Pdp By Dw 10.5Mm Tom Mounting Bracket Chrome Pdaxtb105

The tom drum is one of the most important components of a drum set. Even when you buy the most compact shell pack, it will have at least one tom.

A tom compliments the tone of your kit. And that is what makes it unique.

But to get that quality sound, one must be careful when choosing not only the drum but the hardware accessories.

A tom is played while mounted. Most drum set racks come with everything you need to mount the mounted toms and the snare.

And that means finding the right tom rack is very important. Unfortunately, the market is so full of these products that it can be overwhelming.

By considering the manufacturer, however, you can make things much easier. In this guide, we shall be looking at PDP’ tom rack.

PDP bass drum tom mount

Drum Workshop (DW) is one of the best brands in the world of drums and hardware. The company is known for making high-quality gear.

To cover the budget buyer, DW created PDP. Instead of splitting its product lines, PDP is left to handle more affordable products, including this rack.

But that does not mean they are any less good. The products come with DW’s design and quality. The only difference is that machines make them. This increases the rate of production while reducing production cost and consequently price.

I was recently checking some online comments about PDP tom mount and found a pretty interesting one. In say drumchat.com, “I’m looking at putting my PDP kit into a rack. I’m searching online for rack tom mounts and having a more challenging time than expected. I’m finding my searches a lot of single tom mount add ons, but these wouldn’t work for a rack.

I found some other tom mounts, which are not from DM. I assume they wouldn’t be for PDP. Does anyone have a PDP rack/kit, and which mounts are you using.”

Here are some great options that should be good answers for this concern.

PDP BY DW Tom holder (PDDTAH105)

PDP has been making high-quality products for many years. These tom mounts come with some features from higher-end DW products.

And drummer will be more than happy to use PDP tom mount.

One good example of what the company offers is the PDDTAH105 tom mount. This PDP double tom holder is designed in style and strength.

The tom holder can support two high toms on CX, LX, X7, FS, and M5 PDP drums. It is not the most versatile PDP double tom holder, but it gets the job done on suitable drums.

The first thing you will notice is the study design on this mount. It comes with a ball-and-socket mounting arm system. It’s fully adjustable to any playing angle.

The tom mount features a memory lock, which makes its height be recalled instantly. A weekend warrior would be sure to appreciate this part.

And that is not all, each one of the 10.5mm arm guarantees fit for your PDP toms. You can use it to hold toms from other manufacturers too.

Being a double tom mount, this piece of hardware significantly makes your work much easier. Once set in place, this piece will remain strong until the end of the show.

PDP is known for making high-quality gear, and it does not disappoint here. This tom mount is affordable and very useful.


• A high-quality tom mount

• Displays DW quality

• Very useful


• It is not the most versatile tom drum mount on the market.

PDP PDAX99105 Clamp-on Tom Mount

For many drummers, PDP is not just the best manufacturer but a partner. You cannot expect anything less from a company tied to DW.

The PDP PDAX99105 clamp-on tom mount is a piece of hardware designed for performance. It comes with a few features from top-line DW tom mounts.

Features include:

  • Durable. This tom mount is made from the highest quality material. It features stainless steel bars, which are designed to stand the test of time. You can play for a long time, and it will not disappoint.
  • Sturdy. One of the most embarrassing moments for a drummer is when your kit falls apart on stage because you used the wrong gear. Thanks to the sturdy legs and rubber feet of this PDP tom mount, you never have to worry about that. The stand will hold the ground for as long as you want until you finish your gig.
  • Easy to assemble. It is always good to have hardware that makes it easy to set your gear in place. PDP understands this very well and has tried to make this stand in such a manner. It offers an easy way to add a tom or accessory to your kit clamps onto a cymbal stand or rack tom plated.
  • Versatile. A good tom rack should be versatile enough to handle a wide range of toms. This tom mount has such a characteristic. You can use it for different drums and cymbals from PDP and other manufacturers.


• Excellent design and construction

• Designed for performance

• Versatile


• It would be better if it were a double tom mount

PDP By DW 10.5mm Tom Mounting Bracket Chrome PDAXTB105

When PDP brings a new product to the market, they make sure it fits the user. And this PDP by DW 10.5mm tom mounting bracket is not different. It is chrome, which makes it highly functional and durable.

I have been using PDP products for many years, and this is one of those pieces that have always impressed me. The first thing you will notice is its beautiful design. It is made to hold the tom in place for long hours as you play your favorite tunes.

I bought this mounting bracket because the one I was using has worn out. It had served me very well.

This bracket comes with an excellent design and incredible looks. The finish is top class, everything you would expect for DW. The chrome is smooth and deep, making it not only durable but very useful too.

Besides, it clamps so tightly to the post with moderate effort. The wingnut does not give any problems locking your tom in place with this piece.

You will find this bracket very useful; it gets the job done easily and efficiently.

However, it is important to note that it’s designed for use on a rim mount clamping bracket. You can bolt it directly to the drum shell, and it will work perfectly. But the screws are too short. They cannot reach through the wood shell.


• Solid quality

• Easy to use

• Excellent design


• Some uses have had issues fitting in the DW STM bracket


If you are looking for a good tom mount, PDP has lots of quality affordable options. You can try out the ones reviewed above. They will not disappoint you.