Outlaw Audio RR2160 Review in 2023

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These are some of the most outstanding amps of all time, and have changed the landscape of the audio industry. For audio enthusiasts who have been using high-end products, bringing up the good times of the popular audio electronics especially the 3020 amplifiers may evokes fond memories. These are some of the most outstanding amps of all time, and have changed the landscape of the audio industry.

Today, there are so many other amplifiers that don’t cut. Most manufacturers just produce for the sake of making money, but they don’t consider their customer’s needs. This makes me wonder what it would take to make a truly great audiophile product. I mean, I have never been excited about most of the products in the market. But I found the solution to this question a few weeks ago when I came across model RR2160 by Outlaw. Outlaw audio is a company that genuinely aims to satisfy the market’s needs and develop an outstanding product.

About the product

From observing the exterior of the sound system, you will think the Outlaw Audio RR2150 is a very expensive amplifier. But you will be shocked that it costs less than $1000, yet carries the features of a luxurious amp.

I believe the main reason the brand has made it is because they are not interested in how much money they sell the product for, but how many people receive high-quality products. Sellers would prefer to sell 10 pairs of $400,000 worth of sneakers than 4,000 pairs at $400 each. 

Many consumers are disappointed and confused, thinking that the more expensive a product is, the better the quality will be.

Peter Tribeman, Outlaw Audio’s CEO, has been working in the industry since his position at NAD, and worked on the project launch of 3020. For this reason, he is well qualified to build high-end machines. Tribeman has been working on different projects at Outlaw Audio for more than 15 years and have their rights reserved. And within this period, he has managed to enlist his audio production company for people who can recognize quality sound.

Why is the Outlaw RR2160 different from other amps?

Let’s face the truth; finding the best stereo amplifier today is not easy. It is not that there are no products to buy, but the market is just too full of all sorts of tech for audiophiles. Thus, it may become a bit overwhelming knowing which is right and which is just there for the show.

One thing about many audio products is that they look costly on the outside; hence they may cost a fortune. But Outlaw Audio has taken a different turn by offering an expensive look at an affordable price. I have been reviewing amplifiers and speakers for quite some time now. Hence, I can spot a good product when I see one.

The reason I took the RR2160 for a road test is that I was on a discovery journey. I am one audiophile who likes uncompromised quality in every device I own. And from my experience, the Outlaw audio receiver flat out delivers a better sound than any other amp or receiver I have ever used at less than $800 price range. Affordability and quality are a rare combination of most products.

I own the KEF LS50, Zu Druid V. Magnepan MMGi, and eight speakers in my studio, and all require a lot of power. If you don’t get the right amplifier for such a setup, you may regret ever buying any of them. At full volume, they will either make too much noise without proper balance or blow up. These amplifiers mitigate these risks, giving me the best quality sounds even at full volume. The speakers all have a well-balanced sound, with each of them giving out quality bass management and treble. Again, the Outlaw audio is a versatile stereo receiver that is available in different finishes. This is pretty impressive, considering that amps today only come in black.

It is a very heavy brute too. Expect to walk around with a hefty 28.3 pounds with this bad boy. And this weight does not come empty, delivering 110 watts for 8 ohms or 4 ohms speakers. When choosing any audio product, I always consider the manufacturer’s experience. Outlaw Audio has been operating for more than 15 years and has established a worldwide network of consumers. Such a reputation takes a long time to build and is even harder to sustain.

The build

Outlaw Audio recognizes the Outlaw receiver as the “New Retro Stereo Receiver.” This device comes after more than ten years since Outlaw audio released its classic two-channels driven receiver, the RR2150 Retro Receiver. If you have used this receiver or have seen one, expect even better features with the new model.

2160 comes with the analog purity of its elder brother. It looks pretty sharp on the outside, but with an added DLNA and high resolution.

It is the iconic timeless outlaw audio stereo receiver that we may never see again. I am really impressed it takes up the quality of its predecessor with better features.

It comes with a highly professional look that may make you fear to buy, thinking it is expensive. However, there is no better deal for an affordable medium-quality amplifier than the outlaw audio.

