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In most bands, the best metronome for drummers is always almost invisible. You will only see the lead guitarist or solo taking the full stage.

Now imagine your favorite band is playing. What can you hear behind the song?

You will notice that every member of the band has a vital role to play. They work together to deliver a creative interaction with the audience. 

Now you will never find a band without the best metronome for drummers. Their task is to keep the rest of the band within the tempo.

Generally, time is one of the most vital factors in music. It guides the performance of a song, allowing each member to work in perfect harmony.

But many times, drum players are not able to listen to the rest of the team and guide their performance. 

And this is why many drummers need a metronome during practice and live performance.

It offers a natural sense of rhythm by keeping a constant click in their ears. That’s why you must have it and it can also be the best gift for drummers.

Today, there are very many kinds of drummer’s metronome. Different manufacturers have brought out excellent products in the industry. Sometimes it can be hard choosing the best one, these are drummers accessories you should not miss on your list.

But don’t worry, in this article, I will be presenting the 12 best metronomes for drummers on the market.

How can you tell the best metronome?

Even though a metronome is important for a drummer, you are not going to love all. You need to look out for the real one. 

And therefore, there are a few basic things that will make your life easy. Consider the following.

· Power source 

How is the device powered? This is very critical because you want to ensure the drummer metronome will take you through the whole performance.

You will realize that nearly all metronomes come with battery power. This is great, and it will give you better service, depending on its size.

It the device draws too much power, then get ready to be disappointed. It may not even take you through half the performance. 

You will also find on the market a few mechanical ones. They are not powered by batteries. But in this article, we are looking at performances under high volumes. Such could be great when you are practicing with low volume e-drum kits. And since they don’t take batteries, you don’t need to worry about power cuts.

It is better to have both of them at hand, though. You never know when the mechanical power metronome may come in handy.


Technology break-through in the music industry has brought out pretty amazing products. And for this reason, you may be looking for something that offers much more than just the tap.

In that can, prepare to dig deeper into your pockets. Timekeeper with more advanced features is costly.

But they are worth your investment because they feature multiple subsections choices. Some are even programmable – they come with a customizable feature that can train you, while others have a memory for storing beats.

Now, before you start looking for a timekeeper, establish your needs. It is vital to know what you need; otherwise, you will not get the right device. 

The last thing you want is paying too much for features that you might never need. Also, you don’t want a cheap device that does not have what you need. 

Know how to balance your preferences, and you will have an easy time. Just know that you need to invest in the right device.

How will you mount it?

I am assuming you will be using the device on a stage. Therefore, understanding how you will mount it will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Some smaller timekeepers cannot be put on the drum set. And yet, you need to use them.

Also, just any mount will not do. Some mounting techniques and others will not just be helpful. Having a metronome bouncing around as you play your drums can be very frustrating. You will even lose the time while trying to adjust.

12 best Metronomes for Drummers Reviewed

Korg MA-1 Portable Metronome

If you have been in the music industry for a while, chances are you have come across the Korg Ma1RD. It is one of the most famous times simply because of its simplistic design, applicable to any genre of music.

One thinks you can be sure of, Korg is reputable for making entry-level products. Also, its price makes it quite a bargain.

The device comes with all the features a drummer will want to see in a timer. It is vital to note, however, that it is not made primarily for drumming, but still a great accessory.

I like its compact form. It is similar to those budget-friendly guitar tunes. Hence, if you are looking for something that will stick in your drum bag for every tour, then you have one in the Korg MA1.

Apart from being highly portable, it comes at a very high quality-built. But you still don’t want to drop it a lot.

In terms of usage, the Korg MA-1 is a bit limited. Despite this, it will still serve the most significant functions. It bears intuitive controls with a small different click display on the front unit to easily check your controls. 

This allows the user to monitor their beats, tempo (30 to 250 BPM), and many other things. 

There are various beats and patterns at your exposure. Again, it allows you to adjust the tempo according to style too. 

For such small money, you may never get anything better. 


  • Tap tempo
  • Good click range
  • Memory backup means it records settings.
  • Auto-power for saving battery. 


  • Low battery life 
  • Not suitable for large performance use.

BOSS DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome

This timekeeper is referred to by many as the “Cadillac” drummers metronome. It is among the most popular ones you will find on the market. 

The metronome is simple, highly portable, and carries everything you will ever need to keep your tempo and do more. 

It has so many functions. I had even imagined it would be overwhelming for me. But it did not take me long to learn. Then I discovered there is nothing more I would want in a metronome. 

You can adjust and customize every feature. And I am talking about subdivisions, programmable time signatures, clave patterns, and sounds. For those who want to learn a piece multiple times, can use this device with great time signatures.

Another great feature is the internal microphone. It can help the drummer record their own snare and apply it as the metronome custom beat. 

Also, it comes with a built-in rhythm couch that will help you train and perfect your timing. It is all about a special feel. 

