9 Most Expensive Electronic Drum Sets Money Can Buy in 2023

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Electronic drum sets have changed the way we play. They can help you practice quietly in your room without disturbing other people. Generally, e-drum kits are more expensive compared to their acoustic counterparts. But it’s an expense you won’t regret.

Cheaper e-drum sets may not offer that natural sound you get from traditional drums. Hence, it would be best to buy a high-end solution if you have the money.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to some of the most expensive electronic drum sets. They are designed with the best features and offer the same tonal value as acoustic sets.

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9 Most Expensive Electric Drum Sets on the Market Today

1. Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series

Roland has been offering top-notch e-drums for many years. It is a company recognized across the globe for its dedication to innovation and technological development.

The TD-30KV is generally the most expensive e-drum set on the market. It presents the best of everything you would expect from any drum.

Its module runs on RolanRoland’s NATURAL sound features. It carries 100 different kits with more than 1300 built-in sounds.

An intuitive kick pad and chrome-finished hardware finish the look. This kit is sure to deliver a professional performance.


  • Reliable and versatile
  • Top-notch playability
  • Excellent construction


  • Apart from the price, nothing to complain about this kit

2. Roland TD-50KVX

The Roland TD-KV50 e-drum set comes with the new digital ride and snare, which you can now connect via USB. This is a feature you will not get on any other drum kit, making this a unique solution.

The ride is designed with a large size and weight, making it feel like a real cymbal. It’s also designed to deliver a more realistic response, thanks to the multiple sensors on its surface.

On the module, you get 50 kit presets with Roland’s new Prismatic Sound Modelling engine. You can also create your own samples and import them into the brain.


  • It comes with a KD-A22 attachment that can turn a 22-inch acoustic bass drum into an e-trigger
  • Amazing ride and snare
  • Import your own samples


  • The price might be exaggerated

3. Yamaha DTX920K

If you have been drumming for a long time, you understand Yamaha does not joke when it comes to quality. Besides its great drum pad, Yamaha DD75, The DTX920K is also its flagship e-drum kit that features a powerful DTX900M brain.

You also get four triple-zone drums, three-triple zone cymbals, a dual-zone hat, and an excellent kick. The module bears Yamaha’s XA system that delivers natural feedback from the drums.

With so much capability, this kit is ideal for modern drummers of all kinds.


  • Textured cellular silicon heads
  • Great rack system
  • Sampling and layering features


  • It is more expensive than most acoustic kits

4. Pearl e/Merge e/Hybrid

Pearl is known by many for producing great acoustic drums. However, they have also ventured into the electronic drums world – with success.

The e/Merge e/Hybrid kit e-drum set comes with five pieces designed and crafted by top engineers. The module looks outdated, but it carries phenomenal samples.

It comes with an ambiance slide, which is a massive feature for many. It is the amount of room sound in the mix.

Also, it only has a few pads on the brain. But each has a wide range of presets for your selection.


  • Excellent sound
  • Big shells with mesh heads
  • Reputable brand


  • The price seems a bit too much

5. ATV aDrums Artist Standard

ATV’s a drum delivers top-quality acoustic and percussion sounds. It assures a familiar, responsive controller that makes them easy to play.

In terms of appearance, this kit has it all. It aims to deliver the sound, feel, and looks of an acoustic kit.

The shells are designed with 6-ply birch and fitted with mesh heads. Three playable zones on the snare, with a wooden wedge, make it highly responsive.


  • Large drum pads for comfort
  • Great looks
  • High playability


  • More sounds on the module could be better

6. Roland TD-27KV

The Roland TD-27 module came out at the dawn of 2020. It was the backbone of Roland’s VAD line kits and the TD-27KV kit.

This kit is in the same line as the Roland TD 17KVX, only better.

You get the same sounds like those from the TD-50 and include a wide range of modern technologies. Roland’s Prismatic Sound Modeling functionality powers the module.

Its PureAcoustic Ambience Technology brings out a natural sound like no other. It’s a complete kit with larger pads.


  • A good investment
  • Bluetooth, USB, audio functionality
  • A great snare


  • You may have to buy a larger floor tom

7. Alesis Strike Pro SE

Alesis is not a new name in the world of e-drums. This 11-piece Alesis Strike Pro kit carries the company’s flagship mantle.

