Mapex T770

When I was still an amateur in the drumming industry, people could talk about several components of drum kits that I was not conversant with. But as time moved, I started learning all the equipment available in this industry.

Therefore, for those who know less about drum thrones, this is the best platform for you. A drum throne is a circular, swiveling seat with a folding tripod base that is adjustable for height and stability.

That definition can make the learner think of it as a basic concept, but many designs can suit you. Players require different comforts and heights; thus, the drum throne should not be like typical chairs. Therefore, drum thrones must be adjustable.

The throne is the genesis of any drummers’ groove and is essential in any long performance. There is no correct or wrong choice for drum thrones as accessories. Many companies are working day and night to make the best drum thrones that will suit your needs.

Are drum thrones necessary?

Drum thrones are necessary than ordinary chairs. The thrones are portable in that it breaks down and can be stored in a hardware case during transportation. You cannot fold the ordinary chair; thus, it can be tedious carrying it around.

Drum thrones are much comfortable to sit while doing your practice or live performance. Most chairs are not very comfortable, like thrones.

Drum thrones have motion legs that allow the player to twist their bodies to comfort and reach all drums and cymbals. An ordinary chair does not allow movement; thus, you might not have access to all components.

Drum thrones allow you to adjust it to different heights. The height of all drummers is not the same; thus, the adjustment screw is essential.

Things to consider when purchasing a Drum Throne


If, for instance, you do your practice or play for one hour a day, then you are sitting on your drum for 365 hours a year. That is equal to 15 days of sitting. Thus your throne should be comfortable enough because of the long hour you spend on it.

If you play your drum in an uncomfortable position, or in a manner that limits your flexibility, your motion range is going to suffer. If your body strains for an extended period, then you might suffer long-term body damage.


Portability is the first thing that you should look for in a drum throne. But the more portable the throne becomes, the more it reduces comfort and stability, with the inverse being right as the drum throne becomes less portable.

Make your decisions based on the other features, but you must take the portability feature into account.

Height Adjustment

There are two main methods of adjusting the height of the drum thrones. You can either use hydraulic or friction knobs. Friction knobs are screws turned manually and used friction to hold your seat at the preferred height.

The essential thing about friction knobs is that it is easy to make slight adjustments.

Hydraulic adjusters have a flat tab to push down to raise the seat and lift them to lower it. This method of throne adjustment is much more comfortable and requires little energy.

It can be challenging to set it to a consistent level when tearing down and setting it up.

There are different heights of these tools that can be suitable for your height. Thus know your height before purchasing your stool.

Seat firmness

The material used in making your drum throne is essential too. An excellent analogy would be the pillow type that you are using. My best pillow type is the firm one, some like soft pillows, while others do not use pillows at all.

This feature is entirely determined by the condition of your back and the techniques you utilize.

Round Top Drum Throne (T770)

T770 has 14 by 14 inches round cushioned top and adjustable backrest. It is the ultimate throne of comfort. The throne has steel spindle height adjustment with a memory lock that helps to keep the seat stable. Also, it has a double-braced leg that makes it user friendly and much stable.

Its size is large enough and has an additional cushioning of 14 by 4 inches thick round seat that enhances comfort. The backrest is adjustable, thus offers needed support to the spine.

The adjustable steel spindle height range of this throne is between 18 and 25 inches, and memory lock is vital for advanced drummers who often make minor adjustments to their stool.

Saddle Top Drum Throne (T775)

This drum throne has a saddle-style cushioned top and adjustable backrest. T775 is the ideal seat for support and comfort. Its sloped openings of the biomechanically shaped seat offer a free range of motion.

The raised middle part of the seat and the back edge assist the player in maintaining body balance.

The stability of Mapex t775 is achieved by the use of the four double-braced legs. Drummers can set and forget their snare height because it is always maintained.

Saddle Top Double Braced Drum Throne (T575A)

The T575A drum throne Mapex is another saddle-styled cushioned top seat with a lot of comfortability. The seat measures 17 by 4 inches and has sloped leg opening legs that offer a free range of motion. 

The raised center and the back edge of the seat play a significant role in maintaining balance. This seat has a double-braced tripod base that makes it stable. The steel height adjustment tube, together with the memory lock, make the seat durable and secure.

The seat has an adjustable steel spindle height range of 16.1 to 24.4 inches; hence it is suitable for all body types and playing angles. The double-braced legs have a slip-proof rubber hence safe, durable, and stable.

Round Top Drum Throne Double Braced (T570A)

T570A gives you premium comfort, and it comes at an affordable price. It has a 14 by 4 inches round cushioned top. The broad tripod base makes the seat stable, while its threaded steel height adjustment tube with a memory lock makes the seat durable and secure for anyone.

Mapex t570a has a circular sitting region of this seat that dramatically increases comfort as amateur players grow and spend time sitting behind their drums. The steel spindle height adjustment for this seat is between 16.1 and 24.4 inches; hence, people of different heights can use it.

Rebel Throne (T200-RB)

Rebel hardware has light-duty construction, making it easy to use and portable. The Mapex throne is designed to feature two braced legs with Mapex mirror chrome finish.

It is also made to handle the rigors of constant setup and teardown

400 Double Braced Three-Legged Black Vinyl 2.5 (T400)

T400 is an ideal set for beginners. Its construction is necessary but much stable. The functionality of this stool will leave you happy for the rest of the drumming session. It has a smaller cushion, thus making it more portable than any other type.

Its slender and small diameter size of the 12 inches wide x 2.5 inches circular seat makes it easy to store inside the hardware bag or with a drum in a case.

It has an easily adjustable threaded steel spindle to house almost any player’s seating height.

This is an excellent value seat for anyone considering a quality throne at an excellent price.


No one can perform better when not comfortable at his/her place of work. Mapex Company noticed the problems that most players faced. One of the problems is long-standing hours that made players suffer from spinal cord disorders.

Thus this idea of drum thrones significantly improves the drumming industry: no more strenuous practice or live performance. You can get your seat now from any instruments store near you or order on the Mapex website.

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