What Is the Best Drum Set for A Jazz and Rock Drummer?

Jazz and rock are two different drumming styles. On the one hand, jazz is subtle and more emotional, while rock is loud and wild.

It is advisable that you buy a specific drum set for jazz if you are playing jazz, and one for rock if you are playing the style, and remember that sound also depends on the way you tune a jazz drum set.

However, it would be best if you bought a versatile one. Check this article if you want to know what Is a jazz drum set?

What Is the Difference In A Jazz 4 Piece Drum Set And A 5 Piece?

When talking about “piece,” it is nothing else but the shells in a drum set. Therefore, do not think that cymbals and hardware are included in this.

And the pieces of a jazz drum set include a snare drum, bass drums, and toms.

The main difference between a four-piece and a five-piece jazz drum set is the number of toms. The four-piece has two toms (i.e., the bass drum, the snare, the floor tom, and a tom). And the five-piece drum set has three toms.

Also, more drums mean more sound possibilities, especially great fills. But it takes up more space.

A four-piece drum set is more suitable for jazz, where the ride cymbal takes the groove’s lead. It is also easier to transport.

What Type and Brand Of Drum Set Is Appropriate For High School Jazz Band?

There are many types, and brands of drum sets recommended for high-school drummers. For a start, the Pearl Roadshow 5-piece drum set is the most popular. This is not only because it’s affordable, but because it delivers professional looks and sounds. It may vary in price depending on the setup you choose, but still cheaper than most.

Tama Imperialstar is another highly recommended set. It comes with everything a drummer may need to start playing at a great price.

It comes complete with cymbals, which sound really nice at this price range. They are Meinl, and the splash, with its holder, is offered free.

If you are looking for something more mid-level, the Pearl Export is a good start. No wonder it is the best-selling drum set on Amazon. It needs a serious student who is ready to take things to the next level.

And for the most affordable drum set, under $400, the Ludwig Breakbeats is a perfect choice. It is smaller, fully designed for traveling, which makes it even more attractive for a jazz drummer.


In this guide, I have tried answering most of the questions asked online about jazz drumming. I hope it has been helpful in helping you deliver better music.

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