Alesis Sr 16

Alesis SR 16 Drum Module Review 2020


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Alesis has become a highly reputable brand in the electronic drums and percussion industry. And one of the things that amuse me is how the company keeps some things simple.

Even though technological progress has taken over the world of music, Alesis makes products geared towards the user. And the Alesis SR16 is one such item, just an amazing accessory for drums.

Tapping into the importance of electronic drum machines, this is one of Alesis’s favorite toys. 

Let’s see what this gadget is about.

About the RS16 is not a new machine on the market. It has been on the market since 1990. And despite the technological benefits of the modern world, you can always rely on the machine that has been a best-seller for more than 30 years. 

Summary of the features:

Alesis Sr 16
Alesis Sr 16

  • 233 samples.
  • Digital effects 
  • Customizable sounds.
  • 12 velocity-sensitive pads
  • 16 voice polyphony
  • Tempo range of 20 – 255 BPM
  • 200 user presets and 50 kits
  • 200 factory presets and 50 kits
  • Two stereo pair
  • 2-foot switch jacks 

Wow! There are so many features here. But I will talk about the main ones.

The construction 

A drum machine comes with simplicity like no other. And the SR16 is, indeed, a compact and portable machine that shows how simplicity can be great at the time.

It is lightweight and extremely easy-to-use. Compared to modern devices with so many complex functionalities, here you only get the most basic functions.

The machine bears a simple menu with no-hustle usability. Nonetheless, it features a combination of excellent software and sounds quality. This is a feature that has to keep the machine on the top all these years. 

The hardware

I am quite amused that the Alesis SR16 is still in production. Even more, its design has remained the same all these years.

On the surface, it is the same machine that was produced three decades ago. Such a vintage look will never miss impressing. 

The features it carries have remained relevant until today. This is perhaps why Alesis hasn’t thought of making any adjustments. 

Its size has remained the same too. It is compact in dimensions. Hence, it is extremely portable, great for those who move around a lot. 

Touch ‘n’ go

The board of this machine is pretty classic. It comes with a good amount of buttons on its 9.55×65 inches body. 

You get buttons for the menu navigation and other settings. 

However, most of the surface is left for the velocity-sensitive pads. There are eight levels of velocity, all of which are useful in a lot of situations. For instance, you can assign various sounds to each level. Also, a player is able to alter the dynamics much easily. 

Connect to essential devices 

Alesis Sr 16 Back
Alesis Sr 16 Back

As stated above, this a pretty simple tool. Hence, you should not expect tom get very many inputs and output on the back. 

Nonetheless, it comes with the most important ones. It has a total of four ins – as simple as Left, Right, Headphones and AUX.

They don’t seem like much, right? Well, you also get the MIDI ins and outs together with tow footswitch inputs. An average user will not need anything more.

Sound quality

Alesis Sr 16 Setting
Alesis Sr 16 Setting

You may not believe it, but 24-bit does sound impressive. When you are buying a classic drum machine, I believe you don’t expect all those digital instruments from the latest products. 

But this does not stop the SR16 from performing. The main reason the sounds are manually recorded in a studio using real instruments. For this reason, you will not get anything but quality sounds. 

The device will serve you in live performances when composition. However, you will be asking too much is you expect the quality of studio recording with this device to be on at the top.

Still got the sounds

Since we are referring to a device made a long time ago, there is not you would expect. But let me surprise you. The Alesis SR16 has a full bank of sounds of preset – 233 sounds, and 50 presets. Then there are 50 slots for customer patterns.


  • Best selling
  • Simple use
  • Great sounds
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Highly portable


  • Vintage design and functionality


I can recommend the Alesis SR16 for its simplicity, longevity, and affordability. It is best suited for those who are looking to try out something new. 

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