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Pelican Case Alternatives – Reviews and Guide


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When it comes to protecting electronic gear, including electronic drum sets, nothing beats pelican cases. Pelican is a famous name in the realm of protective case solutions.

One thing I like about the brand is that they never want to compromise their quality. The brand handles every at a professional, reliable, and high-value status. This makes it a great investment.

From a protective gun case to seamless packing solutions, you can trust your Pelican case. And the best part, they are quite affordable. 

Are Pelican cases the best?

Yes. Pelican cases have been tested through the toughest conditions to ensure ultimate protection for your gear.

They are shock absorbent, waterproof, unbreakable. This is what makes them an excellent reference for anyone looking to protect their investment.

The firm was founded in 1976 by Dave Parker and his wife. They worked with everything they had, since establishing until they created a reputable name for different types of cases. 

Based in the USA, Pelican is not a reputable company in terms of reliability and functionality. Hence, for everyone looking for a case to secure their delicate valuables, you need to look any further.

There are several reasons why they are the best. Let’s have a look at them. 

Seamless protection 

The most important reason you will need a case is not just to carry, but to protect your investments the best way possible. And the Pelican case is made for this reason.

They are crafted with enhanced protection technology, taking into account every little detail. The case will ensure your camera, guns, electronic drum sets, and any other essential item is safe.

Pelican is a company that keeps exclusive attention to the quality of protection. Their uncompromised quality is what gets many to trust them.

Undoubted convenience 

The Pelican case is not only durable they also come with a robust structure. They are made to offer a carrying experience like no other.

Every case is made specifically for what they can carry. For instance, a camera case will come with compartments for every component of your setup. It will, for example, have a section for the lens, the body, and everything else that comes with the camera.

In other words, they are customized to meet the needs of every user. If you want something that offers comfortable storage of your items, these are cases to look out for. Or perhaps, you just wish to easy portability, and the cases have got you covered too.

Every case is designed ergonomically, making them greatly convenient. You will, therefore, not only enjoy pleasant carrying experience, but you will also love how functional they are.

Value for money 

Many people who buy the Pelican case don’t look at the price. They consider how costly and delicate their gear is. 

For instance, electronic drum pads and module are quite delicate. When traveling, the chances of hitting a rough surface that cause damages are very great. Hence, you don’t want anything to ruin your investment and cause a problem with your performance. 

For this reason, you want to invest in an undoubtedly strong carrying case. Besides, the Pelican case is reasonably priced.

Consider the quality and value they offer; it is easy to see why any of them can be a bit pricy – but not too much.

The cases are also readily available through online shopping solutions. You can buy one from a trusted source and never have to worry about durability, quality, and affordability.


There is a Pelican case for virtually any type of setup. As stated above, each one of them is customized to meet specific storage needs.

Hence, if you need a Pelican case for your e-drums, you will get one that has spaces for everything. They are available in such a dynamic range that you may even be overwhelmed with choices, especially if you are picking for the first time.

10 best Pelican Case Alternatives 

Finding the right Pelican case for your requirements is critical. However, they can be unaffordable for some people. Or perhaps not just convincing enough.

In that case, you may want to consider a wonderful alternative. Luckily, there are lots of them on the market. Here are ten of the best. 

1. Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard case 

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry On Hard Case
Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry On Hard Case

Do you need a light but safe carry case to travel with? The Nanuk 935 might be a great option. This is an impressive hard case with extended-lasting features. A lot of attention has been placed on the safety of your item, making it one of the most recommended choices.

It will help you carry a number of accessories since it is built carry-on use. As a musician, you may want your accessories in the safest place. 

Inside, it measures approx. 20 by 11 by 8, with charcoal foam inserts. And because they are not too dense, you can always squeeze some space for your pedals, mics, and other items. 

It also features an additional layer of egg-crate-style charcoal form around the inside. This feature makes it greatly protective.

You may also want to note that it is dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof. With this, you may not ask for anything more. 

The case can protect your gear under 3ft of water for up to 30 minutes. And you don’t have to worry about dust all over your equipment after along journey. 

Apart from shockproof, it features molded latches. This feature ensures the case remains shut even under extreme pressure. Also, the shell is made with Nanuk propriety NK-7, making it highly durable.


  • Durable
  • Carry-on functions 
  • Patented triple action latches 
  • Highly functional


  • A bit expensive.

