Mapex Shell Pack

There are many musical genres in the world today, and in each of the drums is a critical component. Nothing can replace a percussion in putting more life into music.

As a drummer, you are not just a player for the musical instrument. There is more to do with your instruments since the rest of your band relies on you.

Keeping rhythm and laying the foundation for all instruments is part of your general job description. Some say a drummer is the backbone of any band – or song for that matter,

The sounds of drums are one-of-a-kind. However, this does not mean all drums are good, or that there is only one kind of drums. There is more to drums than meets the eye. Every drum kit is designed and manufactured differently to offer a specific service. And the choices may prove overwhelming.

Luckily, you can quickly tell an excellent drum set when you see one.

And Mapex Shell packs are a true reflection of perfect drums. These shell packs have become very popular on the market, and there is a good reason for this.

About Mapex Drum Shells

When it comes to getting the best out of drums, choosing the right brand is key. In the world of affordable drums, Mapex can be seen as a market standard.

The Mapex drums sets come paired with your favorite high-quality stands for optimal performance. Whether it is at home or on stage, these drums can easily give you everything you need in a drums set.

Owning a Mapex drum set is one way to get good value for money in your drums. And most of them will surely hit the right note.

It is hard to tell if a drum set if good by simply looking at it. You have to listen to them and experience the drums from a personal perspective.

When choosing a drum set, I always consider another drummer who uses them. In my experience as a drummer, I have come across many beginners, and even experienced drummers make mistakes by choosing the wrong inspiration.

Reviewing Mapex drums for me has been a great inspiration. And since drummers like Nick DiVirgilio, Chris Adler, and Chris Pennie, among others, kick it with Mapex, it makes me like them even more.

But there are only a few professionals who use Mapex drums. Nevertheless, any Mapex drums set offers great value, with incredible sounds and all-round usability.

What Makes Mapex Different

Most of the team members at Mapex are musicians, and many of them play drums. It is the love for music that inspires them to create awesome drums at affordable prices.

Drummers are often more concerned about the quality of their drums. This is why the Mapex team make drums that play easily, offering the perfect solution for modern drummers.

They enjoy playing their drums because they want everyone else to enjoy playing the Mapex Drums. This is why all Mapex drum sets are made from the best wood in the industry, even though they are very affordable.

The Drums

Mapex drums begin within raw materials in their construction. The company says they are focused on building the highest quality product. Creating such drums begins with a high level of expertise, especially in selecting the wood.

All drum sets are made from premium grade hardwoods like maple, walnut, birch, and basswood. And the best part is, the wood is hand-picked from a worldwide source before being matched by skilled experts. This ensures every drum from the manufacturer comes with the tonal signature tonal and resonant features that define Mapex quality.

The manufacture considers every little detail. All the lacquer finishes come with eight-coat, hand-rubbed, high-gloss lacquer. This makes them durable and easy to maintain.

Looks are just are important as other details.

They come with an isolated tom mounting system, letting you hear high-quality sound from all tom. Then the Soniclear bearing edges give the drum a beautiful overall touch besides making it easy to assemble.

Mapex does not care much about the price, as it seems. Every drum set they bring out is given the same treatment. This is one of the reasons I loved Mapex for the first time.

Mapex Shells Pack

Mapex offers a wide collection of shell packs for different levels of needs. The biggest difference between the lower end shells and the higher end ones is the presence of a bearing edge and high-quality birch shells. 

Each of their drum kits sounds good, considering the prices. Here are their drums:

Mapex Saturn

The Mapex Series provides a more affordable solution to those who need affordable drums. In this series, you get:

  • Saturn Fusion 4-Piece Pack
  • Saturn Rock 4-piece Shell pack
  • Saturn Studioease 5-piece shell pack
  • Saturn V MH Exotic Rock 3-Piece Shell Pack
  • Saturn V MH Exotic Fusion 4-Piece Shell Pack
  • Saturn V MH Exotic Club 3-Piece Shell Pack
  • Saturn V MH Exotic Rock 4-Piece Shell Pack
  • Saturn V MH Exotic Studioease 5-Piece Shell Pack
  • Saturn V Tour 22” 4-Piece Shell Pack

Each of these shell packs is designed for a specific music genre. The Saturn Series is made for mid-level budgets and playing needs.

Are you looking for the best bass drum and snare sounds? These packs can be a great position to begin.

Mapex Armory

Mapex Armory is among the cheapest Mapex drums. They are made, specifically for beginners looking to upgrade with something more substantial.

  • Armory 5-Piece Fusion
  • Armory 6-Piece Studioease
  • Armory 5-Piece Rock Shell pack

Mapex Black Panther

These new drums from Mapex come with all features you can expect in high-quality drums.  If you have the money, they can be a great investment.

Mapex Mars

Mapex Mars is another affordable series. These drums come as:

  • Special Edition Mars Lacquer 5-Piece Shell Pack with a matching snare
  • Mars 4-Piece Rock 24 Shell Pack
  • Mars 5-Piece Crossover Shell Pack
  • Mars Bop Shell Packs

Where Are Mapex Drums Made?

Mapex is one of the biggest drum manufacturers in the world. The company has been operating on the market for more than 18 years.

KHS Musical Instruments Company of Taiwan manufactures the brand.

Final world

Mapex drum shells are quality products. You just have to pick a solution that suits your needs, and you are good to go.