yourself in the kit.

You can edit the sounds, but you may have to work a little harder to switch from one menu to another with the help of the sliders.

Each sound is emitted when you press a certain sound surface. Then you can easily adjust the volume, decay time, tone and reverb, among other parameters.

Perhaps you have used a simpler screen, with a smoother interface, which looks much better. However, through practice, you will soon learn how to use the interface.

Not even the sounds in the module are less. They reflect the overall feel of the kit.

You will find a wide range of acoustic kits, including jazz, rock, funk. In other words, this kit is not missing anything.

It also features a large number of electronic models such as fast rollers, handclaps and tom Simmons style.

There is a wide variety of percussion that can offer excellent performance on several levels. In addition, the double pads make all sounds fuse perfectly.

A musician can easily adapt any kind of sound needed. This makes it easily applicable to various musical genres and produces unique sounds.

This is possible if you connect the auxiliary input to the phone or use the USB stick. With the USB stick you can load custom sample songs.

However, you may experience some setbacks. The manual says the function is suitable for a range of USB sticks from 4 to 64 GB.

Therefore, you should do the transformation of DOS Fat 32 (this can be easily done on a computer). Also, you need to make sure the samples are in WAV format.

They should also become monophonic, so it would be better to be prepared for some precautions.

The module creates folders when it detects a USB stick and, if you have songs in the “Samples” folder, the module will display them on the LCD screen.

Selecting the files and importing them into the module is the basis. Then it will be possible to move the script to the beginning and assign that sound to the chosen pad.

It sounds boring, doesn’t it? But once you have all the parts assembled and in the right place, you will enjoy using this kit.


It’s designed for beginners and mid-level drummers. But if you’re not convinced, there are some alternatives.

One of my favorites is the Roland-TD-17KVX. This is a more expensive drum but includes some of the best features on the market-the Roland lens, a range of customers more likely to spend.

A much cheaper option is the Turbo Mesh Electronic kit. You can buy it for less than the kit price. And it has fabric tom.


Better Alesis or Roland?

Roland has been in the market longer than Alesis. Moreover, its products are mainly aimed at professional and expert drummers.

Alesis, on the other hand, is aimed at beginning and middle-level drummers. Initially it produced rubber pads and tom. But recently, they have been updated, as seen with the Command Mesh head.

So, in terms of convenience, I vote for Alesis. But if you want high quality, Roland wins.

For this reason, everything depends on your needs and your budget Both brands are excellent in their level of production.

Who makes the best electronic kits?

Traditionally, the electronic drums industry was a race with two winners: Yamaha and Roland.

When it comes to electronic batteries, it is likely that any interlocutor only think about these two brands. And for a long time it seemed that only they handled this part of the market.

But recently, Alesis also joined the challenge and turned out to be a worthy opponent. So we have 3 competitors on the market.

Are Alesis’s kits good?

Alesis Command Mesh Kit
Alesis Command Mesh Kit

Yes, Alesis has made a lot of improvements to its products. In the past, this brand didn’t convince me because of the rubber tom.

However, today I can confidently recommend Alesis beginner drum kits to anyone who wants to learn how to play electronic drums.

Why not check out other amazing products like the Alesis Sample Pad Pro? I’m sure you’ll be interested.

What is the leather drum kit?

Electronic drums are made of rubber or fabric. The drum kits come with a leather drum box, which is a superior material and produces a better sound than rubber.

This box has an excellent finish and Alesis has begun to offer it also in more convenient kits.


 Alesis Command Mesh Kit
Alesis Command Mesh Kit

This model Alesis Command Mesh Kit is an excellent kit and considering its features and its price, it can be said that it is an electronic drum with an excellent value for money.

I recommend it to beginner and mid-level drummers. If you are a professional drummer, you’d better take a look at some Roland or Yamaha models.

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