Mapex Double Tim Arm Clamp Th656

The tom drum kits were introduced in the early part of the 20th century. A tom is a cylindrical drum that has no snares. The sizes of toms range from between six inches to 20 inches.

Just like any other drum type, toms also need to be suspended or mounted on an object for convenience. Thus, Mapex has the most convenient tom mounts in the entire globe. The Mapex tom mounts can also be used to mount floor toms.

In other instances, the tom mounts can be used to hang bass drums and snare drums. The rim mounts use a standard hanging tom mount to hang tom and snare drums. They are fitted to the rim rather than the drum.

Therefore, it is much convenient to have tom mounts for you tom drums. It will make your performance extraordinary. You will also enjoy your drumming because you will be comfortable while playing them

There are several types of tom mounts and holders made by Mapex. They have been approved by the most renowned drummers in the world. Thus, you should have no doubt when purchasing our drums.

All these mounts are available in any Mapex shop or our online shops. You can also contact us on our social media platforms for more information. Also, you can get our products on the Sweetwater website:

Some of the available mounts on our website include:

Mapex SONIClear Tom Holder – Chrome

Mapex SONIClear tom holders are well designed to support all the weight of the tom. The holder is much durable as it is made of high-quality material. These holder does not take away precious real estate from your setup or affects tone from your drums.

The Sweetwater drummers like this holder because of its integrated spring-loaded clamp that secures any hi-hat tom stand or cymbal to a diameter of about 1.25 inches.

This holder also has pairs of thumbscrews that help the drummer adjust the Mapex toms to a required position. A memory screw helps the player avoid frequent adjustments. The memory screw is useful because you will not make adjustments while performing; thus, it will keep your toms in check.

Also, it has an Omni-ball arm adjuster that keeps the toms and drums at the right position that you need. These tom holders from Mapex are available in three finishes and furnishes that you can choose from to match your kits.


  • Mounts a tom or auxiliary snare to a spare stand
  • Has a low profile that won’t create eyesores or control your setup
  • Integrated spring-loaded clamp
  • Omni-ball arm adjuster that keeps the drum at the right position
  • 11 millimeters hexagonal tom arm
  • Chrome finish
  • Memory screw

At Sweetwater, we have world-class engineers who can help you with more info on our Mapex holders. Millions of music makers depend on our sales engineers’ expertise to help them get the best. You can contact them at (800) 222-4700.

Single Tom Holder for Horizon/ Voyager 7/8″ Tube (TH653)

This holder can support a single tom and has simple functionality and multi-purpose adaptability that enables them to mount single items. It has a Ball-in-Socket tilter that allows you to keep your items at the position.

The tube is 7/8,” and it has a chrome finish that will match your kit.

Double Tom Holder for Voyager 1″ Tube (TH656)

TH656 is a fantastic holder that functions and is much adaptable to all situations. It provides the player with an option of adding single items to standard kits or create fast setups.

It has a 1-inch tube and a chrome finish. You will like this holder once you try it.

Double Tom Holder for Meridian, Mars 1″ Tube (TH676)

The Double Tom holder for Meridian is another excellent product from Mapex. It can adapt to any setup that you like. It functions in a simple manner that can be handle even by amateurs.

You can add single items or create vast and intricate setups with this holder. It has a one-inch tube that can suspend your tom to the right height. This holder is stable; thus, no need to worry about the drums falling.

Double Tom Holder and Arm Set for Saturn IV & V, 1″ Tube Holder and 7/8″ Tube Arm (TH682)

TH682 is also another fantastic product from Mapex. It is much simpler in its functionality and can be used by a wide range of items. It allows you to add single items to standard kits or create vast setups.

It has a tube that measures an inch; thus, you can attach your tom without having to worry about anything. It is stable and can last for an extended period.

Single Tom Holder for Saturn IV/V, Armory and Mars Black Plated (MTH687SEB)

This Mapex tom holder has a 7/8 inch tube, which can withstand all the weight of the items attached. It is also made of high-quality material, making it last for an extended period. You can add single items to standard kits using this holder.

MTH687SEB has a simple functionality; thus, it will not affect your drumming. Also, it has a wide range of adaptability; thus, it can fit into your setup.


Those are some of the tom holders from Mapex. However, that is not a full list of our products. We have a wide range of holders; thus, you can find the one that suits you on our website:

You can contact us for more info on all our Mapex tom holders. Our sales engineers have experience in all sets of accessories; thus, they can help any player. 

You can trust our products because they have fantastic quality approved by most of the world’s most famous professional drummers.

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