Emotiva BasX A-100 review in 2023

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Reviewing products for audio enthusiasts has always been my favorite job. Whenever a new amplifier comes up, I want to be the first to know what it has to offer that other sound systems do not have.

And this is why I receive a lot of questions about the most affordable, small sound systems.

I did a test run by listening to the small-sized Emotiva BasX A-100 stereo integrated amplifier. It made me think there could be no other $229 and below amplifier that can sound as full as this amp. This could be the most useful speaker at the price I have ever seen.

The Emotiva Basx a-100 delivers 50 watts of power per channel into 8 ohms speakers and rises to 80 watts into 4 ohms speakers per channel.

Now, this is what got me interested. How many times can you find amps at this price that come with a 4-ohm rating? It is, therefore, worth noting just how incredible the BasX A-100 stereo is.

Considering this, you will happily accept their price, especially when working with low-impedance speakers. With this description, you already know everything you need to know about the emotiva basx a-100.


The Basx a-100 stereo comes with the following specifications:

  • Analog Inputs and outputs: Unbalanced RCA, one stereo pair.
  • Input sensitivity for full output; 600 mV (8ohm load).
  • Main speaker outputs: 5-way binding posts and one stereo set
  • Power: 50 watts into 8 ohms, and 80watt/ channel into 4 ohms.
  • Headphone jack: front panel jack full-sized ¼ inch.
  • Headphone output power: up to 600 ohms:350 mW/channel for normal mode, and up to 600 ohms: 0.6 watts/ channel.

Many other specifications make this product a hot trend in the market. It seems demand is high, or Emotiva can’t produce enough of them. I had to wait for several days on a wait-list before getting my order.But should you buy it? Well, come along, and you will find out.

Why is BasX special?

After many years of working around and reviewing home audio appliances, I have noticed that many people still don’t have quality audio in their lives. We can all agree that as technology continues to improve the lives of many people worldwide, the demand for quality products keeps rising.

There is an oversaturation of products out there today. This makes finding the right one to be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, the buyer does not know what to pick, and other times, they don’t have enough budget for it. Also, some just don’t have the time to figure out how they are used.

Emotiva says this is exactly the reason they developed their products. They have combined great sound quality, carefully picked high-quality features, and sturdy performance. The results are long-lasting products with simple, yet elegant appearance.

I have been following closely on the production of their products, and this combination always stands out from other brands. You may not find any other place for an affordable amplifier that looks similar to other high-end choices.

All parts have been priced with the reach of every music lover. This means you don’t need to have to be rich to afford best stereo amplifier. The construction of this product is another thing worth noting. They have been carefully and sturdily constructed to give you reliable service. Besides, they are designed to be compatible with most of your other equipment. And don’t forget, this adds the finishing touch to any living room or bedroom. 

If you wish to build a complete music system out of the BasX components, you can do so with ease. And that means you can create your own listening experience that fits your needs.

The BasX A-100 is a simple looking amplifier with a great design. From the outside, you will think it is very expensive. Whether you are an experienced audiophile or you are just getting into the market, you will still have an incredible time with the emotiva a100.

Features of the BasX-100

With the BasX -100, you get the basic attributes of an amplifier. They have essential elements like a high-current Class a b amplifer, power supply, binding post main speaker terminals with five different sources, standard unbalanced audio ins, and many others are all present.

The BasX A-100 offers 50 watts and 80 watts per channel. These watts accumulate into 8 and 4 ohms respectively. This is enough power output to satisfy the audio needs of every listener. It comes with standard trigger input and output. You can also configure it to switch on automatically when a new audio signal comes. This means you can use this product perfectly in a remote zone.

The build

For many budget-to mid-priced amps, the manufacturers use D circuitry designs—this where the BasX a-100 has beaten them with a class ab circuit.

You may not understand that this is a big deal, but explaining it can be complicated. However, just know that many high-end amplifiers use class a b or A designs. You will find very few featuring the D circuits.

So, the BasX A-100 is more than just a budget-friendly amp. The manufacturer has focused on ensuring even a beginner gets the most out of its audio investments.

You will also love its size. It measures a taut of 8.5 by 3.1 by 15 inches and weighs 11.5 pounds. Much of this weight is because of the steel chassis, a solid milled aluminum faceplate, a high-end toroidal power transformer, and a machined volume knob. It does not have any plastic parts as you would get even with higher-priced options.One thing you will notice is also how portable the basx a100 is. It is designed like a high-end mini component. It comes with very simple and easy to use functions. The front panel, for instance, only has the volume knob and a few other buttons. This means even a first-time user will have no trouble getting around its functions.


This may not be a perfect choice if you are the kind of user who needs all the digital and analog inputs. It is very limited in terms of connectivity. There is only one set of each of the stereo inputs and outputs. You also get one pair of heavy-duty speaker cable binding posts and a front-panel 6.3mm headphone jack.

The jack connection is pretty standard, but it does not use a pipsqueak chip headphone amp like the most integrated amplifier. This makes the BasX very unusual. It uses the speaker’s power output to drive the headphone output. But this does not mean it will give you any issues. The amp comes with resistors to the power limit so that it does fry the headphone output. Also, you can set it to change when it senses any audio signal coming in automatically. To improve connectivity, the basx a-100 stereo has speaker cable binding posts along with a headphone amp.

The sound

Now to the most important feature – the sound, which is why we are here in the first place, the BasX A-100 does not disappoint. I was not sure I could get any quality-sounding amplifier at this price range.  I bought my A-100 amp by Emotiva with their B1 bookshelf speakers, which are pretty powerful too. My first album was “Live at the Paradise in Boston,” but Pixies. This 2006 DVD is pretty heavy with incredibly detailed sound clarity.

The BasX A-100 did not start picking immediately. It took longer before heating up and giving me the audio quality, I needed.This DVD is a fantastic, meaty sounding recording, which the Emotiva  system soon started picking. The B1 are small speakers, yet they sounded with a massive looming boom. I tried with several other bookshelf speakers, and each gave out just the perfect sounds.

I went ahead to try out with a few headphones, starting with Audeze Sines, and the amplifier boomed. I played certain tracks like “The Girl on the Train” Blue-ray. It felt like I was right inside the action.

Based on this, the feisty BasX A-100 is indeed a winner in terms of sound and build quality. At this price range, you can never go wrong investing. However, it is its limited connectivity and lack of remote control that might turn off most users.It is just too bad that this feature is not included, and you will have to invest a lot more in another brand.

What customers are saying

Emotiva is, without a doubt, a reputable brand. They have, for long, been making affordable sound solutions for many consumers.

I wanted to know how other user felt about the BasX A-100, and here are some comments:

I owned a Magni 2 for a long time until I thought of replacing it with the Emotiva BasX A-100. I wanted to use it as my new desktop speaker amp and because it was the most compact class A/B amp I could find on the market. Spending close to $100 on a D amplifier did not make sense to me, making my choice for the Emotiva. Since then, I have been using it for both speakers and headphones. 

The A-100 is a great present to buy for your loved ones. It works fantastically with any high-end speaker. I wouldn’t recommend ditching Magni 3 for it, but you should try it out if you want to save a dollar.

What is the best budget-friendly amplifier?

For those looking to buy an amp on a budget, you have many options to choose from like the Elac B6.2 speaker, Onkyo a 9010, and Emotiva BasX A-100 are more promising. And if you are concerned about the sound quality, you should relax because they are both incredible for light speakers.


Emotiva has never disappointed in offering high-quality audio products. And the BasX A-100 is a good example. I would recommend it for anyone running low on a budget yet still need a high-quality basx a-100 stereo.