Mapex Armory Series Snare Drum 6 X 14 Inch – Tomahawk

Snares are the fundamental part of every drum kit. It will be so dull to play incomplete drums, especially those lacking snares and bass drums. The snares give a perfect sharp tone that is appealing to every drummer.

However, getting a snare drum with the same quality as your current snare can be tricky. A few brands make the best snares globally, and one of the brands is Mapex. They use current technology in making world-class snares.

All snares and drums made by Mapex undergo various stages to make them better and more efficient. They have professional drummers who aid the technical team and artisans in making a few adjustments. You can never complain when you have a Mapex Armory Snare.

Therefore, we need to look at this fantastic snare in the Armory series. I am confident that you will like its features and its quality. You will discover a great line of amazing snare drum heads.

Mapex Armory Review

The Mapex Armory series drums are among the best snares in the world. They feature a hybrid shell and rounded bearing edges that make them produce incredible sounds. They also have a superb finish that makes the drum appealing to everyone’s eye.

The technology used in crafting these drums is out of this world. The Armory drums go a popular route with their 6-ply 7.2mm steel shell with a birch outer and inner with a maple core. These materials are durable and attractive when given a good finish.

The shells feature angled butt seams and blemish-free interiors that are sealed. The bearing edges are set at a 45 degrees angle, while the SONIClear edge also features a 45 degrees slope up to the maple mid-point.

All drums have fittings with a thick, satin-polished, plastic-like black coating that makes them amazingly good. Mapex uses an electro-plating process that makes the drum durable as compared to the powder coating. You can call Sweetwater via 800 222-4700 and place your order while stock lasts. You can also visit the website menu for available products.

Mapex Armory Series Snare Drum – 6 x 14 inch – Tomahawk

When it comes to projection and sensitivity, no drum can beat a steel drum. This Armory Tomahawk snare drum chosen by Mapex is the only snare included in all the Armory shell packs. The drum has a great versatility that matches its explosive power.

The good thing with this Tomahawk snare is that it bears all the marks of a delicate steel snare. These marks include a deep, throaty growl, great snare sensitivity, and brilliant-cut. This snare features rounded 45-degrees bearing edges that enhance incredible brightness.

Also, the 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops located at the top and the bottom of the snare make the drum produce a chunky attack. The package is made complete by the Sleek Armory tube lugs and the smooth-action vertical throw-off.

Another fantastic feature of this Mapex Armory series snare drum is the SONIClear bearing edges that seat the drum heads comfortably. They can be hand-tensioned but still produce a tremendous pure tone.

The most amazing thing with Mapex drums is that you have a wide range of options to choose from. The Armory snares feature five wood and a metal snare drum. Steel Tomahawk snare is the best choice for rock and metal players.

However, those drummers searching for organic tenure can find it in Exterminator, Sabre, and Dillinger snare drums. You can call Sweetwater via 800 222-4700 and place your order while stock lasts. You can also visit the website menu for available products.


  • It is made with excellent materials.
  • It has an attractive look and produces incredible tones.


  • It is on-demand; hence, it can run out of stock.

Mapex Armory Series Snare Drum – 5.5 x 14 inch – Sabre

The Sabre snare in the Armory snare series is an incredible kit with maple and walnut crack richness. This snare has a little more bite as compared to pure maple. This incredible drum features seven plies of maple and walnut that offer a rich and organic tone with fantastic penetrating potential.

The drum’s low end makes it exceptional courtesy of the SONIClear bearing edges that broaden the usable tuning range. It also features a 2.3mm Mapex Power Hoops on the top and the bottom side. The Mapex bearing edges keep the heads comfortably, and they can be hand-tensioned without affecting the drum’s tone. This increases the tuning range for drummers who enjoy a deeper snare that produces a musical pitch across the board.

You can choose the best snare from a collection of Armory snare drums. There are five wood and one metal snare in this series. Therefore, if you play rock and metal, the best snare for you is steel Tomahawk or Daisy Cutter snares. The drummers looking for organic tenure can go for maple, walnut, and birch in Sabre, and Dillinger snare drums.

Some of the specs in this snare include; sensitive dynamics, enthusiastic response, stainless steel snare wires with brass end plates, and a vertical throw-off that works fast and smoothly. You can call Sweetwater via 800 222-4700 and place your order while stock lasts. You can also visit the website menu for available products.


  • It produces incredible sound quality.
  • It features the best design and looks.


  • It features a hefty price tag.

Mapex Armory Series Exterminator Snare Drum 14 x 6.5

You can easily expand your drum arsenal with the Mapex Armory snare drums. The Armory series Exterminator snare focuses on mass impact. It features a walnut hybrid shell with a broad spread and a powerful attack that your fellow drummers will feel in their gut.

The drumheads seat perfectly courtesy of the SONIClear bearing edges that are standard on all Armory wood shells. The drumheads sit flat and effortlessly, making them respond with a stronger fundamental pitch. Its precision-tooled solid steel tube lugs offer greater tuning accuracy and shell stability while drumming an elegantly modern appearance.

The armory shell features an ebony stain over figured wood; thus, the drum provides excellent durability. You can also get stands and other hardware parts. You can contact different online shops that include Sweetwater, Musicians friend, and the Guitar Center.

You can call Sweetwater via 800 222-4700 and place your order while stock lasts. You can also visit the website menu for available products. They can deliver it for free to your location, and you can sign an agreement with them. You can also get chrome-plated shells and other hardware accessories.


  • It can be delivered to different countries.
  • It is attractive, durable, and versatile.


  • It is on-demand; thus, it can run out of stock.

Are Mapex snares good?

Many people need the answer to this question, and I can testify that Mapex snares are incredibly good. I have been using these snares for an extended period, and my bandmates have enjoyed their effectiveness. The drum head are amazing, especially for the tom.

Some of the artisans who make these drums are former professional drummers; thus, they know what drummers need. They make pro snare drums and some entry-level drums so that no one is left out.

The Mapex snares feature the best technology, and they undergo various processes before they are sold. They are sold at pocket-friendly prices that even entry-level drummers can afford.

Where are Mapex snare drums made?

Mapex drums are among the well-known drums in the world. You can find the Mapex drums in every country that you visit. However, do you know where these drums are made? This brand of drums has its origin in Taiwan. A Taiwanese company known as KHS Musical Instruments established this brand.

Apart from the series of drums made in Taiwan, some Mapex drums are made in China by a certified KHS company. The factory in China is located in the Northern part of Mainland China, Tianjin.

The company has the best technology for drums manufacturing in the world. It produces a large number of high-quality drums over a short period. You can get your Mapex drum on the online shops, and some shops make free delivery to different parts of the world.