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Welcome to the Zero to Drum blog, your home for everything about drums. You will find the most updated articles about drums, drum kits, electronic drums, drummers, hardware, and accessories.

Zero to Drum has all you need to know about the drumming world. Whether you are a beginner or a professional drummer, here there is something for you.

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Here are three reasons you will love this blog.

1) Reviews on a wide array of drums

What is your favorite drum brand? Yamaha, Gretsch, Roland, Mapex, Sonor, PDP, DW, or any other? And what is your ideal kit? Junior, rock, fusion, hybrid, or kids’ kits?

You will find all that in this blog. You get reviews on some of the best drum sets and best cymbals on the market. No matter your experience or your niche, or your time signature, you can be sure to find a solution here.

It is all about making it easy for you to find a good drum set, cymbal set, or hardware.

Get your hands on everything from pedals, hand percussion, and the latest technologies in electronic accessories.

2) Expert advice

Zero to Drum is a drumming blog run by drummers. It has been running for quite some time now, and they have a piece of deep knowledge of drums and drumming.

Learn about drummers and musicians who are shaping the industry. If there is anything you need to know concerning drums for better decision-making, this is the place to be. The team can point you in the right direction.

3) Shop online

If you cannot make it to a physical store to get your drum kit, Zero to Drum can help. You find links to many drums on Amazon and other online stores across the globe.

Whether it is a listing of a vintage/discontinued drum series or a brand-new kit, this is the place you can find it all. Everything comes from reputable brands. You can also use this platform to sell or buy pre-owned gear.

Are you getting into the drumming world for the first time?

Zero to Drum blog could be your roadmap. Read about drums (acoustic, electronic), percussion instruments, music boxes, audio software (DAWs, e-books, videos), drummers, hardware, and much more.

Dino Danelli

Dino Danelli, Splendid Drummer from The Rascals

Dino Danelli is a musician from The United States. He was the founding member and the drummer of the Young Rascals, a hit-maker rock group from the US. Some popular hits you might know are People Got To Be Free, See, Groovin’ and many more. Besides being the group’s founder, he is also famous as “the greatest unrecognized
Lp And Ep Meaning

What does LP and EP Meaning For Best Format Album?

The terms LP and EP meaning music initially, come from vinyl file formats. Whether you’re getting involved with the song enterprise or a track fanatic trying to emerge as more informed approximately the manner it defines track, those are two basic definitions to apprehend. What is an EP Meaning? EP stands for Extended Play. In
Inspiring Drum Quotes

50 Most Inspiring Drums Quotes for Best Drummer

If you’re a drummer, then you know that drumming is more than just a hobby or passion – it’s a way of life. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting those drums and creating music with other musicians. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, then check out these 50 most inspiring drum quotes
What Is Backing Tracks

Playing Backing Tracks Live Best Guide 2022

Preparations and recordings are flawlessly quantized (time-aligned to a grid) in almost all popular recordings. Many musicians nevertheless try to fight against the grain to keep an experience of personal integrity. The sizeable majority of other bands (your opposition) may be sacrificing this honesty to win inside the eyes of harmless concert-goers. If you and
Drum Muffling

Best Guide to Drum Muffling for Beginners

Drum muffling is an essential part of any drummer’s arsenal. It allows you to control the amount of sustain and resonance. Your drums produce, giving you a more comprehensive range of sounds to work with. There are many different ways to muffle a drum, and each has advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we’ll look
Count Me In Netflix

Count Me In Netflix – Drumming Movies Best Review

If you’re a drumming movies fan, you’ll want to check out Count Me In Netflix. Count Me In is a thrilling new film that celebrates the deep passion of drumming, uncovering the pleasure and excitement of a lifestyle committed to using the beat. What is Count Me On Netflix? Count Me In is a Netflix
Levon Helm

The 15 Best drummers who sing and Lead Singers drummers Ever

Bands have ruled music history for multiple decades and for all the right reasons. Of course, seeing musicians come out with solo albums is an experience, but you can’t deny the popularity of singing groups in the rock band Genesis. Phil Collins, their drummer, is one of the drummers who sing in the industry. However,
Fi Drum Forum

Best Online Drum Forums to Improve Your Drum Knowledge

It’s not uncommon to be caught on your own with a burning drumming query. Perhaps you are teaching yourself snare drumming, working towards between instructions, or you have a new package you want to play but have a problem with the construct. You have inquiries to which you want rapid answers; This is while a
Fi Build A Cajon

Best Guide on How to Build a Cajon Drum by Yourself

The Cajon drum is getting famous in fusion and pa tune. In case you need to own one, you may even build it yourself! Zero to drum will give you simple step-via-step commands on how to build a cajon drum box. What is Cajon? A Cajon drum box is a field-formed percussion musical tool that

Polyrhythmic Music Best Guide in 2022

For those of you who don’t know, polyrhythmic music is a type of music that uses two or more different rhythms simultaneously. It’s a pretty exciting style of music, and it can be quite challenging to play. If you’re new to polyrhythmic music or looking for some good resources to help you learn, this guide
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