DH Peligro, Dead Kennedys’ Outstanding Drummer, Dies at 63

If we are talking about the American punk rock band, Dead Kennedys, we can’t leave their amazing drummer out, DH Peligro. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 9, 1959. He has been in the music industry for 41 years and has loved rock music since childhood.

According to Dead Kennedys‘ official Twitter account, D. H. Peligro passed away at 63 in his Los Angeles home due to head trauma from an accidental fall. Police on the scene also confirmed the cause and asked to respect the family’s privacy during this situation.

Peligro is an inspiration for black musicians and one of the best drummers in the Los Angeles music scene.

Peligro and Dead Kennedys

Dh Peligro Playing His Drum
DH Peligro playing drums on the stage

Peligro joined the American band Dead Kennedys in February 1981. He’s not the original member, as he entered to replace Bruce Slesinger (Ted), the original Dead Kennedys drummer. However, Peligro had an impact on the band’s music. The band has moved toward an aggressive sound since he joined.

DH Peligro got his debut rock album as Dead Kennedys drummer with EP In God We Trust in December 1981. Later that year, he continued to produce albums with the members, such as Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982), Frankenchrist (1985), Bedtime for Democracy (1986), and many more.

Dead Kennedys announced the band’s breakup in January 1986 as they were frustrated and alienated from their own scene. On February 21, they played their last concert as a group before moving on to other projects. However, they reunited in 2001 without their former frontman and songwriter, Jello Biafra, as he got withholding royalties accusation.

They held a European tour and did concerts worldwide before Peligro took a hiatus in 2008. He left the band for a while to “take some personal time off.” In June 2009, he rejoined Dead Kennedys and continued to perform on various stages and produce rock albums.

DH Peligro as the Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer

Outstanding Drummer Dh Peligro
Outstanding drummer DH Peligro

Peligro briefly joined the legendary punk band Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) in 1988 to replace their previous drummer, Jack Irons. Although he didn’t spend much time with the band, he had an opportunity to write some songs for RHCP’s fourth album, Mother’s Milk.

In November 1988, the band fired Peligro because of his drug and alcohol addiction and chose Chad Smith as his replacement. It was one of the most challenging decisions that the team made. However, RHCP’s singer Anthony Kiedis was one of the people who helped Peligro on his road to sobriety.

He passed away as The Truest Rocker

The Truest Rocker D. H. Peligro

Darren Henley passed away on October 28, 2022, due to head trauma in Los Angeles, US. Even though he’s already gone, he gave so many things to the bands he was in. No wonder many people look at him as a drum hero and a super cool guy.

Not only with RHCP and Dead Kennedys, but he also brought something to his other bands like The Hellations, Nailbomb, The Feederz, and many more. His dedication to his own band is admirable. Not only as a drummer but also as a songwriter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How did DH Peligro died?

DH Peligro died in his Long Angeles home on October 28, 2022. The cause is trauma to his head after an accidental fall. The police confirmed it on the scene.

Who is the black guy in Dead Kennedys?

He is Darren Henley or DH Peligro. He auditioned to replace their current drummer after hearing Dead Kennedys perform. Peligro injected new life into the band’s music. Despite the band’s aggressive style, Peligro was a warm and easygoing man.

How old was DH Peligro?

He was 63 years old (July 9, 1959 –  October 28, 2022).

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