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1) Reviews on a wide array of drums

What is your favorite drum brand? Yamaha, Gretsch, Roland, Mapex, Sonor, PDP, DW, or any other? And what is your ideal kit? Junior, rock, fusion, hybrid, or kids’ kits?

You will find all that in this blog. You get reviews on some of the best drum sets and best cymbals on the market. No matter your experience or your niche, or your time signature, you can be sure to find a solution here.

It is all about making it easy for you to find a good drum set, cymbal set, or hardware.

Get your hands on everything from pedals, hand percussion, and the latest technologies in electronic accessories.

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Zero to Drum is a drumming blog run by drummers. It has been running for quite some time now, and they have a piece of deep knowledge of drums and drumming.

Learn about drummers and musicians who are shaping the industry. If there is anything you need to know concerning drums for better decision-making, this is the place to be. The team can point you in the right direction.

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If you cannot make it to a physical store to get your drum kit, Zero to Drum can help. You find links to many drums on Amazon and other online stores across the globe.

Whether it is a listing of a vintage/discontinued drum series or a brand-new kit, this is the place you can find it all. Everything comes from reputable brands. You can also use this platform to sell or buy pre-owned gear.

Are you getting into the drumming world for the first time?

Zero to Drum blog could be your roadmap. Read about drums (acoustic, electronic), percussion instruments, music boxes, audio software (DAWs, e-books, videos), drummers, hardware, and much more.

Elvin Jones Feature

Elvin Jones, a metronome in his blood and hands

The name Elvin Jones is new in the musical realm. The drummer was born in 1927 and raised to a musical family in Pontiac, Michigan. Elvin Jones was one of the first musicians to define a drummer’s role and how they are supposed to react. His playing, with a few other changes, defined how to
Levon Helm Feature

Levon Helm, a Legendary Singing Drummer

There are very few legendary singing drummers in the music industry history, and Levon Helm is one of them. When Max Weinberg wrote his book, The Big Beat in 1984, he could not help it but pay tribute to this legend. The inspiration came Helm’s unrivaled masterpieces like “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,”
Ian Paice Feature

Ian Paice: Deep Purple, Enthusiasm, and Commitment

When you talk about musicians that have really left a mark in the industry, the name of Ian Paice will always feature at the top. This is a drummer who gave his all in offering the best anyone could get in the hard-rock world. It is always his enthusiasm and commitment to drums that made
Bernard Purdie Feature

Bernard Purdie, Also Known as Mississippi Bigfoot

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie was commonly known by his nickname “Mississippi Bigfoot.” This made many to think that perhaps he came from Mississippi. However, this prolific studio drum player was born and grew up in Mary Land. Later, he moved to New York in the early 60s, where his interesting drumming was fueled. At first, he
Tony Williams Feature

Tony Williams, an inspirational background across all music genres

Tony Williams was only 17-years in 1963 when debuted with Miles Davis. It came as one of the most interesting emergences across 20th-century music. So, when Miles spoke about him, he could not forget to mention how impressed he was when he heard the drummer for the first time. To Miles Davis, this was a
Zigaboo Modeliste Feature

Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste, a pugilistic style that stood as a powerful hallmark

Zigaboo Modeliste has stood out for many years as one of the greatest drummers of all time. He was a drummer who invented his different styles whenever he held the sticks. May drummers admired his unique styles because he has an inspirational pull around him that made everyone’s listener feel great. Joe McEwen, a Rolling
Terry Bozzio Feature

Terry Bozzio, more than just a technique-virtuoso

When it comes to defining the greatest drummers ever, it is all about looking at the bands they played for and who inspired their work. Terry Bozzio played for the Rolling Stones, and he made his name working alongside Frank Zappa. For the best part of the mid-to-late seventies, the drummers have the best opportunity
Bill Bruford Feature

Bill Bruford, a percussionist with the technique and prowess of classical musicians

The world of percussion instruments and drumming is not an easy one. It needs precision and a great combination of drumming skills to deliver quality sounds and mixes. And Bill Bruford knew just how to do this. Bill Bruford is termed as a percussionist with the technique and prowess of classical musicians. This characteristic put
Buddy Rich Featured

Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers of all times

Many drummers that have stood out in the past and the present had someone else to attribute their success to. This is different for Buddy Rich. He stands out as a self-trained childhood vaudeville star. In other words, Buddy Rich did not just start drumming because others were doing it and it was beneficial, he
D.j Fontana Feature

D.J Fontana, from hillbilly music swing to Elvis Presley

We all know the works of Elvis Presley. His recordings have been played across the world for many generations, creating inspirational moments for all who love music. But one thing you may not know is that “D.J” Fontana was behind hundreds of these recordings. The drummer was one of the leading and most admired performers
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