Parasound 2250 Review in 2023

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Now is the perfect time to be an audiophile. The market is flooded with high-quality audio equipment to make your life easy. Before, it was difficult to buy a quality amp, since there were so few manufacturers. A shortage of supply only raised prices for many high-end speakers. But today, there is a wide selection of moderately priced quality amplifiers. Parasound 2250 is a great example of an underrated power amplifier. This integrated amplifier offers the feature of a high-end two channel amp at an affordable cost.

About the product

Parasound is one of my best stereo amplifier for audio technology. It is in the same league as Peachtree in offering market standards products.

The brand has gained a lot of positive reputation as a producer for premium electronics. With over three decades of experience, they have left a mark in the audio technology space.

The Paramount 2250 appears in their New Classic line of two channel amplifiers, preamps, processors, and source components. These products have been wildly successful.

Features of the Parasound 2250

  • Stereo solid state
  • 250 watts into 8 ohms 
  • 20 Hz- 50kHz MFR
  • 385 watts into 4 ohms and 
  • 33 kOhms input impedance
  • A to B power button for lockout switch located in the rear panel 
  • Conserves power and energy with only 0.5 watts in standby mode

The model 2250 comes from Parasound’s top of the line speakers. I was compelled to write this review because this has been a huge topic lately. Let’s get deeper into its features.

The Build

Model 2250 is designed to offer the user with the best features. Right from its construction, Paramount has given it their best. When you order the product, it comes in a sturdy and protective box. The Parasound amp and preamp can be shipped in sleeved boxes and built-in plastic lifting bundles for better portability. From the box, you will find units housed in heavy gauge pressed steel chassis. This is the reason it seems heavy. Unlike other brands like Emotiva, Parasound has included a custom-designed enclosure for their products.

The amp sports a machined aluminum face with a clean and clear cosmetic. Compared to the Model 2100 preamp, the  2250 comes with a relatively wider enclosure. The front panel controls are easily accessible. And there is a rotary encoder for switching between sources with delay switching. Instead of a volume button, it has a potentiometer for sound control. Also, it features an input for sub level control, tone controls, and balance. The amp features a mini-jack input labeled ‘MP3’ on the front panel. This function lets you connect with your iPod, whereas the mini headphone jack lets you listen to your music privately.

On the face, there is a fluorescent display that shows the selected preamp source and tone setup. If you would like to integrate a high-quality two-channel preamp, in the home theater setup, you can easily use the bypass input that easily routes a set of inputs through the preamp. This allows anyone to use an SSP for home theater functions.

The rear part is filled with different inputs. In the rear panel, there no longer is the ground lift switch due to the change in internal grounding for the model 2250. These RCA inputs let you connect speaker terminals and other inputs. Unfortunately, it does not have balanced inputs or outputs. You also get a phono (MM) stage. With this function, you can connect your music box and play without interruption. It is based on a well-received Zphono preamp that promises the best quality functionality. Additionally, there is only one pair of RCAs provided. Nevertheless, Parasound amps come with daisy-chained RCA outs for most connectivity. And if you will need the custom installation, the RS-232 control, and the 12v triggers ins and outs will make sure everything runs smoothly. With the Paramount 2250, you get the best connectivity applications you need.

A power amplifier

The 2250 power amplifier offers an incredible 250WPC stereo amp that can deliver 45 amps of current per channel. It boasts an incredible 275 watts per channel at an output of 8 ohms. But at max capacity you can go up to 750 watts into either 4 ohms or 8 ohms using the exclusive bridged mono mode.  For those that don’t know a bridged mono means that the configuration of a two channel amp can be used in conjunction for one load. With such power, you can sure every little detail of bass, mid, and highs are heard across the room. It is housed in a matching crackle black painted chassis with machined aluminum. Considering the heft of this amp, lifting handles have been added to the rear, making it easy to carry around.

There are also dual binding posts, however they are not meant for bi-wiring. This amplifier can be connected to two speakers. An A/B selector is provided, making sure you choose the right speaker at any given moment. An additional set of RCA jacks are on the rear panel, which allows delivery for up to 600W. Also, a ground lifting switch is added to help you handle ground loop noise issues. A preset for auto turn-on and adjustable level control are all included to make controls much easier. Also, the bridged mono mode is ideal for efficiently powering the power amplifier into the single passive subwoofer.

Something on the inside

The 2250 comes with a single large power transformer, and two large excluded heat signs of handling excess heat from the output transistors.

