Alesis D4 Best Review In 2023

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Alesis has come to light over the years because it produced affordable drum modules and electronic drum kits. The company has great technicians who know the types of drum kits and modules needed by the current generation drummers.

The Alesis D4 drum modules are among the unique modules in the market. They are well designed to help the players get all the sounds that they need. It has a solid construction that makes it last for eternity.

Therefore, it will be wise to consider some of the features that make this module outstanding. It is never right to buy something that you have not read its features and ensure that they fit your play style. Some people end up buying a kit that won’t help them achieve their goals.

However, Alesis wants its customers to enjoy the products that they purchase. They are purchase products such as electronic musical instruments, drum amplifiers, drum accessories, amplifiers, digital audio interfaces, and many others. I have been using this D4 drum module for about half a decade now, and I do not regret having it. It is so simple, and thus any player, regardless of the experience, can use it.

Therefore, I will be taking you through the review of this fantastic drum module. I am sure you will love it; thus, follow me through and get the best features that I will highlight for you.

Alesis d4 drum module

This is an excellent Alesis d4 drum module that is designed for the great drummers of this era. This drum module is an affordable and fully professional drum and percussion sound drum module. The drum module comes equipped with over 500 drum sounds sampled at 48 kHz and stored on an internal storage chip.

The sounds produced by this percussion sound module cover the entire gamut, from the great acoustic types to electronic drum sounds. This drum module also has orchestral and ethnic percussion sounds together with other percussive effects.

The Alesis d4 drum module also has about 21 programmable drum kits, and the Alesis D4 has a full 16-channel MIDI implementation. With this drum module, you will never regret it because your audience will be in love with the incredible sounds you will produce.

You can trigger sounds from acoustic or MIDI pads with the Alesis’ D4 has 12 trigger inputs. The trigger inputs function perfectly, and you can play any music style that you like. Engineers and musicians have a chance to trigger drum sounds from this D4 drum module using the trigger inputs and any external sources from tape or studio gear.

With a hi-hat pedal input jack, the player can use the footswitch to create realistic hi-hat sounds. This drum module has four mono outs or stereo outs that come from four independent outputs.

With this trigger, the drum sounds can only have their tuning, panning and respective volumes edited. All the drums are grouped into different groups to create unique drum characteristics, such as closed hi-hats cutting off open hi-hats sounds.

The 500 sounds include; 99 kicks, 99 snares, 55 cymbals, 92 toms, 76 percussions, and 80 effects. The sample rate is 48 kHz, with a bandwidth ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This drum module covers everything that could have been complex in drums.

This drum module’s hardware has a 1U-high rack mount whose front panel boasts a headphone socket, volume control, 32-character, two-line, alpha wheel–style Data knob, backlit LCD, large Preview button, left and right cursor buttons, and many other buttons.


  • It produces a wide range of sounds.
  • All drummers, including beginners, can use it.
  • It comes with a user’s manual that will help you navigate through different settings.


  • This drum module lacks onboard sequencing.

Alesis d4 manual

The Alesis d4 professional drum and percussion module always come with a well-organized manual that will guide you through the various settings. The first thing you should do with this kit is to install a rack frame so that you can press the preview button without causing the unit to slide around.

The manual has the general descriptions of this product. It gives you all the components that come with this kit and how they should be connected. Also, in the introduction part of the user’s manual is detailed information on your drum module’s warranty conditions.

The introduction part tells you that this drum module offers over 500 high-quality drum sounds/percussion sounds. These 500 sounds are produced by kick drums -99, snares – 99, cymbals – 55, toms – 92, percussion sounds – 76, and 80 effects. It also has a full MIDI implementation.

The guide gives you the details of how to install your module properly. You do not have to struggle to fix it or call an expert because you have everything in writing. There are procedures for hooking up MIDI, External triggers, Power, Select drum sets, and auditioning different drum sounds.

There are the basics and definitions of different terms that might challenge you. These terms are commonly used in the guide; hence you need to know what they refer to before doing anything. You will enjoy using the drum module once you know all its parts.