2. Nanuk 910

Nanuk 910
Nanuk 910

Nanuk has made a name for itself in the production of protective cases. It caters to those who briefcase sized-case. The Nanuk 910 is a small brother of the 935 above, measuring approximately 14 by 11 by 5 inches – just like a briefcase.

The inside features foam material, with a cubed foam insert. This gives it shockproof functionality. This is enhanced by the IP67 waterproofing function, which should give you some peace of mind in the case of getting caught up in the rains.

For a drummer, you can be sure of the safety of your laptops, pedals, tuners, cables, and mics, among other gear. It gives you an easy way to avoid paying a top dollar for Pelican cases.

Nanuk’s NK-7 resin has been included to ensure you face extreme traveling conditions. You won’t need to worry about bad weather, bumpy roads, accidental falls, and pressure change.

The patented Powerclaw molded latches ensure you valuable remain safe inside unless you open it yourself. And it comes with a warranty, except om the foam padding.

For those who wouldn’t need a large carry case, the Nanuk 910 should offer a solution. Its small size and indestructibility should provide you with some peace.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Strong latches
  • Functional 
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Perhaps too small for some needs. 

3. Seahorse 920F Protective Equipment cases

Seahorse 920f Protective Equipment Cases
Seahorse 920f Protective Equipment Cases

Everyone needs a reliable and good value carrying case. And the Seahorse 920F comes with such promise. It is a protective case, make in the USA, with a lifetime guarantee.

This case is made for the upper price range. It features polypropylene copolymer, which gives it a rugged, yet flexible functionality. It can withstand a certain level of rough handling. 

The case also feels quite sturdy, bearing wonderful construction with scored Accuform, fully customizable for any carrying needs. 

It comes large, with the interior measuring approx. 24 by 16 by 10 inches. It can, therefore, handle several smaller instruments and accessories.

It is a bit heavy, but it features a set of wheels that eliminates the carrying strain. It is waterproof and highly functional as a protection case.


  • Friendly design for travelers 
  • Large space inside
  • Customizable 
  • Waterproof and airtight.


  • A bit pricey.

4. Monoprice Pure Outdoor Weatherproof cases

Monoprice Pure Outdoor Weatherproof Cases
Monoprice Pure Outdoor Weatherproof Cases

Monoprice has also been creating beautiful solutions for professionals. And this hard-protective case is designed for all uses, including musicians.

And the best part is, it comes in various size choices. You can get something small as a one-liter volume, all the way to 146-liters. 

The internal foam is fully customizable, allowing you to create desired spaces for your gear. But it does not come with any cutout.

The protective form does a wonderful job of holding your equipment tightly in place while protecting it from impact and UV issues. 

It comes with a pressure release valve to ensure you always keep everything under optimum pressure conditions. 

You may also love to note the 67 Ingress Protection (IP) rating that Monoprice comes with. This offers enough testimony to its premium build quality. 


  • It comes at premium quality 
  • Several size ranges
  • Compact and versatile.
  • UV protection.


  • Some users have complained of hard to close latches.
  • Only one-year warranty. 

5. Condition 1 hard cases

Condition 1 Hard Cases
Condition 1 Hard Cases

For those in need of a budget-friendly solution, you may want to check out Condition 1. It is similar to Pelican travel cases, only more affordable. 

The case measures an approx. 14 by 12 by 6 inches. It is, therefore, compliant with ATA and TSA travel regulations. Hence, ready to get you on any airline travel. 

Due to its size, you can be sure to get enough room inside. You can put inside your laptop, pedals, and pedalboard, among other items.

The interior comes fully customizable. The lid comes with egg-crate-type form.

Also, this case is excellently lightweight, ye tough. It features shock absorption and impact protection features. In addition, you can place it under 3ft of water for 30 minutes, and your staff will still be safe. It features and O-ring seal to keep water off the inside. 

It comes with an automatic pressure release valve. Such a feature is worth noting in any Pelican alternative.


  • Quality and sturdy construction 
  • Affordable
  • Compliant with TSA guide 
  • Automatic pressure release.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It could be too small. 


Casematix Tough Xl Case
Casematix Tough Xl Case

Here is another great case designed for photographers. But since it comes with a fully customizable layer of form inside, even musicians and gun enthusiasts should find it highly applicable.

It is relatively affordable, compare to Pelican products. Even so, it is a high-quality case. 

The case features excellent quality of polypropylene, which makes it more rigid. Together with the ELE form, it should offer the protection you need. 

However, it does not come with a pressure release valve. This might be something professional users may be looking for. 


