Peachtree Audio Nova300 Review In 2023

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I’ve always wondered how a large conglomerate like Apple still manages to stay on top for decades. Before I believed it was Steve Job’s incredible ideas or innovation. Until I discovered the truth, Apple keeps everything minimalistic. 

And that is exactly what Peachtree nova 300  has been doing. For several years now, the brand has been trying to get into the world of high-end amplifiers while ensuring the user doesn’t experience any issues using their products. And now another one of their Amplifiers is aiming to be at the top of high-end consumer audio electronics, nova 300 peachtree.

The market for amplifiers has been changing rapidly over the past few years. And many manufacturers have been quite slow in adapting to these changes. Some are just afraid they will lose their grip on the market, while others don’t get what’s going on. Peachtree has taken the lead in changing the norm by shining a guiding light into the market with their high-end products.

About the Nova Series 

Like many audiophiles, I have come to love the Nova series very much, especially the nova300. It is no coincidence that the award-winning press series has garnered a lot of attention on magazine covers and earned industry accolades. In fact the nova300 has taken the press by storm.

It seems like everything that Peachtree does has been correctly calculated to provide engaging results. There are not many companies that can say they have done as much within ten years as Peachtree has. 

Every time you hear there is a new Nova amplifier, expect their products to be top of the line. Peachtree strives to master every little detail to improve the customer experience.

No wonder, they have refreshed and perfected each of their products with top-class features while maintaining their operation’s simplicity. There is nothing the company has left to chance in terms of evolving technology.

About the Nova300

Peachtree Audio first introduced its new power amplifier on the market in 2007. This release completely changed the landscape, with many competitors rushing to copy what they had done. Before the nova300, there was the original Decco.

The Nova300 has a unique world-class design and a front panel made of aluminum combined with an easy-to-use button. It also includes a knob interface for easy sound control. To top that, it featured a wood case finish that reveals a vintage shine with beautiful exteriors. One glance from the outside, and you could already tell that the nova300 is life-changing. The inside of nova300 consists of class A to B stereo, a buffer, and a proprietary asynchronous USB. 

Now, this was back in 2007, and nova was already using such high-end technology. Imagine what a new and improved nova 300 amplifier can do. The Nova300 is the best stereo amplifier in its own class of quality and power. It comes with everything you will ever need for an incredible music experience.

General features:

With the Peachtree Nova300 you get the following:

  • ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC.
  • Compatible with PCM and DSD
  • New-gen amplification with ICE power supply that produces up to 300 Watts per channel at 8ohm and 450 watts per channel at 4 ohms.
  • From world-class minds
  • Premium quality phono input and phono preamp
  • Synced with iOS compatibility software and USB connectivity.
  • Loop features that let you add EQ, buffer, or other processors in the signal path.
  • High-end output for a headphone amplifier 
  • Made for home theater bypass
  • Pre-out to use as preamp/DAC or connecting to a subwoofer
  • Internal grounding

Overview and construction 

Peachtree was wise enough to retain the trademark look. Hence, you get a large amplifier that measures 14x4x13.25 inches in a smooth timber exterior. The rounded edges combined with it’s shiny exterior completes the look for nova300.

If anything, I think Peachtree Audio has refined this formula to make it look even better. Initially, they used moderately dense fiberboard, but now nova300 features a highly densed fiberboard.

The company claims this new feature leads to the production of the perfect fitting. It allows the buyer to choose between Piano Black and Shiny Ebony. I would want any of these finishes since they all come with an array of coats derived from natural lacquer. 

Also, the Peachtree nova300 has retained the retro Peachtree iDecco from the last decade. You will get the all-inclusive stereo and digital-analog converter. Peachtree is the originator of the digital-analog technology on the market and makes it the gold standard of audio amplifiers. The nova300 brings in something better than just this hybrid. It features DAC, based on the ESS9018K2M chip, which gives it a production power of 32-bit 384kHz resolution and 5 6mhz. With this, you can be sure the PCM files will run smoothly. And for the DSD files, the amplifier offers 5.6MKz.

