Top 13 Custom Drums Companies Best Review 2023

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Every drummer wants a drum that is specifically made for them. To get this kind of drum, you need to go to custom drums companies.

Not only it shows that it’s a ‘premium’ drum, but the adjustment of the kit will also suit you so that you can play drums better. You will find the gear that best suits your needs and playing style.

This solution occurred because the major brands have their own standard kits. The proportions and arrangement are fixed, which may only be suitable for some.

So, if you have a problem with the standardized drum set, professional custom drum companies can help you with it.

What is a Custom Drum Kit?

Custom Drums Companies
Custom Drums Companies

A custom drum kit is a drum type where it’s only produced in certain numbers with a specific request. The production process is different from the usual drums because mass production with a standardized set doesn’t exist in custom drums production.

The custom drum kit is produced with the likes of the customers or drummers. It can be a request for the size of the snare drums, the bass drums, the material, and many more. You can also request accessories if the drum companies provide them.

Custom drums are usually handcrafted, so you are guaranteed to have a special drum that is carefully made with unique designs. However, you also need to be careful at choosing custom drum makers because each person’s craftsmanship is different, right?

Therefore, several companies offer this service to produce custom drums, such as A&F Drum Co, GMS, Noble and Cooley, and many more.

Why Do People Love Custom Drums?

SJC Custom Drums

There are several reasons why people like to have custom kits, but the most common reason is that they allow drummers to have exactly what they want.

They don’t have to settle for being stuck with the standard options that come with the brand. Drummers can pour out their ideas about their dream drum set, and drum manufacturers will try to make it true.

And it’s not only in the design aspect but also in the functional aspect.

The other reason is drummers tend to have their own style of drumming. Thus, a custom drum kit will help them enhance their drummer characteristics. It can be the setting adjustment or the visual of the drums.

I mean, who doesn’t want a drum set that is specifically made for their style? One of the musicians’ dreams is to have a special instrumental kit made for them.

13 The Best Custom Drums Companies

A&F Drum Co

A&Amp;F Drum Co.
A&F Drum Co.

A&F is currently one of the most well-known custom drums companies. They have a few best drummers who play drums with their products, which is why they steadily rose in popularity over the past few years.

Remy Antoun, a successful session drummer who recorded albums with numerous well-known musicians, founded the business. One day, he designed a snare drum to look like the vintage drums he used to play during recording sessions, and that sparked the idea of a custom drum.

The business is located in Austin, Texas. But you can witness drummers playing their drums from all over the world.

Luxury drums like A&F drums offer you the pinnacle of drum craftsmanship. That is why they are pretty pricey.


C&Amp;C Custom Drums
C&C Custom Drums

C&C Drum Co. is a custom drum company located in Missouri. They usually distribute their products to Australia, Europe, and the United States. They are one of the more well-known stores and have the support of numerous independent artists.

Bill Cardwell is the owner of the specialized drum manufacturer C&C Drum Co. They create retro drums by drawing inspiration from all the drum sets used from the 1940s through the 1970s. After fixing vintage drums and seeing what caused them to sound like they did, Bill began creating them.

C&C has created retail lines based on its most popular drums and aesthetics. You can choose your own drums by hand, although it might cost a little extra.

Additionally, they offer first-rate domestic and worldwide shipping.


Gms Drum Co.
GMS Drum Co.

Since 1987, GMS has produced top-notch drums in New York. They market custom snares, kits, and gear that produce drums with good tones. Numerous rock drummers and pop musicians have used these drums.

Koenig Custom Drum Company

Koenig Custom Drum Company Snare Drum
Koenig Custom Drum Company snare drum

Koenig Custom Drum Company is the top choice for drummers around the world. Koenig offers superior craftsmanship and quality that probably can’t be found anywhere else.

From concert-quality snare drums to heavy-duty marching band bass drums.

This company is famous for its Corian-Granite snare drum, which Elliot Konig and his team created. The material has superior sound qualities compared to other materials, allowing for a full and rich tone. It also has an unbelievable durability that is designed to outlast the test of time.

Noble and Cooley

Noble And Cooley Drum Co.
Noble and Cooley Drum Co.

With more than 160 years of experience, Noble and Cooley are continually improving in drum-making. To ensure the quality of their drums to people worldwide, they adhere to their traditional craftsmanship and use only the best materials available.

