Benny Greb – The Most Talented Drummer

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Anyone who has been in the music industry for a while now should know who Benny Greb is. A few drummers have always stood out for me as a great inspiration for their style and enthusiasm; Greb is one of them. Well, you may think this tall, handsome and bearded drummer with a musical gift has always been this way since birth. But no. 

Benny Greb was born just like any other baby to Mr. and Mrs. Greb in 1980 in Augsburg, Germany. He then started his journey in music by learning the art, especially with drums.  At age 6, he got his first set of drums, allowing him to focus more on his drumming journey. Greb taught himself until the age of 12 when he received his first lesson. This was a great opportunity that allowed him to progress fast to playing in punk bands. 

Benny Greb
benny greb

Later, he diverted to rock and jazz to become one of the greatest drummers. In his school years, Greb played for various bands and grew into the handsome figure we all know today. He attended music schools Dinkelsbuhl and then moved to Hamburg, where he lives today.

Benny is a consistently growing drummer you will find with a wide range of great musicians.  Many people demand his tasteful and unique approach to drums. He is mostly set in the rock atmosphere, where he sets down a ferocious backbeat alongside Stoppok and The Ron Spielman Trio. It’s not easy to find a drummer who can play the hard rock and the soft jazz at the time. 

But that is Benny, where he rules with his Benny Greb Band and Sabri Tulug Turpan. From there, Benny will be hitting his foot down in funk, where he makes incredible beats and accents for Jeroboam. And that is not all; he also plays classical music, in which he has greatly excelled. 

He has been working with NDR Orchestra on their Zappa project before joining the 3ergerzimmer. Benny is a well-known figure in all these great music genres. But that does not hold his energy down, as he can also play with acoustic punk/cabaret act Strom and Wasser. This shows his capability and versatility as a drummer, that no style is too hard or too small for him. 

Benny Greb Performing
benny greb performing

His career has also involved working on various parts of the motor vehicle under “AutoAuto” alongside Christian von Richthofen. Here, they bring out a car as a percussion instrument. It’s hard to imagine where all this talent would go if Benny were not a drummer. His love for drummers has compelled Benny to give back something to the community. 

So, where he is not rocking the sound out of his drum set, you will find Benny presenting drum clinics or teaching enthusiastic young drummers in the Hamburg School. The drummer is known for traveling around the globe, working on projects for SONOR and Meinl. As you can see, he is a pretty busy person. When he is not drumming, recording, chatting with other drummers, climbing rocks, or smoking his pipe, he will write, record, and release a solo.

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