Audioengine N22 Best Review in 2023

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The Audioengine N22 – a premium desktop audio amplifier designed to consume a smaller space in your home or office. It defines how it is perfectly suited for audiophiles with two words:

• simple, and

• functional

As an audiophile, I have done reviews for multiple best stereo amplifier and I believe Audioengine is the future. No audiophile customer will have to question if the brand-name Audioengine is a manufacturer of a great-sounding personal stereo system. They focus on the quality of the audiophile experience but there was more thought put into making the N22 desktop this savvy.

About the Audioengine N22

Audioengine combined functionality and simplicity into an integrated stereo with the N22 desktop amplifier; equipped with an improved frequency response, easy-to-connect capabilities, a high-quality headphone amp, updated audio inputs, and more built into a sleek, compact design suited for your desktop or a smaller setting.

The high-quality integrated stereo amplifier is always full of the newer features and the N22 is no exception. N22 provides the best-sounding stereo system options for your iPod, computer, subwoofer, and headphones whether they are for a compact stereo or a high-quality headphone.

Best of all, the functionality: the simplest you could have in an integrated stereo amplifier with easy connectivity to avoid the learning curve that comes with a complex amplifier. The Audioengine N22 is a desktop amplifier that avoids this struggle making it a contender for the best amplifier. 


As mentioned, the Audioengine N22 comes with loads of features to hit every spot you desire without requiring additional knowledge to enjoy it. If you have the proper connection cables, you are ready.

Key features:

• RM – 22w x 2-channels

• A high-performance headphone amp

• USB charge and power port

• Amazing analog volume control

• RCA and 3.5 mm mini-jack audio inputs

• Various preamp outputs

• An integrated stand

• All necessary cables included

• An excellent, sleek satin black finish, and

• Gold-plated connectors

Quite a few features packed into one audio amplifier, but the idea is to ask yourself, “What more could you ask for?”

The Build

The world that revolves around the amplifier evolves every day; to think that you may miss out on anything is impossible if you are a true audiophile.

Regardless of their interests, people prefer simplicity in everything. New features are always nice but that luster fades. Audiophiles concern themselves with top-notch audio which is evergreen.

The N22 was built with a minimalistic design to limit space that it takes up wherever it was placed. It connects with desktop computers, televisions, and more devices eliminate the need for bulkier designed amplifiers and provide hi-fi stereo power output that you would get from the average integrated stereo power amplifier.

The Audioengine N22 desktop was designed for compact style in any setting possible. It was made with an upright design to sit on your table, eliminating clutter. Also, the vertically integrated stand designed for it allows it to cool itself, eliminating the need for fans or heatsinks.


The simple front-panel:

• The power indicator

• Volume control, and

• The 3. 5mm headphone output

Despite up-to-date features, the Audioengine N22 keeps its design simple for any audiophile, regardless of the information and experience. No buttons; only the volume control with an integrated on/off switch, power indicator, and headphone output drawing power from an excellent headphone amplifier.


The backside of the N22:

• An RCA input

• A 3.5 mm mini-jack input

• A variable preamp output type

• The power inlet

• A USB charge port, and

• 5-way, gold-plated binding connection outputs to speakers

The two audio inputs are an RCA and another 3.5 mm mini-jack input on the backside of the Audioengine N22 amplifier. They are always active, so they do not need an input switch to transfer back and forth; just plug-and-play.

Below the inputs is an additional output, RCA plug-ins, for more connectivity and a USB power port. The USB power port allows you to charge your third-party devices and allows you to connect other adapters, through which you can stream music from your PC or iPod. However, it does not do data transfer.

The 5-way binding posts: gold-plated left and right binding connections that allow you to hook up speakers such as the Audioengine P4 Passive Speakers. Audioengine can provide the best computer to speaker amplifier combination to prove that, yes, the quality of an item trumps the quantity of whatever part you may add.

Unique Features

It was discovered how to combine looks and performance by building the Audioengine N22 desktop with an upright stature. It gives the N22 a functional, storage-friendly look but it enables the N22 to cool itself using passive convection. This means a quieter operation of the amplifier, a less bulky design, and budget-friendly for everyone by reducing the need for more.

The Audioengine N22 desktop would be perfect for the headphone enthusiast. The headphone amplifier produces high-performance, the noise deafening power and sound for all types of speakers or headphones settings, establishing itself as a premium desktop audio amplifier.

The N22 desktop is equipped to power any wireless adapters through the USB port. Audioengine wireless allows you to stream your music from your computer or iPod without cumbersome wires.

The circuitry of the N22 amp design to prevent electrical transients, thermal over-heating, and exceeding the output current limit point.

The Sound

Proving that big things really can come in small packages, Audioengine lives up to its reputation for producing a high-quality desktop audio amplifier. One option to put the N22 to the test would be to connect a subwoofer and computer speakers with amplifier connections for desktop audio. You will be able to hear new levels of audio and aesthetic quality powered by 22-watts. The amplification stage produces 40 watts of peak power per channel, improving the frequency response; thus, the N22 premium desktop audio music system quality of sound.


• Compact integrated amplifier for desktop

• Integrated stereo with Audioengine wireless adapters

• Idle mode for power supply and energy conservation

• Powerful Sound

• Easy-to-use

• USB charge power port, wireless adapters compatible; additional third-party device and amp connect

• Vertical design with integrated stand for passive convection without fans or heatsinks


• Does not include moving magnet phono feature

• USB port for power only, not audio or data transfer


The Audioengine N22 desktop audio amplifier products combine simplicity and functionality at a smaller, affordable cost. If you seek compact integrated stereo power, Audioengine N22 desktop amplifiers have power, audio quality, frequency response, variable audio inputs, and much more compressed into a light-weight, 3 lbs product-device. Audioengine N22 desktop audio has earned the reputation as a reliable source of a desktop audio amplifier.