The user interface consists of the store voice mix, power, volume, Data wheel, preview note chase tune, output, headphone jack, display, cursor buttons external, trigger, and MIDI. These buttons will be useful in navigating through the module in a few simple steps.

The user’s manual has detailed information on how these buttons work and set your drum module. It is vital to learn the role played by every button so that you can easily get through all the features that come with this D4 drum module.

You will also read about the ways to manage this drum module and ensure that it lasts for an extended period. You will learn how to fix all the drum sets to get high-quality sound all the time. Getting the right tones depends mainly on your device’s management and how you understand the use of different buttons.

 The LCD will help you know the programs that are running in your module. It also displays the various settings that are used in your drum module. The External Trigger helps show the trigger input and the trigger characteristics on your LCD’s top line.

The MIDI functions have five pages that pop up after the other when the MIDI button is pressed. The pages are displayed after every press on the button is done. You can select different MIDI channels that suit the programs that you want to run.

There is the program change table that is given by the fourth MIDI page. You can also save data to the internal storage through MIDI. You can make a selection of different trigger inputs in the rear jack panels. They are all independent; thus, you need to select a trigger that you need to edit.

You can select the trigger note and trigger velocity because each trigger is assigned to any MIDI note number. Each trigger input’s velocity sensitivity can be changed to suit different playing styles and help compensate for various drum pads and transducers.

The good thing is that the percussion sound module has 12 trigger inputs allowing drummers to regulate the amount of noise produced, especially when playing at a high noise floor level. You can view the channel messages that are available on display and act accordingly.

Therefore, the user’s manual is a useful tool when it comes to drum sounds. If you are a beginner, you do not have to worry because you will take a short time to learn a few things. Thus, it is good to pay attention to every detail in the user’s manual.

Alesis d4 samples

The sample library that comes with this module can go much further to give you many sounds and tones. The kit is made with a sample pack that has excellent sounds from the Alesis D4 drum module. There are at least 500 one-shot drum samples from cymbals, hi-hats, FX, kicks, snares, toms, etc.

You can dial in the iconic drum and percussion sounds professionally sampled from one of the most sought-after Alesis sound modules. The sound samples are in high-quality WAV format that can be easily managed by the module.

The sound samples provided are clean and sequencer-ready. The samples help beginners, and even professional drummers learn new techniques and know the type of music they can play. You can start practicing with these samples and get the best out of your drum kit.

You can get sounds of different drum types because the drums might act as a controller, and you can record them into a sequencer or control sampler or the ROM clip. From the samples, you will get drum sounds that are precisely the mike up the sound of real drums.

Alesis d4 power supply

You can plug the power supply unit into a well-wired outlet and connect the module to a DC plug. High-efficiency AC/DC keple universal power supply adapter that comes with a DC plug is the best choice for your drum module.

The power supply adapter has a short-circuit and automatic overload protection that helps keep the adapter durable and practical. This keple Universal DC power supply with DC plug provides you stabilized direct current and a high current of 1000Ma.

The power supply is useful in ensuring that all the parts of the D4 drum module receive power. The drum module cannot work without the power supply.


This is the drum module that is affordable and fully professional. It has excellent drum sounds and various percussive effects that are produced by a real drum machine. There are different categories of electronic drum kits, and you can get customers’ opinions on the reverb website.

You need to visit the menu on the reverb website and accept the cookies settings. The samples’ audio and voices are great for every drummer, and you will surely enjoy them. The audio element and trigger parameters make work easier for the drummer, and you will enjoy an excellent sound experience.

We have to move with the current technology, and thus, we cannot use the old drums because we have new products from Alesis. There are different links that you can follow and get the right studio gear. I have been using my drum module from Alesis for a couple of years.

I enjoy using it because it is cheap, produces a wide range of sounds, and you can reduce noise, especially when playing it in apartments. I recently bought one kit for my younger brother, and he doesn’t spend time outside playing. He loves it because we went through the user guide together; thus, he can easily navigate all the controls.

Get yours today from the major online platforms such as Amazon, Sweetwater, eBay, etc. You will not regret having it at your disposal. You can buy it for your child or any family member who has a great interest in drums and other percussion instruments.