Drumming Tab

How To Read Drum Tabs

Learn how to read drum tabs can be a lot of fun. But it goes beyond just knowing how to hit the drum heads to produce good sound. The music sheets for drums are necessary for figuring out how to play parts of your favorite songs on a drum. With so much to learn in

How to Tune A Drum Set for Jazz?

No matter how you want your drums to sound, the tuning process is fairly the same. But if you are not sure where to begin, don’t worry. I will show you how to tune a jazz drum set. Start by resting the drum head over the shells’ bearing edges and place the hoop over the

Drum Tunning 2

A guide to Drum Tuning

Playing drums is more than just hitting them with a stick. You need to tune your drums properly and train your ear to capture the right sounds at all times. But you cannot start using tuning directly just with your ear. It takes a lot of time to train this. Luckily, many instruments can help

Drum Rhythm

How to learn Rhythm

I was going through some comments on online music forums. There is this gentleman who says he has been teaching acoustic guitar to a high school kid. He says the kid seemed to have been progressing well with his hands, except for the Rhythm. And he was bland enough to say the student had no rhythm.

100 Drummer Drumming

Best Drum Backing Tracks for Hip Hop, Blues, Rock, Funk

You are performing on stage, and you need some backing tracks, right? Well, you need to understand how the systems work before doing what you need. Some people call it playback rig, backing tracks player, playback systems, tracks machine, and many other names. And whatever you think it is, I will be taking you through

Muffling Your Drums

Muffling Your Drums

Muffling Your Drums is a technique that drummers use to create a more defined sound of their drums, and to obtain this result they put something on the drum heads (gaffa tape, wallets or specific products that they can buy online). It’s a common solution for a lot of drummers to apply a sort of

Benefits Of Drumming

Top 10 Benefits of Drumming Best 2022 Guide

Playing drums is good for your body and brain improves your physical health, and is also enjoyable because it’s fun! Drumming has positive effects on your mind. That’s why the drum is the instrument that I fell in love with, and it is still my passion! Health Reasons To Start Drumming   These are the benefits