Alesis CompactKit 4 Electronic Drum Pad Review 2023

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I can summarize the CompactKit 4 electronic drum pad in two words – simple and affordable.

Hence, it does not surprise me that someone may have recommended it to you as the best e-drum set.  This kit offers excellent comfort and usability, especially for kids. Let’s see what it has to offer. 

How to choose an electronic drum for kids

Getting the Alesis for your kids can encourage them to learn to drum faster. You should be aware of how hard it is for children to concentrate. Hence, If a mini drum set doesn’t work for them, an electronic drum pad can be the alternative. It might be something that attracts and keeps them down. 

Consider the following features:

  • Simplicity. The first thing you want to look at is how simple the device is. Luckily, technology in e-drumming has made things easy. Today, you will easily get a nice digital drum set geared towards children.
  • Features. Kids get bored pretty first. Hence you want to get them something that will keep them down for a long. Go for a drum beat pad that comes with flashy features, especially for a toddler.
  • Price. The good news about buying portable electronic drums for kids is that they are greatly affordable. You don’t have to invest in a costly unit with this cheap electronic drum set.

All these considerations can be summarized in your preferences. You need to look at why you are getting the kit and what your kid loves the most.

About the Alesis CompactKit 4

The compact and portable drum kit electronic is the low-end drum kit. But it has features that make it exceptionally good. Just know that it will not serve you as well as more expensive electronic drum sets would, so I won’t try even to compare.

Here are some of the features that make it stand out.


The first thing you will notice about this drum machine pad is its sturdy and beautiful construction. You are getting a tabletop electronic drum kit. It is a compact and portable kit that offers nothing but the best features for easy drumming.

The pads are velocity-sensitive. Hence, you can expect an excellent response and feel. It also carries a realistic drum sound compared to similar products. 

There is a bunch of built-in rhythms and songs you can choose from. This play-along songs and 70 percussion voices features will make you feel great the moment you get it from the box.

Also, it has a sturdy build. As such, you will use it for a long time without needing a replacement.

This feels right

The CompactKit 4 electronic drum pads is an all-in-one tabletop electronic drums kit. And perhaps this is why I like it a lot. It comes with 70 percussion sounds and ten effects. As if that is not enough, it gives you 50 play-along tunes. 

This means you can practice will all types of plating styles and music styles with these 50 play-along songs and 70 percussion voices. And with such versatility, you will not be easily bored. 

Every drums session exposes you to a new hype of excitement. 

Well, if you are not convinced yet, you should be glad to know it has the ability to respond like an acoustic drum kit. This is a pretty impressive feature for such an electric drum set.

It stands with a mix of four velocity-sensitive pads and excellent drum tunes. This four velocity-sensitive combination is all you need in a perfect e-drum kit. 

This feature gives you the ability to enjoy all through.

And the best part drums is, you can record your playing. With this functionality, you can playback your drumming so that you note your mistakes. Hence, you can always improve on moves that did not come out very well. 

The package includes a pair of drumsticks. This is not something you get every day—a couple of drum sticks from a great electric drumset.

The control comes with two-foot pedal switches, which gives you great control for the hi-hat and the bass drum.

This kid is fully customizable. This functionality gives you the ability to change different kits and settings. As such, you can set your CompactKit electronic drum pads to the right playing style.

And I cannot go without mentioning the package includes an AC adapter. And if you are playing in a place without power output, you can use 6C batteries. But the package does not come with the batteries. The batteries are not built-in, you have to buy the batteries.

Features and functionality 

Let me just mention again that the Alesis CompactKit4 is a tabletop drum kit. It is, therefore, an excellent pick for beginners looking to venture into drumming.

Learning a new instrument can be overwhelming. I had seen many enthusiasts give up when they reached complex moments because they no longer had the motivation.

And that is why getting something that makes learning easy can be a great choice. The CompactKit 4 drum pads come with a built-in game. This feature brings in a fun activity that helps you learn faster.

You can easily improve specific aspects like tempo, your strength, and keeping time. Maybe you can ever learn to create music at the same time.

The LCD lets you see everything you are working on so you can play better. It is important to use some of these features to make your learning easier, especially for those learning alone.

I would, therefore, advise that you lock down your complicated groove. In this case, you have a chance to learn all the time with the music coach feature onboard. 

The aim here is to increase your learning experience. You should become a better drum within a short period.

Loading tracks is pretty basic. You can choose from many genres and styles to make your learning more versatile. Also, the LCD shows the notes, which you can learn to read as you play.

Start drumming right from the box. This kit is not complicated. As stated above, it is an all-in-one kit. It comes with room-filling speakers that offer clear, bright, and captivating sound as per your settings. 

Also, the drum kit comes with a headphone output. This feature will enable you to travel across the holiday and practice your drumming from anywhere. 

Consider that it can be battery-powered. Hence, such great portability should be something to look up to. 

The Alesis Compact 4 electronic drum kit is an excellent choice for the price range. And the features I have described above are all based on this factor. So, do not get me wrong on the performance and functionality of the kit. 

The positive 

One of the biggest pluses with the CompactKit4 drum kit is the brand. It is definitely a brand you can trust. Today, it is the third name in the race for best e-drum kits, after Roland and Yamaha.

Apart from this, the kit is quite easy to use. It does not come with complicated controls. Besides, you can start using right from the box. 

I also loved its high-quality construction. The price tag makes many buyers assume it is a low-quality product. But trust me, this kit comes with an assurance that will see you through times. Besides, that is a signature for this brand.

There are 70 percussion tunes and ten effects. Also, you get 50 play-along songs. Hence, the 50 play-along songs are great practice tools.

The negative

Like any other beginner product for novices, you will not miss a few setbacks with the CompactKit4.

It does not come with a foot pedal. This means you don’t get the actual feel when playing. 

Also, it only comes with four drum pads. For the price, no problem. But these four pads limits creativity. I would, therefore, recommend more options like the PAXCESS Electronic drum set, or more advanced options like Alesis Turbo Mesh KitAlesis Nitro Kit and Roland’s TD-1K entry-level drum set.  


The CompactKit4 electronic drum kit is an excellent choice for kids interested in learning to play the drums. Its compact size, portability, budget-friendly price, and durability make it perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. A variety of drum sounds and play-along tracks will keep kids engaged and motivated while they learn, and the easy setup guide and instructions make it easy to get them started. Overall, the CompactKit4 is a great investment for anyone looking to introduce their kids to the world of drums.

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