Mapex Sledgehammer Snare

Mapex is a musical instruments company that has been in the industry for decades. Therefore, you can find all the fantastic musical instruments that you need from them. The company itself is composed of drummers; thus, they understand the quality of products that the drummers require. They also know the features that drummers yawn for.

Therefore, there is constant improvement in the types of drums that we design. The most recent snare is the Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer snare. The name Black Panther is due to conjuring speed and power allied to velvety sleekness. There are 14 brand new accessories models by Mapex that have the same name.

Each drum set in the most recent models has a single-ended shield –design cast lugs or elegantly sculpted twin-point mounted tube lugs. The drums’ handsome throw-off is smoothly operating pull-away lever with adjustable strainers at both ends.

Black Panther Sledgehammer


It is one of the largest bruisers of the bunch with 14 inches by 6 ½ inches shell of 1.2 millimeters gauge brass, joined with giant dimpled craters for a unique tone. The external furnishings are darkish antiqued brass while the shell has a vertical weld join, which cannot be seen from the outer side. It also has a 45-degree turnover on the bearing edges, and all the hardware possesses the brass finish for a unified, imposing appearance.


For metal snares, brass is seen as the most suitable choice. Thus, a sledgehammer is an excellent title for this drum because while it will offer you many clouts when you require it, it also has sensitive playing, and the tone is well refined.

The tone is dark and thick due to the extra depth produced by a six and half-inch shell. Rim slots have a musical, bell-like rim to them. But since all the hammers out there might reasonably gravitate towards this giant, this snare won’t let you down on musical tone.

Sonic Saver Hoop

This joins the gap between fagged hoops and die-cast hoops. The shaping process is much different so that it can create a profile that minimizes wear and tear to the sticks and hands. It, however, enhances the response and the feel of every rim shot.

The sonic saver is lighter than the die-cast hoop, so it cannot reduce the shell’s vibration. Thus, the sound quality is much higher; that is, it is a natural percussive sound with greater resonance. This Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer snare has stainless steel snare wires for crisp, lively action and premium Remo heads.

Mapex Sledgehammer hardware

This Black Panther sledgehammer is a heavy-duty brass snare drum that produces powerful sound. The cylinder-drive strainer has a self-lubricating bearing that offers smooth operation while providing a subtle effect on the snare tension. The piston-style throw-off is smooth and needs little energy to operate. The adjustment dial uses micro-lock technology that offers a tactile click as it’s turned, hence allowing precise control.


  • Shell size: 14 inches x 6 ½ inches
  • 1.2millimeters hand-hammered brass shell
  • 45 traditional bearing edge
  • Hand built and hand-finished Black Panther snare shell
  • Cylinder-drive strainer
  • Piston-style throw-off
  • Sonic Saver hoops
  • Premium steel snare wires
  • Remo drum heads
  • Sound: bright, focused, and loud
  • Lugs: 10 x tube lugs
  • Micro-lock snare tension adjuster on strainer and butt

Customer’s Review

Ramundo from the USA

The appearance of this snare and the name suggest it’s only useful in one genre. That is not the case. This thing is versatile. I was searching for a deep woody snare sound and skipped over this a bunch of times. Then I decided to play around with this thing a bit, and I was blown away by it. I expected a loud, pinky obnoxious sound, but it’s the exact opposite! The description says loud and focused.

 I will agree with the focused section, but loud, well, it’s as loud as my other two drums, but it’s much fatter than my wood snare and warmer than the steel snare. This thing plays the lightest of ghost notes. It’s very responsive, rim shots are transparent and predictable, and it has a fantastic tuning range.

The sound is very controlled. My wife thought it was incredibly ugly when I showed her the picture, but she quickly changed her mind when it arrived. Pictures don’t do it justice. The finish on this drum is intense. It appears like it has a ton of clear coat on it, but it doesn’t.

 Tough to explain, but you won’t see it in the photos. I was thinking originally of getting three snares for different sounds. This one tunes so well, and I’m holding off for a bit. I’ll still get a second snare for sure as a side snare, but exploring the Sledgehammer’s potential first.

 I play a variety of genres, and this snare has nailed the sound in each so far. You’d need a dryer head for heavy jazz, but I have no doubt it’d do well in picking up brushwork. It’s that sensitive. Love it.

Brandon from the USA

The Sledgehammer snare is an absolute winner. I’ve been in the market for a brand new snare drum, and the Mapex Black Panther sledgehammer line of snares was higher in the rank of prospects, mainly because I possess a Saturn drum kit that I have been more than satisfied with. I narrowed down my list to a 14 x 6.5 inches metal shell since that size was not available in my snare arsenal, so that left out the Wraith, the Sledgehammer, and the Machete.

 I tried all three of these snare drums at three different sizes: Medium, cranked, and low. The Sledgehammer was the outstanding winner here, even though I initially wanted the Wraith just due to its aesthetics.


There is no snare like this one in the globe. Try it, and you won’t regret it. The price is affordable, and the sound quality is incredible. Your audience and fellow drummers will yawn for it once you have one. Do not remain behind while others are moving forward. Go for it.

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