Each drum is dual-zone, save for the bass drum. It comes with choke-able crashes and a large three-zoned ride.

The Alesis Strike Pro module presents a sleek look, featuring a 4.3-inch color display and a physical mixer. The unit also carries a built-in effects engine and sampling functionality.

Perhaps the best part of this brain is that you can use it with your own samples to create actual drum kits. That means you will not just be looping and backing.


  • Real-sized components
  • Dual-zone pads
  • Display on the module


  • The mesh does not seem very good quality

8. Yamaha DTX6K3-X

The latest product from the DTX line is the Yamaha DTX6K3-X. This piece ticks all the right boxes after setup, delivering great sounds and versatility.

It comes with Yamaha’s TCS silicone pads in the snare and toms. The bass drum towers are unlike anything you may have ever seen.

It comes with the DTX Pro module, which features Kit Modifier controls, assuring a lot of processing. This allows one to use their own samples and map them onto the pads.

Even with its ergonomic design, however, better software upgrades are necessary.


  • Great sound
  • Hands-on processing
  • Top-notch responds


  • No Bluetooth capability
  • Complex sample management
  • Small pads

9. Yamaha DTX562K

You get a total of 691 drum and percussion samples on the DTX502 brain. It also carries 128 keyboard voices and 50 user kits.

The onboard drum samples are taken from Yamaha’s acoustic kits. You also get additional tunes from third-party VSTs.

Use the USB to add more drum samples.

The cymbals come with great features like muting, swells, and choking, which makes them feel so realistic.


  • TCS heads for natural playing
  • A responsive module
  • Impressive sounds


  • A bit pricy for the features

What is the most expensive drum set?

In 2015, Ringo Starr’s drum kit, a Ludwig set, was sold in an auction at $2.1million. It has gone down in history as the most expensive drum kit in history.

According to Ludwig, the kit had been used in at least 200 performances since the drum was bought in 1992. Aside from that, there are several drum sets today that cost a fortune.

Among them are:

  • DW Timeless Timber Romanian Oak 6-piece shell pack. This drum kit holds the record for the most expensive kit out there. The shells are crafted from Oak, dredged from the Olt River of Romania. They are hand-made and with custom plated antique bronze hardware. Lux leather bass hoops and a natural Satin Lacquer finish completes the quality of this kit. It is simply an amazing kit, featuring everything you would need in a drum set.
  • Roland VAD706. The Roland’s SUPERNATURAL sound engine on this kit makes it feel and sound like an acoustic kit. And it looks like one, too. The VAD706 is pleasing visually. It costs more than most top-of-the-line acoustic drum kits.

These drums are designed for professional and high-end use. But we are yet to see better technologies.

What is the best brand of electronic drum sets?

Buying e-drum kits can be overwhelming, considering the number of brands out there. But there are several manufacturers who have established themselves as the best.

These include:

  • Roland. Roland offers the highest-end technology and solutions for electronic drum lovers. It’s one brand that will never disappoint.
  • Yamaha. For mid-range drums, Yamaha is the true leader. It makes a wide range of options with a focus on innovation.
  • Alesis. If you are running low on budget but still need a good quality e-drum kit, consider Alesis.

How much does Neil Peart’s drum kit cost?

Neil Peart’s iconic chrome Slingerland set, which he used in many performances, was recently actioned. The kit is highly coveted, featuring dual blue heads with Rush’s logo and the drummer’s name. It also comes with chrome-wrapped tom-toms and Peart’s signature on an original head.

The kit was expected to go for between $100,000 and $150,000. However, this target was stumbled on at the auction as Peart’s hardware went for more than half a million dollars.

Peart used this kit for live performances in different places. And it will go down in history as one of the most expensive kits.

Why are DW drums so expensive?

Most people assume that DW drums are more expensive than other high-end brands. This is mainly because DW is one of the oldest drum manufacturers. They focus only on high-end kits.

The drums are hand-crafted using the best materials on the market. The brand follows a detailed selection of specific wood and head materials to make their drums.

Also, the kits are made in the USA, where labor costs are much higher than in other places in the world. Otherwise, they wouldn’t cost so much.

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