10 of the Best Drum Practice Pad in 2023

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A drum practice pad is definitely the gear you need when practising drums and sharpening your drumming skills. Constant drum practice will not only increase your drumming skills but will also help in growing your confidence as a musician on the stage.

Acoustic drums are very loud. Hence, they are not the best practice pads for drums and for rehearsals. Electronic practice drums, on the other hand, are silent, hence perfect for all situations. No wonder, many drummers, if not all, own at least one. 

So it’s vital to understand the importance of buying the right drum pad to practice at a convenient time the best and not be too noisy when you are practising. However, there are so many products on the market today that choosing the right one with the right price becomes overwhelming. Many people, especially beginners, don’t know where to start when choosing the right drum practice pad.

It can be frustrating, right? Well, don’t worry. This buying guide will help you with choosing the right one.

Drum pads have been around for a while now. Market leaders have been at the forefront of introducing technologies that look and sound terrific. Although they never use to sound good at first. Even I, never like the mechanical sound they produced.

However, there have been major improvements over the years. Manufacturers have tried to capture the needs of different drummers. Hence, the practice drum pad comes carrying various percussion sounds, including the snare and a complete drum set.

These pads are electrical. This means they are highly portable and will fit in any area, and is suitable for playing surfaces This is why they are highly recommended for learners as they are not only for practice but for learning too.

Think of it this way; you take your entire drum setup, roll it up into a small box and move around with it as if you are carrying nothing. As if that is not enough, you don’t just have one drum kit in the box, but several kits with varying tunes.

That is what drum practice pads are all about. They have everything you need to learn about drums. It is most commonly described as a simple table-top gadget that contains several snare drums, a snare stand basket with a rubber bottom, bass drums, and cymbals. 

This is why they are perfect for practice, as their name suggests. 

What Is A Drum Practice Pad?

Drum Practice Pad

A Drum Practice Pad is a portable drum set designed specifically to help practice quietly. They can also help you warm up in a corner before a performance without disturbing those around you with too much noise.  A drum practice pad, which is sometimes called a drum pad, has become an essential addition to a drummer’s gear.  Some drummers use them exclusively for practice and performance. Others, on the other hand, only use them in limited situations where they need playing surfaces to play music at low volume. 

What Is A Good Drum Practice Pad?

Drum Practice Pad Hands On Drums

A Good Drum Practice Pad is a great way to get started. Drum practice pads are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. There are also different types of rubber used on practice pads, so it is important to find the one that feels best for you. In this article, we will discuss the different types of drum practice pads and help you choose the one that is right for you!

No matter your level of expertise in drumming, we all agree that practice is vital. Even professional drummers with many years of experience, still practice before their performance. We would be looking at the best drum practice pads today – but before that, here are a few general features that make up a perfect one.

10 top Drum Practice Pads Reviewed in 2023

You need a set of drum practice pads with full configuration and sounds to practice effectively. Unfortunately, acoustic drum sets are loud because of their rubber pad. They are also very bulky, which makes it hard for beginners to gain the experience they need.

Especially If you live in a small apartment room – then you don’t want to make your neighbourhood noisy. And for those who live in luxurious homes, can find it difficult to accommodate large acoustic drums, and gear in their garage space.

Thankfully, there comes the emergence of innovative technological gear in the music industry. There has been so much development in the world of music, especially in the manufacturing of electronic drum gear and music software, and you can literally get anything.

The Drum practice pads are one of the many innovations. Most pros own or have at least heard about a drum practice pad. They are among the most incredible invention of modern society. And I am here to introduce you to these awesome products.

Now that you know what to look for in a drum practice pad, Here is a buying guide that will help you learn about the options you have on the market. Consider the following;

1. KIBAGA Drums 12-Inch Double-sided Practice Pad

71Nkngjlqnl. Ac Sl1500
71Nkngjlqnl. Ac Sl1500

KIBAGA Drums 12 Inch Double Sided Practice Pad

I like the KIBAGA company’s practice pad for its size and features. It is a 12-inch pad that comes with four different playing areas. Hence, it can accommodate the needs of every drummer. 