  • An affordable choice
  • Thick ELE form inside
  • A rugged construction.


  • Not pressure relief
  • It could use better latches. 

7. Seahorse SE-520

Seahorse Se 520
Seahorse Se 520

If you are looking for great customization in a proactive case, then the Seahorse SE-520 should be great. It weighs 5.15lbs and measures approx. 15 by 12 by 7 inches. This makes it extremely portable yet functional.

If feature Accuform in the padding and compartment creation inside. This feature lets you configure it any way you want to meet your needs.

This case will carry anything from electronic gear to valuable items. The fully customizable interior promises great functionality. 

It is also waterproof and shockproof yet very affordable. You will enjoy the combination of latches and padlock holes for increase security.

You should be careful when ordering, though, since there is another SE-520 version that does not have the protective form. 


  • Fully customizable interior 
  • Great quality 
  • Value for money.
  • Full protection.


  • Not many people know about this brand. 

8. IBEX IC-1500BK

Ibex Ic 1500bk
Ibex Ic 1500bk

The IBEX IC-1500BK is designed like for Pelican alternative. It offers great protection and can truly withstand the harshest conditions.

The mode is rugged, with great protection in the exterior and exterior. It measures approx. 16 by 13 by seven on the inside, these dimensions make it applicable for any usage. And IBEX has not specified who it is for, meaning musicians, photographers, and anyone else in need of a protective case will find it useful. 

It has a pressure release valve that takes care of changes in pressure. In addition, the seal will ensure your gear remains safely inside. 

It is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures. This means you can travel with it in any condition.

To increase security, you get dual padlock clasps with the IC-1500KK. This means you can lock it with your favorite padlock. 


  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Pressure release valve
  • Customizable


  • The foam is high density. This could also be a good thing. 

9. AmazonBasics

Amazonbasics 1
Amazonbasics 1

This is another beautiful protective case created for cameras, yet functional for musicians too. It comes with enough room to handle drumming accessories, brass gear, and many other things.

It is great that this case comes on three different sizes—however, even the larges one with compliant with most airline guidelines. 

I would not recommend it for a drum set, though. Even so, the interior is customizable, hence good for some accessories.

The inside comes with form squares that can be customized. And this should not be a problem when trying to fit other items apart from cameras. 

It is built with high-quality plastic, making it lightweight, yet protective. With these features, the AmazonBasics is good for heavy gear, and it comes to handle rough use. 


  • Good for airline travel 
  • Light but durable
  • Customization foam


  • It might not be a good solution for every musician. 

10. Duratool Max505S.079

Duratool Max505s.079 Case
Duratool Max505s.079 Case

DURATOOL is another brand that produces stylish, classy, and reliable carrying case. They are waterproof, so you can travel without worrying about rains. These cases will keep the contents inside safe through the journey.

They come in great versatility. Some are large enough to handle any large gear, while others are lightweight for easy portability and mobility. 

They also feature the addition of a valve that provided pressure equalization. This feature makes the case highly recommendable.

The interior is made with a layer of form with absorbs shock. This will ensure proper safety for your content. 

In terms of size, the stands case measures 555 by 428 by 211 mm. It is also made with lightweight material.

The Duratool Max 505S.079 is a stylish case blended with quality, protection, and a competitive price. Hence, you can keep your items safe and secure, even when you drop it accidentally.


  • Stylish 
  • Very durable 
  • Lightweight


  • It is not big enough for larger items.

Frequently asked questions

What is a pelican case used for?

A Pelican case is a protective case for carrying delicate equipment. They are made specifically to protect your gear when you are traveling on for storage purposes.

What is the Pelican case made of?

Pelican case is made with hard material on the outside that can withstand rough handling. They have been tested through the hardest conditions, including extreme heat and dropping.

They also feature waterproof and pressure release functionality. This means you can carry your equipment safely, even though the rain.

The inside features customizable high-quality form and egg-crate-style on the lid. These features cater for shock absorption. 

Generally, they feature polypropylene copolymer that has chemical resistant properties. This feature makes the case to withstand any condition. 

How waterproof are Pelican cases?

The Pelican case can sit inside more than 3ft of water for more than 30 minutes, yet not water will get inside. The locking latches are strong enough to keep them closed for as long as you want.


Pelican cases are the best solution for protecting your valuables against physical and environmental damage. This is very important for musicians, as you would want your investment to swallow water. However, the alternatives reviewed above are just are good. 

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