Westminster Desktop Drum Set, Random Color

Drums offer a huge range of fun. Some people are so obsessed that they just want to have everything made with drum designs.

A desktop drum kit is one that offers the same experience. Once you have noticed that your grandson or son is getting interested in drums, you can get some of these drums to help them in development.

A mini drum desktop drum set is fun, not only for the little ones but also for the grownups. Sometimes I just feel good when I get to my house, and there is a cute little thing sitting on my table.

Sometimes ideas come into my head when I am just sitting and relaxing on my chair. I have hit this little set and transfer the idea later on to my big setup.

However, not many people understand the goodness and downside of these drums. And this is why I have decided to write this review. I will be talking about four good desktop drum sets you can buy for the people you love.

Mini desktop drum set

Have you noticed that your kid is showing a huge interest in drums, and you are wondering what to do about it? Well, you may consider buying them a full drum kit.

However, what if they lose interest after some time? This would mean investing in a professional drum set was not a good idea.

The good news is, you can get a wide range of drum solutions designed for kids out there. Many of these kits look professional, too, yet they cost only a small fraction of a real set. It would be a good thing to buy a mini desktop drum set.

This is a small drum set that looks just like a real drum, only that it’s tiny and can settle on a tabletop. In other words, it is like a miniature drum kit.

The set comes complete with everything you need to start playing. From the bass drum to the snare, the floor toms to the tom-toms, rides to hi-hats, every component of a complete setup has been included.  

Also, it comes with drumsticks and mounting gears, enabling you to put it in place with ease. In fact, most of them come pre-set so that you just put them on the table and start rocking.

Surprisingly, they sound excellent for their small size. Although they are not as good as real drums, they are still useful enough for children and beginners.

Note, however, that not many brands make these drums. You will need to know who makes them best if you want to enjoy their sounds.

Mini drum set for desktop Review

A mini drum kit for a desktop could be a great investment for the modern drummer. Since they imitate a real drum, you can use them to practice simple moves.

Most importantly, these kits are made for kids from 8 years and above. They may look like toys from a distance, but they are very significant in teaching the young ones about drumming basics.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in such a product.

A fun accessory

The drumming world is full of accessories that can make your experience more fun. As stated above, those who love drums very much wish to have everything made with such designs. For instance, they can bake cakes with drum designs.

A mini drum kit for the desktop, as the name suggests, would look cool on your desk. You don’t have to play them.

Some of them are designed with beautiful colors that complement your environment. Hence, they can be used as decorations for interior designs. Besides, they come in different colors, sizes, and designs, allowing you to choose something that satisfies your needs.

Portable and compatible

An acoustic mini desktop drum setup comes with two 4.5 inches tom-toms, a single 6-inch tom, 2 plastic drumsticks, a single metal cymbal, and a plastic stand. These are small drums that can fit easily on any surface, including a small table.

When you have a small space in your house, it would be good to get such a small piece for your kits. You can set them on a table at the corner of their room and have them play without disturbing you.

Electronic desktop drum sets are even smaller. You don’t need the stands, the drums, and cymbals. It comes as a small surface with trigger pads for various drum sounds.

Recommended for kids

If you want to encourage your kids to pursue their drumming interests without spending too much, get them these small sets. Children 8-years and above will find them very useful.

You will not feel any pinch if they decided to drop drumming later. They can look at such a small price and think that it does matter a lot. But this does not mean they are bad.

Easy to assemble

It is this feature that makes mini drum sets for desktops interesting, especially for children. They are extremely easy to set up.

You don’t need any tools to assemble and use the kit. You start using it straight from the box as many of them come preassembled.

It’s even easier with electronic ones.

Incredible sound

I was not sure these drums would produce any good sound. But after trying them out for this review, I changed my thought about them. They produce really good sound for their small size. It gives your son or daughter the impression of real drums, allowing them to use their creative ideas well.

Besides, when I received the drums, I was surprised that they were not as tiny as I had imagined. My children love them, and I do too. Sometimes I borrow them to practice a new idea.

4 Desktop Drum Sets to Buy In 2020

Westminster Desktop Drum Set, Random Color

A desktop drum set can be more than what you imagine it to be. Most people think they are tiny dolls that children can play with on the table.