The innovation behind this pad is pretty impressive. Besides its small size, you can carry it anywhere as a marching percussion instrument.

The top side of the KIBAGA drum practice pad features a high-responsive silicon rubber. Around it, there is a double-sided responsive rim. Hence, you can expect both sides to produce sound. The bottom is rimless but denser and quieter. This part will ensure your pad does not move around when you are playing the rim.

The company added a polycarbonate insert that brought out a crisp emulation. And when you tune the snare tightly, it feels pretty impressive. The conditioning pad makes less rebound when you swap it in.

This technique can help develop your drumming style fast.

As you can see, the KIBAGA Drums 12-inch double-sided pad is close enough to a perfect practice solution. It will suit your drumming needs on any level. 

For back sticking and cross-sticking, this pad is pretty functional. You can make it your training pad.


  • It comes with four different 12-inch playing surface
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • One side has a responsive rim


  • Excessive usage causes the polycarbonate insert to dent

2. Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

Drumeo is a highly reputable drum and accessories manufacturer. They have been making some of the best products for some time now.

And the Drumeo P4 Practice Pad is a good example of what they can do. This is a pretty quality product that lets you get four different sounds altogether.

Are you looking for great versatility in a practice drum? Well, here is one that gives you that opportunity. You will love the accuracy and consistency build in this kit. It sounds way better than most other practice pads out there.

What is more? Drumeo allows the player to practice different stick handling and drumming techniques.

Of course, such features do not come cheap, making it one of the most expensive practice pads on the market.

The placement of the four pads is quite strategic. They let the drummer create and practice more realistic, drumming movements. Not very many drum practice pads let you work a snare pad( When to hit the snare, and how to hit depends on your playing style), cymbals, and toms. Even though the toms don’t sound like real ones, they still stimulate the right feel.

These are the features that make it popular among many drummers. 


  • Hand-made premium quality drum practice pad.
  • Standard gum rubber surface.
  • Quiet floor tom
  • Come with noise reduction technology.
  • Stimulates different drumming movements. This brings out a more realistic experience.


  • Quite expensive 
  • The tom pads do not sound real.

3. Vic Firth Practice Pad

Vic Firth Practice Pad

Vic Firth Practice Pad

This outstanding 12-inch practice pad by Vic-Firth is pretty amazing. In my opinion, double-sided practice pads with soft and hard gum rubber pad are greatly applicable, and this one is no different.

You don’t need to buy extra pads to serve you with different drumming styles and need. 

On the side is the soft rubber of the silent practice pad that lets you practice silently, allowing everyone else to sleep soundly. And the harder rubbers let you intensify your practice. It is perfect for those who easily get carried away.

The two sides on the Vic Firth exposes the drummer to different intensities. It all depends on your mood and what you want to produce.


  • A great practicing solution 
  • Premium quality rubber on both side
  • Double-sided


  • It is a bit too bouncy
  • Costly 
  • Quality issues have been reported from some users

4. Evans Double-sided Practice Pad

Drum Practice Pad Evans Double Sided
Evans Double Sided Practice Pad

Evans is one of the brands that have been coming up pretty first. Hence, I did not have any doubt that the Evans 2-sided practice pad would be an excellent option for me. 

Because of its large playing surfaces, you can easily carry it in a classic snare bag. I am pretty impressed with its gray finish and the fabric. It is greatly durable with wear-tear resistance. 

If you are looking for quiet playing needs, you will find this gray side, pretty helpful. And for those who want louder sounds with less bounce, the backside should do the trick. Each of these sides is great for any performance. You get all the benefits of a two-sided drum practice pad. You don’t need to buy two different pads.

In other words, this is a drum practice pad that will not only provide great performance but also save you some bucks. 


  • It comes with versatile functionality. It is hence perfect for learners to get a feel of two sides.
  • It is not too small or too large—just a perfect size for all drummers.
  • Portable


  • Many customers have complained about quality issues with this product. There is an irritating chemical smell as well as visible glue marks.
  • A bit heavier.