The built-in samples and sequencers can be found with the midi input. This, together with the V-pad input, is applicable to e-drums.

In terms of power and performance, the DB90 carries a 9-volt battery that will see you through the performance. But if you doubt this, you can plug in with a standard 120-volt plug (not included in the package).

There is nothing much this device cannot offer. 

And with such great features comes a great price. It is quite costly.


  • Mountable on cymbal stand or microphone
  • Divisions are adjustable 
  • Midi and quarter-inch inputs
  • Great display
  • Microphone and rhythm coach
  • 30 to 350 tempo range


  • Costly
  • Confusion functions 

Boss DB-60 Digital Metronome

If you cannot afford the DB-90 above, then it would be wise to try out the more affordable DB-60. 

And I am not just referring to price, and its features are quite amazing too. It came earlier than the DB-60; hence, you can expect it to have more basic features. 

This device will let you change the output level of the first, as well as its different beats. Then you can mix them as you wish until you have the right ones. 

It offers a great choice between the sixteenth note feel, which has different dynamics. Then enjoy the accessing variations within a beat based on a different rhythm.

The device is perfect for all music genres. You can store settings so that you can have adjusted at all times. 


  • Multiple features 
  • Note mixing features for easy and quick rhythm creation. 
  • A variety of patterns to match different types of music.
  • Memory function.


· Great for practice but not a live performance

TAMA Rhythm Watch RW200

Tama is one of the most reputable drum manufacturers in the world. As such, the Tama Rhythm Watch RW200 is a device for a drum player. It combines great features with a reasonable price to give drummers the most affordable way to keep tabs on the time signature.

If the Boss DB90 is too advanced and confusing, then this will be a perfect alternative. 

The device has been on sale for a while now. Hence, it has gained a great reputation among drummers. 

It has been redesigned recently to offer more programmable functions like a back button. Also, there is an improvement in housing, making it sturdier than the previous versions. Also, they have included a ¼ and 1/8 inch headphone jack and larger customizable memory.

It produces a tempo range of 30 to 250bpm, which is very large. I would not, therefore, recommend for fast drum players. 

It is affordable and features enough programmable memory. 

You will need a 9-volt battery for it, or plug it in with a 9V adapter. And the device is mountable on any cymbal stand.

You will need to buy a mount that uses L-rod to offer a sturdier platform. Also, consider buying a Tama Universal Clamp.


  • Easy to mount 
  • Better design and housing 
  • Programmable
  • Backlit display 
  • Relatively affordable 


  • Limited functions compared to the DB-90
  • No power adapter and mounting system.

Boss DB-30C Dr. Beat

The Boss DB-30C is the younger brother of the DB-60 and the DB-90. It is smaller, just like the Korg-

MA-1, portable, and inexpensive.

It operates on a battery and can fit on the palm of your hand. Hence, you can use it on a road practice with much ease.

It contains features such as a tap tempo, pitch control, and it is durable and extremely portable. 

It is not customizable. But it offers a great depth of time signature, up to 17 beats.

Also, it carries several built-in beat styles a drummer can play along. You may like to note these differences, according to your practice style.


  • Light and portable 
  • Sturdy design
  • Up to 17 beats
  • Various rhythm styles 


  • Double the price of Korg MA-1
  • Not mountable
  • Battery-powered only 
  • No backlit display. 

Tama Rhythm Watch RW30

Tama always has a way of taking care of types of drum players and their needs. The Tama Rhythm Watch Mini RW30 came as a response to the Boss DB 30C. 

It is a much better alternative to the bulky RW200. This piece measures only 4.8inches, and it is smaller to the DB 30C. 

However, it comes with all the basic functions you would expect in a metronome. As it is powered by 2 AAA batteries, you can tell just how small it. 

But it is not programmable. You only get different click up to 9, which is lower than what the DB30 C offers.

On the bright side, it comes with a backlit display. It also has a handy clip on the back that allows you to place on belt or music stand as you play.

The tempo range goes from 30 to 250 bpm. It has the best design for any gig situation. 

If you need an affordable, portable, mountable, and easy-to-use metronome, you have one in this device because it is quite easy to use. 


  • Clip style
  • Affordable 
  • Great design
  • Backlit design
  • Highly portable 


  • Non-programmable 
  • No AC adapter ability

Yamaha CLST100 ClickStation 

The Yamaha ClickStation sails on the same sea as the Boss DB-90. It is among the best metronomes you will on the market.

There is virtually nothing a drummer cannot do with this device. It comes with a vibrate feature that allows you to feel the pulse instead of hearing the tone. This feature is great for practicing with more silent e-drums sets. 

Unfortunately, Yamaha has not been producing it for the past couple of years. This means you cannot find in stores. And if you do, the price will probably scare you away.