The first thing you will realize is the sturdiness of audio outlaw. It is designed to provide 8 ohms speakers deriving from 110 watts. 

This is the classic class A to B watts that can be utilized at once depending on your needs. You can connect different types of speakers, and they will all sound incredible under the right settings.

The Outlaw audio features subwoofer inputs too. They all analog bass management which is helpful for a bass boost

The Outlaw audio ‘retro’ receiver comes with an AM to FM tuner for those who enjoy listening to live broadcasts. This should help you listen to live internet radio from anywhere.

Besides, it also features a moving-coil, controls to manipulate tones, and speaker equilibrium that gets bass emphasis ranging in 55, to 85Hz.

In terms of connectivity, this is a high-tech receiver with all the digital and analog inputs you will require. The front panel and rear has USB inputs, an Ethernet cable, MP3 in, and internet radio.

The most visible retro feature of this Outlaw audio is its artistic faceplate. This feature comes with native elegance and an intelligence layout that will seduce any user.

Each jack and knov comes with a clear label. You can easily see everything you need to use in the open, including network installation and brightness controls. And if you still can’t figure it out, Outlaw Audio has included a clear owner’s manual for easy setup.The front panel appears incredibly simple. Luckily, they are all straightforward to use and feature basic functionality.

The most commonly used buttons, including the volume knob, mute buttons, source, and menu, are easily accessible from the front right. On the left, you see the down and up buttons. The treble knobs, balance, and bass are arranged away from the digital inputs near the bottom. This means you can use them without affecting the other areas of the  outlaw audio receiver. 

On the lower portion of the plate, you get a button made for Standby, a volume knob, headphone jack, an aux jack, and speaker buttons. This outlaw audio supports storage 16 gigabytes through a USB drive. There is a bright colored light in the middle that indicates whether the remote control is working. This means you will never confuse your connections.

The sound

When I received my package of the Outlaw audio, I powered it up for several days and left it to heat up. This is because I wanted to get the real feel and quality of this amplifier, and rushing was not going to give me this satisfaction.After five days, I connected the new Schiit Audio’ Yggdrasil DAC and a Giro G9 by AMG turntable. Well, I have other audio equipment like these, but I needed the best, hence my choice needed to be perfect. Also, I added this setup to an Auditorium transformer with an updated cartridge. I then completed this setting with a Ravish Adagio phono tube.

But when I was wiring the Outlaw audio to my pair of small high volume speakers, I knew my output was going to be a blast, but I still had to find out. The record works well in picking out the natural state of low distortion and tonal variety in any audio setup. At first, I did not like how it behaved because it sounded tiny and muted. But after a day of playing, the outlaw audio receiver finally started getting more traction on the power supply. What came out next was an impressively big, warm, and articulate sound. In short, the Outlaw audio offers a wonderfully natural feel and sound. This is the quality you can only get from high-end audio output devices. The next day, I invited a few friends over for night fun, and they all loved how the stereo performed.

Is the Outlaw Audio worth it?

This amp even includes a pre-out to amp-in, just like the Vintage NAD 3020. It can also handle a moving coil phono cartridge.

 If you’re looking for an amplifier without spending a fortune, the Outlaw audio is the right pick. It is a class A/B recommended outlaw audio stereo receiver that will deliver high-end results.


With so many amplifiers going around on the market, the price could be the last thing you should be concerned about. The quality of any machine lies in the manufacturer and its features. And the outlaw audio is a tick in each of these considerations. We love how the outlaw audio combines superior design with high quality sound control


  • High-quality and affordable
  • Excellent sound
  • Simple construction with high-end features.
  • Hd radio capabilities
  • Includes a remote control


  • It is a bit dry and uninteresting at first.

Whether you’re someone who loves listening to music, or looking to produce your own music, this stereo is an excellent option. There really isn’t any weakness to their stereo. It’s got an amazing powerful sound with great mids, highs and lows across the board. This outlaw audio stereo receiver is very refined and can clear each articulation even from 15 feet away. This stereo also is set up for a home theater option. You can enjoy your TV shows or movies with this great piece of audio equipment. We hope you found this review helpful to making a decision on the outlaws audio.