Mapex Armory Set Kit

The Armory series is a line of drums from Mapex that looks incredible and carries a wide range of professional features. The best part of this series is affordability. 

When I heard about these drums, I could not believe there were such high-quality drums that could go for low prices. If you don’t have the money for a high-end professional kit, it could easily be your best option.

Unlike many products in this price category, Armory comes with unusual bearing edges that command the best of Mapex‘ promotional promises.

In this review and guide, I will be introducing you to this incredible piece.

About the Mapex Armory

I was looking at some comments from a Pearl Drummer forum about this set, which gave me an idea to review it.

One user says, “I did not find any review on the internet about this kit. I decided to give it a try.”

The reply that goes may attention states, “Mapex are always doing some brilliant finishes; even though I play Saturns, I would not turn down a kit like this. Good price and good score with the snare as well …”

Well, indeed, there are not very many reviews about the kit. And yet this is one of the best kits you can get for the price. It comes with all the features and aspects of a good quality drum set.

Korg/Mapex’s Pete Havard recently said, “We are making strides to developing our drums and the technology and craft used to produce them. We don’t want to be caught resting.”

This statement presents the best view of what Mapex has been doing over the past two decades. The company’s dedication to innovation and developing high-end drums has been their strength for all these years.

As stated above, it is the unusual bearing on the Mapex Armory drum kit that sets it apart from all the rest. The new SONIClear bearing edges, also present on MyDentity and Mars series drums, are cut using a unique profile and are supposed to help the head seat better on the shell and tune easier.

This alone stands as a unique highlight. Still, the company has given a load of cool and surprising features. They give this drum kit something more than just good sounds.

Main features

The Mapex Armory drums set comes with a bunch of great features. The main ones include:

·         6-piece drum set shell pack

·         Birch/Maple hybrid drum shells

·         Emerald Burst lacquer finish

·         14 x 5.5 Tomahawk steel snare drum

·         Soniclear bearing edges

·         Soniclear suspension mounts

This is an impressive shell pack for intermediate level drummers. These features with a combination of hybrid shell packs made from birch/maple are quite something for the modern drummer.

It comes with pro-level features at an affordable price level. It sits between the Mars series under and the Saturn series above.

The drums also come as standard with a wide selection of attractive features. It looks great on stage and in the studio.

The shell pack also includes a Mapex Tomahawk steel snare drum that produces a wonderful bite. When it comes to perfect sound, nothing makes a great impression as a good quality snare drum.


One thing you will love about the Mapex Armory is its construction. The shell pack is made to impress the user. Even if you are not a drummer, you can be sure to fall in love with this piece.

The shells are six-ply 6.2 in thickness comprising a birch outer and inner maple core.

These shells take advantage of hybrid birch and maple shells for more optimized sound output. They deliver a lot of warmth and projection from the maple as the birch plies get rid of excessive overtones.

From the first time I played the drums, I discovered they had such focused sounds that give the drummer a feeling of great control.

I have reviewed many drums at this price range, and they don’t have great shell construction. Mapex has tried to get rid of this tradition by perfecting the  Armory. The company seems to have taken enough time planning and considering every approach. This can be seen in the blend of these two types of hand-picked wood shells resulting in the smooth tone it gives.

The Soniclear bearing edges are a thing of beauty. They are smooth, and the inside of the drum has been sanded with perfection.

However, the brass drum wood hoops seem to be a little out of line. They might present some issues with them seated on the drum. But this may be only a minor problem once you know how to get around them.

The Shells

The kit I ordered came with a 6-ply shell in layered birch, maple, and birch, which was 7.2mm thick. The drums measure 22-inch by 18-inch on the snare, 10-inch by 8-inch and 12-inch by 9-inch on the mounted toms, and 14-inch by 14-inch and 16-inch by 16-inch floor toms. The pack is supplied with a 14-inch by 5.5-inch Tomahawk snare with a 1.0mm steel shell. There are three other kit configurations, as well as several add-on drum sizes.

My kit came with Magma Burst lacquer finish from the Mapex. It is basically a red sparkle that fades to black, although it looks like silver sparkles on close inspection.

This finish is beautifully done to give the kit a nice touch. The kit captures one’s attention with a top first impression.

You also choose another finish from Transparent Black and Transparent Walnut, for those who need a subdued loo. Two Satin finishes; a Mantis Green and wine-colored Cordovan Red complete this collection of finishes. There is at least one finish every drummer will love.

Mapex Armory Snare

Among the drum shells, it is the Mapex Armory snare that takes more popularity. This Tomahawk steel snare drum offers a beautiful sound output.

It gives out such a powerful tone with an ultra-sensitive touch. This feature makes it suitable for a wide range of genres.

My kit came with Remo’s imported coated UT head, which includes single-ply coated batters over clearer resonance on the snare.  


Perhaps the sound is the most important aspect of any drum kit. And in this case, entry-level and mid-range drums are not the best sounding.

I was, therefore, not expecting much from the Mapex Armory.

However, the drum set proved me wrong, offering a real bunch. The drum came to life immediately, with a well-washed and focused attack. It also has a lot of warmth in it.

On playing the kit, it gave out a very expressive underlying character from every drum.

The drum heads are installed with Remo’s Chinese made factory heads. I notice they seem to restrict the full potential of these drums. These issues can be handled with simple tuning.

These drums deliver high-quality sounds. Their attack, responsiveness, and projection are quite satisfying. I tried tuning the toms very high while giving the floor toms very low, and the powerful tones that came out were amazing.

There is a fat and punchy sound in the kick that you may not find anywhere else. The snare drum is also bright and articulate as it explodes to life when you hit with energy. You can feel the penetrating cut and a great level of sensitivity as you continue playing.

There is a wide tuning range on the Soniclear bearing edges. The drums give out great notes. The Soniclear edges create the perfect setting for the drum heads.


I played the Mapex Armory drums set for a while before understanding its true potential. The shell construction gives it a perfect delivery of a lively and round sound. This is a perfect delivery for pop, rock, funk blues, Latin, and many other music genres.

The drums’ sizes are ‘Studioease,’ which means they are made for modern sounds.

The drums are easy and fun to play too. Their satisfying attach, with a top-notch resonance level, creates a perfect sound production tool at all volume levels.

The rack and floor toms give out a clean note, with minimal overtones. The kick and snare do not disappoint either. They both deliver a great punch when you play aloud. But this does not come out clearly when playing at a softer volume.

Mapex Armory Hardware

Armory is a complete collection of gig-quality hardware that comes with heavy-duty tubes, double-braced legs, memory locks, and great adjustability for a serious player.

They are suitable for any drummer’s unique playing style, as per the kit finish. And just like the Armory drum kits, the hardware comes in black-plated, or a unique hybrid finish with chrome tunes and black-plated fittings.

The hardware is suitable for a starter-drummer looking to upgrade their gear.

Are Mapex Drums good?

Yes. Mapex Drums is a great brand that creates anything you need for drumming. It features among the top companies. One of the main benefits of playing Mapex drums is that they use premium grade hardwoods like Maple, Walnut, Birch, and Basswood, all used in high-end products.


The Armory Series is an incredible addition to the Mapex series. It comes with adverse and beautiful finishes. It comes in a wide range of shell and hardware color options for customization. They also sound great. And the best part – the drums are affordable.