Noble and Cooley’s finest wood is harvested here in New England and expertly sculpted and painstakingly built into the customer’s ideal drum.

The company’s custom shop is the pride and joy of their business, offering customers a wide range of customizable drums for any situation.


Odery Drums
Odery drums

Odery Custom Drums offer the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship and modern innovation. Their custom drum kits are crafted in Brazil from premium hardwoods and high-grade components, ensuring that each piece is unique and custom-built to meet the exact needs of the player.

From the choice of hand-selected woods to the pristine finishing, Odery Custom Drums provide superior sound and performance.

Pork Pie

Pork Pie Percussion
Pork Pie Percussion

California-based drum company Pork Pie is one of the trusted brands in making drum accessories and kits. Bill Detamore, who has been creating custom drums since 1987, is its director. The fact that you can send Bill existing drums for him to modify is one of the best things about Pork Pie.

The business is also well known for producing the best drum throne. In the US, there are more drummers utilizing Pork Pie thrones than playing Pork Pie kits. However, it doesn’t mean that the kits are not good.

When it comes to drum construction, Pork Pie Percussion offers practically anything you can imagine.

Precision Drum

Precision Drum Co.
Precision Drum Co.

George A. Folchi founded the Precision Drum Company in 1961. They are the first company to provide drum recovery wrap, which sold the same material as most American drum manufacturers were using.

As a result, George soon established a reputation for offering superb customer service along with high-quality items.

They offer a wide selection of drum parts, drum hardware, and services in addition to high-quality, custom-made drums. Most importantly, they have more than 50 years of expertise using drum recovery coverings.

Risen Custom Drums

Risen Custom Drums Glo Kits
Risen Custom Drums Glo Kits

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Risen Drums is a small group of artisans and musicians who create handcrafted drums. Their main goal has been providing the most fantastic drums for over 20 years.

They are dedicated to building your dreams drum kits and provide accessories that are on par with the instruments’ quality.

They offer a lifetime warranty on their drums, which is different for drum manufacturers. In addition, they have some really amazing drums. One of the most well-liked products from them is Glo Kits.

SJC Custom Drums

Sjc Custom Drums Goliath Bell Brass Snare Drum 7 Inches X 13 Inches
SJC Custom Drums Goliath Bell Brass Snare Drum

SJC is a hugely well-liked custom drum kit manufacturer, particularly in the rock and punk music genres. In 2000, Mike and Scott Cibrari began it as a passion.

After a few years, the popularity of their custom drums exploded, and today big stars are playing their kits.

Compared to drums from other custom drums companies, SJC drums have a little more color. The majority of their kits feature bizarre finishes and unusual color schemes. As a result, they provide excellent focal points for rock and punk bands.

The two brothers’ conflict caused the business to lose some momentum for a spell. But during the past few years, every problem has been resolved, and the company is back on track. They have their main offices in Massachusetts.

Truth Custom Drums

Truth Custom Drums
Truth Custom Drums

One of the world’s top custom drum manufacturers, Truth Custom Drums (TCD), is based in Beaverton, Oregon, in the United States. For more than 11 years, owners Tim Gibson and Geoff Barrios have been producing premium handcrafted drums.

TCD has established a global reputation throughout the course of its career that is known to drummers of all ages and origins.


Udrum Custom Drums Cherry Bomb
uDrum Custom Drums Cherry Bomb

For these 25 years, uDrum has been keeping its name as an innovative music company that provides high-quality drum kits for aspiring drummers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Udrums has you covered.

Their team consists of experienced drummers and engineers who are dedicated to delivering the best possible sound from our customized rums.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom drum set cost?

Typical custom drum kits range in price from $300 to $1000. The quantity and quality of the shells, as well as the hardware and custom build, are what decide its price

Is it cheaper to build your own drum set?

Building a custom drum set can save you money in the long run. While purchasing stock drum sets is undoubtedly convenient, you can purchase better-quality components and build your own custom kit for less money.

Final Thought

Custom drums are like the kits that every drummer dreams of. Imagine having a drum set specifically made for you, which means you can’t find it anywhere.

It is crafted to the exact preferences and skill level of the player. You can pick out your set’s size, materials, and hardware. Custom drum makers can also create an original design just for you, allowing you to express yourself artistically.

So, we’ve already talked about some custom drums companies with each goodness. Among all these brands, is there one that interests you? Or have you been to some of those companies? Tell me about it!

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