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Mercedes Lander – Beauty and the Drums

Mercedes Lander, one of the most successful musicians, was born in London, Ontario, Canada. She has ranked on the list of those eminent people who were born in the era of 1984. Mercedes Lander is has navigated his professional career as a drummer and backing vocalist.

The Canadian metal band Kittie has formed twenty years ago, and so far, they have delivered one of the heaviest and brutal acts we had seen to date. This not only applies to girl bands but all bands.  It is evident that their male counterparts took notes and learned from Kitties’ quick rise to stardom in the metal world.

Mercedes Lander
Mercedes Lander

Their debut album was what got everything started in 2000. It is still highly regarded as one of the best metal albums of the era. In 2001, they further went on to release their sophomore record Oracle. Unfortunately, in that same year, their guitarist and backing vocalist Fallon Bowman left the band. She instantly became a fan favorite as a result of her infamous growls on the song Brackish. They followed Oracle with the release of Until the End in 2004.

While Kittie was releasing and marketing out albums, Mercedes Lander navigated her acclaimed career in The Alcoholics, a punk rock band. The band was formed in March 2009 and started working on their self-titled debut EP. The band has achieved profound success and done a handful of shows.

Indeed, the band has received a myriad of accolades including the Jack Richardson music award. The Alcoholics still had that aggressive playing style that Mercedes’s previous band had, but you got to hear those punk roots that weren’t seen as much in Kittie.

In October 2016, Mercedes Lander formed a new sludge metal band called the White Swan and released the single “Illuminate,” a track that instantly got fans acquainted with Lander’s singing style, proving she is more than just a drummer. White Swan is exceptionally different from what Mercedes accomplished in Kittie. We also get the opportunity to see what a well-rounded musician she is on the drums and guitar and vocals.

Mercedes Lander Performing
Mercedes Lander Performing

Informing the band, Lander knew that no one could do these songs justice except the person who penned them and had an entwined passion for them to see the light of day. White Swan also released three more tracks on the ‘The White’ EP on June 9, 2017. The three additional tracks are just as impressive as the initial release and show White Swan is here to stay, and that’s something we are thankful for.

Mercedes is one of the strongest women that ever existed in the metal scene. Putting herself front and center for the world to judge, we instantly fall in love with her new music. Mercedes Lander has faith in herself, first and foremost as a musician and songwriter. Today we celebrate the tremendous talent that is Mercedes Lander; whether it be Kittie, The Alcoholics, or White Swan, make sure to jam some of her hard-hitting music today in her honor.

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