Meinl has been a trusted cymbal brand since 1951. Their cutting-edge technology in cymbals has been well received across the globe.

For many years, it was only Zildjian and Paiste running the drum set cymbals world. Meinl came up with more versatility and affordability.

And this is why today, they are among the top manufacturer. It is a household name for many drummers across the globe.

Meinl Byzance is the brand’s highest line of cymbals. They are made from B20 bronze alloy, which is considered the best material for making cymbals.

If therefore, you are looking for the best cymbals from Meinl, you can’t go beyond the Byzance line. They have been endorsed by some of the best drummers you can think of.

The Byzance series comes in eight subgroups, each with unique features and functionality. They include the Foundry Reserve, Byzance Dual, Byzance Extra Dry, Vintage, Traditional, Jazz, and Brilliant series.

In this review, I will be focusing on specific cymbals accessories from a random line. Continue reading.

Meinl Cymbals Byzance 20″ Traditional Extra Thin Crash

The Byzance tradition is perhaps the most versatile series I have ever seen. It features a total of 43 different cymbals, each with a unique feature. This 20-inch Traditional Extra Thin Crash carries the top-quality of this line. And the name suggests, it a thin piece that offers highly focused sounds.

The cymbal is hand-hammered in Turkey from cast B20 bronze alloy. In simple terms, it’s ultra-thin smooth, and yet able to deliver a super trashy response. This can easily be the only crash cymbal set you will ever need for a wide range of applications.

Fully lathed surfaces mean you get that classic look and sound quality that makes all the difference. You can even see some of the deeper hand-hammer craters, which show that this cymbal is made with the best considerations.

Lathing on the surface delivers a smooth perfection. I felt great just looking at these cymbals and wanted to put them to action right away.

It features a thin profile with deep hammering. It has been added with large and deep hammer blows that create a darker and trashier tone. The hammering process leaves a lightweight cymbal with great texture.

You will enjoy the blossoming tonality with a great roar of life whenever you hit them, quite fulfilling in terms of sound. All Byzance Traditional cymbals come with a reactive touch that extends through different levels.

The only downside is the high price tag.

Meinl Cymbals Byzance 10″ Dual Splash

Byzance Dual is considering the hybrid subgroup of the Byzance line. It comes as a combination of Byzance Extra and Byzance Brilliant lines, making it one admirable line of cymbals on drum set. And just like the 20-inch crash above, this Byzance 10-inch Dual Splash is made with the best material and processes you can think about.

It is hand-hammered in Turkey from cast B20 metal. It is a small effect cymbal, paper-thin, with a trustworthy trash sound. If you need a lightning-fast 10-inch cymbal, you cannot look any further.

By mixing hammering and lathing, this cymbal results in a texture galore. Its silky-smooth feel and incredible definition create something that will never disappoint you.

It delivers sound effortlessly. All Byzance Dual cymbals are made in a combination of a unique surface, which makes them versatile for any music style. The cymbals are lathed for a smooth feeling.

Increased musicality made the Byzance Dual cymbals very popular among many drummers. And their modern versatility based on traditional approaches is a well-sorted character in modern times.

I have never heard any complaints about these cymbals, only that the price is a bit too high.

Meinl Cymbals B22VC Byzance 22-Inch Vintage Crash Cymbal

Every big drum company out there has a line of vintage cymbals based on their traditional lines. For Meinl, it’s the Byzance Vintage.

This Meinl B22VC 22-inch Vintage crash cymbal is nothing but one of the best crash cymbals you can ever get on the cymbal store. It comes from the top-line of Meinl cymbals, which are hand-hammered in Turkey using cast B20 metal alloy. It is finished with an aging procedure that leaves a vintage cymbal with a classic supernatural sound.

It features dialed-in frequencies, from the sandblasting tones that harsh down frequencies. This ensures that the cymbal can deliver a uniquely soft, mellow touch and free sound. It does not have any weakness in it, ensuring the cymbal meets modern drummer’s needs,

Each cymbal features extra hammering for a unique profile. They are thin, with large and deep hammering that deliver and a darker and trashier tone. At the end of the hammering is a lightweight and thin profile you can rely on for sweet sounds.

Dynamic control and increased tonality are all a result of hand-hammering. The end result is a versatile cymbal rooted in tradition. It looks great as it sounds nice.

No complaints so far about the cymbal.  

Meinl Cymbals Byzance 16″ Extra Dry Thin Crash

Byzance Extra Dry Cymbals has been highly appreciated by users who love a dry sound and a short sustain. It is a great gift for your musical growth if you want to go far.

This 16-inch Extra Dry Thin Cymbal comes hand-hammered from the best material. It delivers a fiery response with a dry feel. It’s designed for incredible musicality, and it will not disappoint.

Grafted from cast B20 bronze alloy, Byzance Extra Dry cymbals are raw but defined. Their sound comes from extensive hand-hammering, which makes them most admirable in the Byzance series. No wonder it’s a favorite for many drummers.

Thin weight, dry surface, and full lathing under are among the features that give it the effortless sound for a wide range of applications.

This cymbal is made for power, nuance, and definition. You get loads of texture with fine definition, which works for many drummers.


Meinl offers the best solutions for modern cymbal needs. Even though the Byzance Cymbals aren’t cheap cymbals and seem overly priced, they are a good investment.