  • The best mounting system
  • Subdivisions adjustable 
  • Customizable with more than 86 memory allocations.
  • 10-key pad
  • MIDI inputs
  • Best quality 


  • Complex functions 
  • No longer in production. 

Seiko SQ200 Multi-Function Digital Metronome

Perhaps you know Seiko more as a manufacture for watches and clocks. Perhaps this is why the Seiko SQ200 latest Metronome is such a popular device. 

It is compact, light, and portable enough to fit in your bag or drum case. Despite its size, it comes with a wide range of features.

It provides a wide range of tempos, from as slow as 1 to as high as 3000bpm. These functions come in 7 various subdivision choices. In addition, there is a beat accenting from one to nine.

You can create any rhythm patterns you want. And it is great for those practicing subdivision accuracy.


  • Tap tempo
  • Memory backup built-in speaker
  • LED display.


  • Low battery life 
  • Not reliable for live performance 

Korg TM-50BK

The Korg TM-50 offers you the opportunity to use a metronome and drum tuner independently. It is perfect for pitch and rhythm training altogether.

It has a visible LCD displayed, enhanced with a two-level backlight for a better screen. With the tuning function, you can expect great accuracy as it has Sound Back features.

It is quite easy to use, as well. You will easily set tempo tolerance and start using it immediately. It comes with ‘pendulum steps,’ which enable the user to learn faster how to use the mechanical metronome. 


  • Suitable for various music genres
  • High quality built 
  • Low-light with a responsive LED display.
  • Easy setup.


· It may not be loud for larger use

Korg BTL- Mini Rhythm Trainer

Talk of portability, and perhaps there no better metronome on the market than this. Korg has been making great metronomes for all types of musicians. 

And the Korg BTLMINI is no different. It is designed for all kinds of percussionists. It offers tempo between 30 and 300bpm with wonderful adjustability. 

You can follow your sense of rhythm using the training mode. Every time use, it brings you closer to a better mastery.


  • Build for all percussionists 
  • Personalize your performance for every need
  • Flawless sonic outputs
  • Timer stopwatch 


· Some users have complained of a noisy amp line output circuitry.

Korg KDM-2

By now, you understand Korg is a brand for the best metronomes on the market. The Korg KDM-2 features among the truest tone advanced digital metronomes.

It features a large LCD and a user-friendly design. You get the best combination of functionality and style.

There are red and green LED lights that show the beats and downbeats, respectively. The start/stop button is on the top of the device, working as a visual indicator. It gives a tempo range of a classic 30 to 252bpm. The user can choose from 19 pre-set beat patterns and three varying PCM-tones.


  • Easy to setup
  • A great design 
  • Sturdy 


·It is not great for a noisy stage

Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner is completely different from the products above. It is a state-of-the-art device that will make your timing easier and on-point.

It is a smart, vibrating, and wearable metronome that eliminates the hustle of mounting. And perhaps the best feature is its option to set the tempo and rhythm by simply turning the wheel on the displaying the tapping to save the setting.

The vibrations are much stronger than what you get on a smartphone. This means you can never miss any notification or the signal.

You can connect it to up to five devices and get the experience of multi-player synchronization. Also, make your rhythms and adapt the tempo, as well as a beat subgroup. 

And if you want to add input, you can do so with this timekeeper. It lets you enhance your playing experience using the metronome mobile application.

Frequently asked questions?

What does a metronome mean?

In music, one of the most important aspects of performance is the time signature. This means the tempo or beat of a song.

In order to keep this time, a musician uses a metronome. This is a device that measures beats per minute. Hence, musicians use it to keep things in order by counting the beats per minute.

For a band, a drummer is in charge of setting the tempo. Therefore, they must have a metronome.

In the modern world, you will find both mechanical and electrical metronomes for drummers. The difference is, a mechanical timer keeper has an inverted pendulum rod with a weigh to keep the tempo steady. You adjust it manually. The weight slides down the pendulum rod to increase the tempo or lifts it to decrease.

Electrical metronomes for drummers mostly have a quartz crystal, which helps maintain accuracy. They are easier to use because of the multiple buttons.

How is a metronome used?

Simply set the desired time signature, which consists of two numbers. The top is for the number of beats in a measure, and the bottom represents the value of a beat. 

The most famous time signature is 4/4. After setting it, the metronome will continuously count the specified number beats each second. Then you may continue practicing.

Who uses metronomes?

Timekeeping is very critical in music, especially with drummers. Therefore, professional drummers invest well in quality metronomes to provide the most effective performance.


For a beginner, using a metronome to play drums may seem tiring. But it is vital in helping you improve your timekeeping skills, the most important skill a drum player needs.

For this reason, you need to but a metronome that meets your needs. For a beginner, I would recommend the Korg MA1BL or TM50BK. But for professional drummers, you will need something more advance, like the Boss DB-90 or Korg KDM-2. 


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