Besides these, it comes with all the digital outputs in the right places. These include two optical S/PDIF jacks. The addition of two individually selectable USB makes it a complete audio system for connecting to your computer. On these USBs, one type B, which lets the nova integrate with a USB receiver based on the XMOS microcontroller. The second USB plug is for type A, which offers Lighting-compatibility with all apple devices. 

As if that is not enough, nova300 carries an extreme system to eliminate background noise, which allegedly cancels the noise floor and reduces all power that comes with the connection of a phone or a tablet.  With the nova300 amplifier, you can expect an amazing noise ratio. The nova300 also comes equipped with a magnet phono input and phono preamp combined with RIAA. So, if you have an old music box and are wondering how to use the amplifier you have a solution here. By doing so, you will greatly enhance the sound quality.

The WiFi board comes in handy. And rumors have it that Peachtree may soon add MQA decoding. As you can see, there are several cooler features added to the nova300 that may not be in any other device. But they have also left one thing out, which I think is very crucial. Previous versions have included a dual vacuum tube buffer that was visible through the window on the front side of the panel. We hope to see the tube buffer back in the stereo. Also, nova300 is made with 100% solid materials for long-lasting durability. We recommend adding a vacuum tube buffer between the preamp and power supply to sweeten the sound.


It is important to note that Peachtree Audio nova300 is loud. Raw wattage may not be the best way to measure volume control, but you can always tell when something is loud. You will be stunned to hear its continuous power is 300 watts per channel and a peak of 450. Well, you may not understand what this means, but it is really powerful.

It can be a bit tricky finding a speaker that matches something as good as the nova300. The last thing you need is your speakers to blow out because you did not choose wisely. The good news is you can always find something that fits these needs. Once you have the right speakers, you will realize everything else falling in place.

Detail and clarity

The sound of the nova300 is utterly amazing. It gets as loud as you want it to be and keeps you getting every sound quality you need. It comes with such great fullness, weight, and heft that you might think the air turns solid. Even at low volumes, you will still get the performance that brings your music to life. If you are looking for growled and snarled basslines, reverberated kickdrums, and warm touches of mids and vocals, this stereo will deliver. We like that even volume control doesn’t affect the clarity of sound.

The quality of performance I get from my nova300 can only be compared to the Parasound New Classic 200 integrated amp. But the nova is better. I even compared these two using headphone output, and the results were satisfying.I have always found a hard time picking an amplifier that can handle any speaker. This is why I was delighted to bump into the nova300 amplifier.

I have tried with several audio devices, and every time, the results are clearer than ever. First, I played through the Vandersteen 2CE Sig Mkii. Listening to Lincoln Center’s Play The Blues, and I did not hear any of the searing pain that comes with a high-volume place. 

About the Pre and Power Amp

Note that the nova300 is an integrated amplifier; hence it comes with both pre-and power amps. However, it does not come with the tube that initially marked the 220SE. We miss the majestic display, but everything else is in good order, and the system is very reliable.

Peachtree says they eliminated this feature to focus more on clarity and detail in the circuitry. And they have done just that. The new circuitry is out of this world. And if you thought the integrated functionality was it all, wait until you feel the headphone amp. Including the DAC was a good move, because anything else would mean the company had missed out on so many things. The headphone amp is also able to cancel outside noise.

Generally, the Peachtree Audio nova300 is a next-generation amplifier. It’s sound, features, and looks are all in the right setting. 

The Ins and Outs

The nova300 integrated amplifier comes with a vast range of optical inputs and outputs in its system. There are two asynchronous USBs, one for Apple products and the other for computer-friendly input. 

The two coax inputs, optical inputs, aux in, phono preamp, moving magnet, and ground connection for turntables, are all crucial to the audio output system. It comes with two speaker binding posts, a 6.3mm headphone out, and input and output for loop features and preamp output for subwoofer or power amplifier. It is possible to install a WiFi module so you can control your music with wireless use. Unfortunately, this feature is not pre-installed on the nova300.


