Pdp Mainstage Complete Drum Set Black Metallic

There are many beginner drum kits out there. And that can be it a bit hard to choose the right one.

However, if you know your manufacturers, it should not be hard. Good brands will always offer reliable solutions, and that is what makes them worth considering.

Also, it is assumed that beginner drum kits are not of good quality. That would explain why they are so cheap.

And yet, it does not have to be like that. You can find a perfect beginner drum set if you know where to look.

And that brings us to the brand.

PDP is one of the biggest names you will hear in this industry. They are known for making high-end, affordable kits, thanks to the team at DW Custom Shop.

In this guide, I will be looking at one of the best lines, the PDP Mainstream drums.

PDP Mainstage Drums

PDP has been making incredible drums for more than a decade. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the main players in the mid-range section.

The company is owned by DW, a renowned high-range drum manufacturer. PDP drums have benefited largely from this relationship.

Mainstage drums feature among their entry-level solutions.

If you are ready to tread your second or third kit, these drums should be excellent. They are made in China, which is one reason they are cheaper.

But that does not mean they are any less in quality. You can be sure to find some of DW’s top features with these kits.

These attractive drums will capture the desire of any drummer when they pick up their first drum sticks. PDP and DW aim to cater to every stage of a drummer’s career. And these incredible pieces are part of that dream.

I have played the Mains stage drums, and I can tell you they don’t disappoint. A single shell pack is available, configured with 22, 14, 10, 12, and 16-inch drums. These sites are part of the current trend.

PDP Mainstage Drum Set

Finding a good drum set does not always mean breaking a bank. And PDP has proven that through their Mainstage kits.

I recently looked at these kits and realized they offer everything you may need to grow your career. They have great features, sound good, and are affordable.

Thanks to DW’s influence, the PDP’s Mainstage Kit delivers incredible performance. It is among the products you can buy and never regret.

These kits are designed to capture drummers seeking their second or third kit. They are made in China under the influence of DW standards.

Mainstage drum sets assure an excellent transition between the lower level and mid-range drum kits. In my experience with PDP kits, this piece could easily stand in for professional use.

You get everything with this kit, including bar cymbals. Hence, you should be able to start playing right away.

The kit is configured with a 22 x 18-inch bass drum, a 14×5-inch snare, 10×8-inch and 12×9-inch toms, and a 16×14-inch floor tom. The sizes are common with the current drum kits on the market.

Also, the kits are available in several finishes. This allows the drummer to pick something that makes them happy.

Consider the following two choices:

PDP Mainstage Complete Drum Set Black Metallic

PDP’s Mainstage complete drum set comes in two finishes – Black Metallic Bronze Metallic. The kit in this review comes in Black Metallic.

The wrap is quite attractive. It reflects highlights within the sparkle pattern. Even though appearance is secondary, it’s part of selecting a good drum kit.


Shells on these drums are 7-ply and all-poplar. Poplar is such an abundant hardwood used in a wide range of musical instruments. It’s quite impressive in terms of performance.

The set comes with new-design low-mass lugs instead of the oval one. This feature would increase the cost, and hence, it is not used comprehensively over the kit. It’s the tension rods that stand out.

With the kit is a comprehensive hardware pack featuring a kick drum pedal, a hi-hat stand, a snare stand, straight and boom cymbal stands, and a drum seat. Hence, it has everything you need to start playing.

Most of the hardware comes from the 700 series.


No matter how good the drum set is with features, its performance matters the most. PDP has been at the forefront of assuring high-quality drum kits with excellent tonal value.

The mainstream kit does not disappoint. Although it’s not what you would expect from DW and PDP’s best kits, it still gets the job done.

Also, Poplar is not the best wood for making drums. It’s cheap, and many users have complained about its durability.


• A good value for money

• Good build quality

• A great sound from the snare


• The supplied Chinese-made Remo heads are not very good

PDP By DW Mainstage 5-Piece Drum Set with Hardware and Paiste Cymbals Bronze Metallic, inch (PDMA2215P8BZ)

An excellent alternative to the kit above is the DW PDP’s Mainstage bronze. Just like the other wrap on the kit above, this choice also stands out uniquely.

This DW PDP Mainstage Bronze kit comes with hardware and everything else you need to start playing.

I will not talk much about the features because we already know they are good. Instead, let’s consider how the kit performs.

• Remo heads

The all-poplar shells are fitted with Chinese-made Remo UK heads. It’s important to note that these are not the same standard as their US-made counterparts. However, they are still vastly superior to most heads-on kits at this price range.

A muffling pillow for the bass drum is included. It touches the batter and resonant heads when connected to strips of Velcro present.

• A big sound

You may want to change the factory heads for obvious reasons. That does not mean they are bad.

Due to its modern measurements, this drum set delivers a huge sound. The pillow takes care of any overtones that would affect its sound.

Poplar’s performance is almost similar to birch. It punches through the mix in the same way higher-priced drums would.

The toms bear an attacking edge. Thanks to their F.A.S.T-sized configuration, they ensure quick responses with hassle-free tuning.

You can get better sound by changing the heads with twin-ply options.

The snare is the more interesting piece. It outperforms any other kit at this price range with its sweet, crisp, articulate sound and top-notch responsiveness.


• Excellent construction

• Attractive finish

• Good sounding


• The supplied heads are not very pleasing


The PDP Mainstream drum kit is a perfect solution for beginner and intermediate drummers. It comes complete and with DW-inspired standards. No wonder many drummers are talking about it. I recommend you try it out.