Its fully discrete circuitry is carried on one large PCB, different from the power supply. It is a classic amp topology, different from the modern dual-mono construction in some amplifiers. Their fully discrete circuitry also hasn’t changed from the previous version.

Parasound has stuck to offering only necessary features without adding too many bells and whistles. For this reason, you should expect a very simple yet highly functional amplifier. 

The sound

I wanted to find out just how good this amplifier is, so I connected it to my home audio system and played them for a few weeks. Each time is listening keenly to the variations in sound quality and carefully checking for any noise.

I listened to a few pieces and compared them with what Emotiva was offering. I was really impressed with the sound quality that was coming out. When comparing the emotiva vs parasound, the 2250 clearly has the edge.

It produced the high-quality tonal and spatial separation of instruments. Before this, I was using the Emotiva, and they championed the world of tonal separation for long. However, they provide a slightly flat, double-dimensional representation. I discovered a much rounder, 3D image with the Parasound. And the overall clarity and tonal sharpness exceeded my expectations. Well, it could be because they are equipped with an RPA-1 and RSA-1, which makes the amplifier produce an incredibly clear sound. When comparing the parasound vs emotiva, the emotiva that has a true duo mono construction, and the Parasound is more traditional, which is quite surprising. You just need to listen to the best experience.

Other notable features

The 2250 comes with a set of other fantastic features that make it worth your investment. Consider the following: It has a Class AB fully discrete circuitry to make operation very efficient and smooth and uses less heat. This ensures your device doesn’t overheat.

Also, the parasound 2 channel amp pairs with 2 speaker terminals and buttons for easy relay switching.  They have useful rear panel controls along with a robust five-way speaker terminals that are made with 24 carat of gold plate.

Incredible update

The 2250 is a new addition to the brand’s collection of high-end amplifiers. And it recently underwent new changes, making it perform even better as NewClassic Model 2250 v.2.

It is powered by two separate channels that are near-perfect and affordable. It offers a lot of power and sounds better than a movie house. Also, it is marked with the THX classification, which means it meets the best performance standard.

The new features give it enhanced overall performance. You’ll first notice the A to B speaker power button switch on the back panel. Setting this switch to ‘Lockout’ disables the front panel A and B power buttons while leaving both speakers on. This can be very applicable to an audio professional who does not want to bother the client with the front panel buttons.

Two new ultra-sensitive two-position audio triggers have taken the palace of a knob. This comes with a silent setting that will automatically put the amp to the lower volume. The ‘Loud’ option, on the other hand, makes it more audible. Another change on the back panel is the elimination of the lift button. This means even the amp’s internal grounding has been changed, meaning the switch is no longer necessary.

The back and front cosmetics have been drastically upgraded to a new and fresh appearance. The display now features round corners, an innovative lens, and a better silk type of screening. The real panel comes with an up-to-date screening, making reading the functions much easier. The power specifications have been increased too. The original ones were quite underrated, which made them less functional. But now the increase in ranges above 10%. Both the first and second version of model 2250 have similar power levels and audio circuits.


  • A mid-priced high quality
  • Updated to meet emerging needs
  • Excellent sound
  • 45 amps peak current per channel – more than amps in it’s class
  • Incredible power for cinema sound quality
  • Parasound is a reputable brand


  • The price may not be worth the features.


Of course, Parasound isn’t the only option. There is so much technology in the world of amplifiers today that choosing the right one may seem a bit overwhelming. The 2250 is one of the top and affordable amps you can find out there. However, if you are not convinced, you can always check out any similar power amplifier in the market. Consider the Emotiva RPA-1 and RSP-1. These amplifiers come with a balanced design that makes them sound incredibly useful. They are much cheaper too. However, they tend to lose some clarity when used with single-ended interconnectors. Perhaps affordability could be the greatest motivation for picking them.


If you want to become an audiophile, you may need the best power amplifier  the market can offer. And the model 2250 does not disappoint. Right from the looks, you can tell this is a quality amplifier. The recent updates have made the 2250 more competitive, almost reaching the level of the Peachtree nova series for the top power amplifier. No other power amplifier can compare with the model 2250 features like it’s incredible 45 amps peak current per channel which may be the best in it’s class. Certainly great for entertainment.

For those who appreciate premium sound, but hate emptying your wallet for them, you’ll appreciate what the  2250 has to offer. We hoped that this Parasound 2250 v2 review has helped you decide whether or not it’s right for you.