  • The nova300 is a weighty high-end amplifier
  • It is easy to use,  along with high quality sound system
  • A beautiful classic design
  • A wide range of features
  • Excellent quality headphone amplifier
  • Long lasting power supply
  • Excellent for a home theater bypass


  • Some users have complained about loose buttons
  • The packing is nothing special

Peachtree Audio Nova300 manual

Peachtree Audio nova300 is one of the easiest amplifiers to use. But if you still find an issue with how it comes, then you may follow their user manual. You can also download the manual from their official website and enjoy all the great features of a fully integrated amplifier. 

Peachtree Nova300 vs. Parasound Halo integrated

When it comes to technological innovation in an audio device, Peachtree will always be my number one choice. However, Parasound has also come up very strongly. All these products are from American manufacturers, which makes them incredibly high-value. Both the Nova 300 and parasound halo are excellent options for your computer audio.

Choosing between nova300 and the Parasound Halo Integrated amplifiers can be quite frustrating. However, the Parasound is much cheaper, but it does not give out the power sound as you would expect in these high-end speakers. 

The damping factor of these amplifiers is something to consider too. So, if you are having trouble with too much bass, the Peachtree is a winner. It also comes with a loop in/out for adding a minidsp for room correction. 

The Parasound Halo integrated is the least powerful with 160W. Also, it does not have much to offer in terms of features like the nova300. 

Peachtree Audio nova 200

Peachtree presents a world of power amplifiers and other audio devices such as computer audio. One of these fantastic devices is nova200. The company has always kept a high note for the nova series, and nova200 isn’t any different. It features the same classic look with an impressive collection of features like the nova300.

However, the nova200 is less powerful than the nova300. It generates 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms. 

The 200 is smoother because it comes with Class D amplification samples. It contains balanced and unbalanced inputs that offer 90% energy efficiency. This is a new breed of class D amplification that is perfect for all types of speakers. It is an integrated amplifier, which means it offers more applications. 

Peachtree Audio power amp

Peachtree welcomes you to the world of first-class power amplifiers. If you are looking for audio equipment that is worth every penny, then the Peachtree Audio Power amp is the way to go.

It comes with some of the best features in the market. Peachtree is dedicated to offering high-end amplifiers, and you will enjoy this line of amps.

Cambridge Audio vs. Peachtree, which is the best brand?

Cambridge Audio and Peachtree are among the best and biggest producers of audio devices. Both of them use cutting-edge technology in their products. But there is one distinct factor that puts Peachtree above Cambridge Audio. Peachtree has signature design and features for its amplifiers. They also have more innovative technological advancements than Cambridge.

Peachtree Nova 150 vs. 300

You should pick the Peachtree 2.0 series if you are looking for an amplifier that meets all your needs without paying for the best and latest features. When comparing the two, both the nova150 and the nova300 are equally good, but it’s just a matter of preference. The nova150 has less power and may produce more noise when the volume is high.  This makes the noise ratio for the nova 150 peachtree not as good as the Nova 300. The nova300 is more technologically advanced and comes with muffing features to eliminate such outside noise. With the nova300, you can expanse home theater audio, and booming sound quality.

Peachtree Audio Decco

The Peachtree Audio Decco was introduced in 2007 as one of the most advanced amplifiers at the time. And today, it remains an inspiration for high end-amplifier. If you want to make digital music files sound right and just want simple features, we suggest the Decco. It is an audiophile-grade 50 watt per channel hybrid integrated amplifier. It features an onboard digital to analog converter that improves the sound from digital sources. It does not have the premium features of the nova300, but it does the job of offering excellent sounds.


The Nova series by Peachtree continues to take the lead in the market with its innovative features.  With the Peachtree nova300, you’re getting access to an amazing stereo for your home theater or theater bypass. And for this reason, you will sleep comfortably, knowing you are investing in the best amplifier with the nova300. Don’t make the wrong choice by choosing an expensive amp that doesn’t have much power or superb sound quality.