However, this red desktop from Westminster will have you think otherwise. It is a full desktop accessory designed to make you feel the experience of playing a real drum setup.

It comes with two 4.5-inch tom toms, one 6-inch tom, one metal cymbal, two plastic drumsticks, and a plastic stand. These components create an impression of a complete setup.

The plastic drumsticks are long-lasting and highly functional. Children chew through drumsticks, which makes these ones a good option.

It’s easy to assemble and delivers incredible sounds. Your children will not struggle to assemble or using it for their moves.

The red color finish looks great on any desktop. Red is a versatile color that can march with most items in your home, making these drums a wonderful addition to your environment.

The biggest downside is perhaps the metal cymbal, which only produces more noise than good tones.

The Westminster Desktop Drum set is a drum kit that can be easily placed and played from the top of a desk. As the name suggests, it is a portable product that offers a good opportunity for kits to learn drums.

It is a beautiful accessory to place on your desk. The package comes with two tom-toms measuring 4.5-inches, one 6-inch tom, 2 plastic drum sticks, one metal cymbal, and a plastic stand.

Kids who love playing drums will appreciate it very much if you bought them this kit. It is recommended for ages 8 and above. And since it’s easy to assemble, they don’t need any tools to start enjoying the incredible sounds from these drums.

It’s bigger than how it appears in the picture. Be sure to put a good space for it.

Srenta Kids Desktop Drum Set | Junior Beginner Jazz Drum Kit | Rock Musical Instrument Toddlers Toy

Does your toddler get excited every time they see a jazz drummer? Well, it might be high time you bought them this toddler toy.

Srenta’s kids’ desktop drum kit is an easy-to-use instrument for kids and junior beginners. Simply turn it on and start tapping with your fingers. The drum head plays the beat every time you hit it.

In other words, this is not just a joy for kids. Adult drummers will also find it applicable in a wide range of settings. Skilled drummers can use it to record and play it back to friends.

Your drummer friend will appreciate it.

If your kids love music, especially jazz, get them this instrument to help them in skill development. It is an attractive toy, and at the same time, a useful musical instrument.

The Srenta desktop drum kit is made from lightweight, durable material. It’s not too loud or too soft, just perfect for the little ones.

Anyone can use this kit. But you should not expect it to work as a real drum.

Fun Central Desktop Drum Set Musical Instrument Toy for Kids & Toddlers – Red

Drumming is all about having fun, especially for kids. Fun Central Desktop-Set musical instrument is one product that proves this fact. It is a perfect tool to help your kids learn and improve their drumming skills. They will feel like pro musicians with this complete drum set.

It is also a wonderful gift, decoration, or for school projects. Easy to assemble with no tool required. And yet, it delivers a professional-line sound for a wide range of music types.

The toddler drum set comes with two 4.5-inch tom-toms, one 6-inch tom, one metal cymbals, two plastic drum sticks, and one drum stand.

The whole kit is made from metal and plastic materials, with an impressive red gloss finish. They are safe for use by kids and anyone else who loves drums.

These toddler beginner solutions will introduce your child to the drumming world and allow them to take the bold step as they grow their skills.

But don’t expect it to feel and sound like a real set.

Willcome Electronic Desktop Drum Set Finger Touch Drum with Sound Novelty Musical Toy for Kids and Adults Gifts

Electronic drums sets offer the best practice experience. They can be used silently, even in places with many people, without disturbing them. This Willcome Electronic Desktop Drum Set Finger Touch drum is a perfect example of how far this technology has stretched. It comes with touch-sensitive drum pads, allowing you to hit and feel the beat.

All components are contained in touch panels. These include bass, cymbal, and three-side cymbals.

Tap your finger to play the drums or cymbals. It comes with a two-mode setup, the game mode, and the record mode, making it even more fun for kids and adults.

Also, it is a very portable and compact instrument, measuring 5.9 by 3.9 by 3.9-inches. It’s power by 3 AAA batteries and is recommended for age 3 and above. You don’t need any tools, assembly, or set up to start using this drum set.

However, it does not feel or sound like a real drum set. It’s more of a toy or a funny gift for a music lover.


A beginner does not need an expensive drum set to learn basic moves and fun. But a good desk top drum set, and they will be grateful.