Gretsch Drums Renown Review

In the modern world, drummers need something that can do it all. They also want something that will perform well.

Gretsch Renown features among the most versatile drum set of all time. If you need the smoothest grooves of the 1950s, you have a drum that can handle such and more in the Renown. It also carries the attack and projection that led to the compelling compositions of the 1960s through the 1970s. As if that is not enough, you are looking at unbeatable clarity and vibrance witnessed in the studio recordings.

Where are Gretsch Drums Renown made?

Gretsch is one of the best drum manufacturers in the world. For more than 130 years, the award-winning company has been creating high-end drums with the best feature to meet the needs of many drummers across the globe.

The company is an iconic brand headquartered in Ridgeland, South Caroline, USA. It has branches in other regions of the world, including Taiwan, where they make “That Great Gretsch Sound” for drummers of all levels.

In the world of drummers, one of the major considerations for an excellent drum is the manufacturer. And over the years, Gretsch has remained unbeatable in terms of the quality of their drums.

One of the most exciting things I have learned about this company is they are so traditional. Their drums are hand-made with that classic touch that produces excellent and sturdy sounds every drummer needs.

The Gretsch Renown is one of their greatest pieces. The 2016 version has been improved to meet modern user needs.

Gretsch Drums Renown

About the Gretsch Drums Renown 

Renown still comes with classic 7-ply Gretsch formula maple shells. They feature 30 degrees bearing on the edges. The interior is made with an exclusive silver sealer.

In other words, Gretsch is known for making excellent quality and classic drums.

The Renown carries a new twist; it has the additional player-friendly 302 hoops by Gretsch. It is the same used in the Brooklyn and Broadkaster drum series.

With these features, the drum can produce desirable focused sound. This is a feature you get in a die-cast hoop. Only that it is lighter and less rigid in the Gretsch Drums Renown. The drum, therefore, can “breath” and reach maximum resonance.

Even the 2016 Renown offers the original Gretsch sound. It has an excellent open, harmonic tone that sends the versatility required for the demands of vigorous drummers.  

This is a kit that combines classic appearance with the type of sound quality and construction quality that is extremely appealing. It is designed to quench the energy level of youthful drummers. 

Gretsch Drums Renown

Even though it is a bit costly, you cannot expect anything less for such quality. The drum set has an added luster from the brand’s traditions. 

However, it is among the cheapest products from the manufacturer. For instance, and equivalent Gretsch USA customer is four times more costly. At the same time, it is more expensive than the Renown Maple, which cannot match its finesse. Yet if you know the Renown Maple, you will agree it is a no-nonsense set of drums.

 In the box, you get

  • 20 inch by 16-inch bass drum
  • 10 inch by7 inch rack tom
  • 12 inch by 8-inch rack tom
  • 14 inch by 14-inch rack tom
  • Copper sparkle finish 
  • Gretsch 302 hoops
  • Silver sealer in the interior
  • 30 degree bearing on the edges 

Who is the Gretsch Drums Renown for?

According to Gretsch, the modern drumming environment requires a drum kit “that can do it all – and do it well.” And this is what you get from the Renown. It comes with the best features on the market.

The Renown is a more affordable option from the brand. It is made with a traditional touch to the companies quality and 130 years of experience. 

Hence, the drum is for professionals and experienced drummers looking for the best in drums. It comes highly recommended for many drummers across the globe.

However, the kit may not be the best for beginners. If you are just starting, I recommend you look for less costly options.

Top features 

Build and appearance

In 2010, four new Renown Maple kits were launched in 2010. They are exclusively for the European market.

Among the first three options, one comes with the same size of two and floor toms, only with a smaller bass drum of 20 inches by 14 inches. The others appear as jazz (18 inches by 14 inches, 12 inches by 8-inch, and 14-inch by 14-inch) and rock ( 24-inch by 16-inch, 13 inches by 9-inch and 16-inch by 14-inch). 

All the shell packs are supplied without a snare. This is then the strategy that Gretsch uses to keep the pack competitive. However, there are Renown Maple snares available as add-ons.

Most of the Stateside Gretsch drums are made mainly, but not entirely with maple. There are a couple of plies with the shells from a different thing. The maple inside the Renown Maple kits comes from the USA and Canada. All drums come with six plies in every piece, but for the snare, which come with ten plies.

These drum shave continuously carries features that are a match for the US custom blueprint. The 30-degree bearing edge is Gretsch standard.  

Also, the company is known for its signature Silver Sealer coats that appear inside the shells. It comes with die-cast hoops and GTS tom suspension mount, the same as those you would expect in higher-range drums from the same manufacturer. 

Perhaps the only thing that may seem different is the lugs. However, the difference is in such a small margin you may not even notice. 

Apart from the drums, the other hardware items are also standards. The floor tom clamps and legs are all professional level. The bass drum claws and spurs are solid and durable. Also, the kit features a full complement of Evans batter heads; hence a player can be sure of no scrimping on the heads. 

The feel

There are two options that carry the four new finishes. Lacquer options have Piano White and Dark Walnut, while the two wraps have Silver Oyster Pearl and Blue Sparkle. All the wraps come from Delmar, one of the best wrap producers in the world.

Also, the retro-chic Silver Oyster Pearl Wrap of the review kit is quite amazing. And there is a good reason for this. It is even better in real life than it looks on a picture. 

The drums feature a complementary vintage look with a standard length. The modern era is filled with super-bass drums. Hence it is quite nice to find a 16-inch deep bass. It features chunky spur and claws, but with modern looks, which makes it quite interesting.

Do not be deceived by the looks of the kit. It appears a very vintage and old school. However, the construction quality, the high standard of the hardware, and the heads are all modern. 

The thing is, Gretsch has tried to pull the traditional looks and quality into the modern drumming community. 

I love how this kit sounds. On the kick drum is the Evans EMAD batter head that built incredibly deep sounds. And the heads are set just above the flapping points, enabling the reach as deep as the note you are playing one. 

Even so, you should not expect the shape of the sound to relate to the bottomless shuddering of modern kick drums. However, it works just as well as you would expect.

The drum is also shorter. Hence, it boosts a quicker link between the batter and front heads. What you get as a result are sweet, powerful, and punchy drum sounds. The EMAD foam ring swallows any decay cut off; hence you don’t need any dampening.

EMAD heads are built for working from the dry side. As such, you will have to change the head if you want than vintage-style ‘bonk.’

The toms don’t disappoint either. They are made with thin all-maple shells cut. They feature 30 degrees edges, which become warm and resonant, whereas the die-cast makes the sound sharper. Between these two, you get twin-ply Evans G2 batter that produces thick, wet-like strong sounds.

And the toms perform similar to the bass drum, producing a modern-like performance. They cut through with ease, leaving rich, fat notes to the ear. If you swap the G2 heads with a single-ply coated one, you hear a different side of the toms. You can feel a receding level of attack, but it is sustained by the hoops while increasing the warmth. 

Are Gretsch Catalina drums good?

Every Gretsch Catalina Maple drum on the market is built for the highest quality of sound. They also deliver the highest playability and durability. 

The feature a full-sized 7-ply drum set, which is one of the best things Gretsch included in the set. And the best part is, this piece is made built to last. It comes with the best features every drummer needs to create their career. 

Besides, Gretsch has been creating the best drums since 1883. It has been creating high-quality banjos, drums, and tambourines.


Gretsch is one of the biggest and oldest drum brands around the globe. And for more than 100 years, their drums have been changing the music industry.

The Gretsch Drums Renown drum is, without a doubt, a wonderful drum set. It will serve your drumming needs at any level. 

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