Levon Helm

The 15 Best drummers who sing and Lead Singers drummers Ever

Bands have ruled music history for multiple decades and for all the right reasons. Of course, seeing musicians come out with solo albums is an experience, but you can’t deny the popularity of singing groups in the rock band Genesis. Phil Collins, their drummer, is one of the drummers who sing in the industry. However,

Kids Playing Drums

Kids Playing Drums and Having Fun with Videos

Many parents want their children to learn to play musical instruments. They can use music to help them express themselves, improving their mental health. Once they are proficient, they can play in a band. They can also improve their social skills and help them fit in at school.  There are plenty of musical instruments to

Latin Percussion Lp City Series Congas

What Is A Conga?

Conga is a drum with one head and has a narrow body. Conga players use fingers and palms of both hands in playing conga. Congas are of different sizes, with the largest being about 15 inches while the smallest is 7 inches and can be hung on the shoulder by a strap. The size of