5. Mowind 12-inch Practice Pad

Mowind Drum Practice Pad 10 Inch
Mowind Drum Practice Pad 10 Inch

This is a 10-inch practice pad that is highly recommendable. For a beginner, it comes with everything you need to get from the feeling of great drumming. 

It comes with a very appealing visual appearance, and it is odorless. You will not get any chemical smells to ruin your mood as you would with a most similar product.

However, it is not a two-sided practice pad. For this reason, you may not enjoy the versatility, like what you get from the Evans above.

Also, I was very disappointed that Tosnail is a bit too bouncy, compared to other products. Nevertheless, it is pretty cool to play.

Another great thing about this pad is how durable it is. You can be sure to play it for a long time without requiring a replacement.

It features a pair of 5A drum sticks. They are not as well built and sturdy, but they do what they are made for. Well, the fact that you won’t need to buy drumsticks initially should be encouraging.

Generally, this is one practice drum pad I would recommend to any beginner. It comes with all you need to set your gear in place. Even though it is not double-sided, the one side still serves just fine.

But if you need something more versatile, I would recommend you go for something else.


  • A tranquil drum pad
  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Highly affordable.


  • Single-sided
  • The blue coating peels off pretty first 
  • Low-quality drumsticks.

6. Remo Tunable RT-0008-00

Remo Tunable Rt 0008 00

Remo Tunable Rt 0008 00

For a beginner, it is understandable if you don’t want to spend too much on the practice. In that case, this tunable practice pad will be great for you.  

And the best part is, these pads come with three different sizes. You can choose the 6-inch, 8-inch, or the 10-inch option.

Also, it is fully tunable. This means you can get the exact bounce you want. Also, you will love the bottom material, which is coated with a gum rubber. That means it will not slip or scratch the surface under. You can place it anywhere, and the feel will not change.

I would highly recommend the Remo for kids and beginners. Those who don’t care about fancy material and features will find this product quite a fit.

You should agree that we need such simple products. I mean, we have so many complicated drums today that sometimes it is just confusing. 

Besides, not everybody likes to spend a fortune on something nobody will hear you play.


  • The Remo is available in 6, 8, or 10-inch. This means it is greatly versatile.
  • It is tunable. This lets you set it to any level you wish.
  • Anti-slip/scratch rubber bottom.
  • It is a good budget product.


  • It is pretty basic, with limited features.
  • It is recommended for beginners and kids. 

7. Offworld Percussion Invader V3

Offworld Percussion Invader V3 1

Offworld Percussion Invader V3 1

Are you the kind of player who likes large and sturdy products? In that case, you will love Offworld percussion invaders. And I think you should put it first on your list.

It comes with an advanced rubber polymer surface. This feature has been chosen specifically in place of Kevlar-style feel.

 In addition, the bottom surface features DarkMatter. This feature ensures you can practice your pad without worrying about slipping while in use.

Consider also that the rim is greatly sensitive. The rim generates a real simulation of snare playing. It gives you superior shots with top-quality sound. 

You will also be glad to know the rim is unbreakable. And yet, it is gentle enough to produce meaningful sounds when you strike. The best part is, you can strike it without worrying about damaging your practice pads. 

And if you wish to play without the rim, you can still do it. This piece comes with two-sided functionality. The bottom surface works just as great as the top.

In terms of portability, this kit will fit inside a classic 14-inch snare basket.


  • It comes with advanced polymer on the surface.
  • It stimulates a real drum.
  • You can play without the rim,
  • The rim is gentle, yet unbreakable.


  • It is a bit costly.

I would highly recommend this piece for something which needs a drum practice pad that feels real. It is large and studies, which makes it quite applicable.

8. Donner Drum Practice Pad 8 Inches

Donner Drum Practice Pad 8 Inches
Donner Drum Practice Pad 8 Inches

Here is another great recommendation for those in need of quality practice time. The Donner Drum is a 8-inch practice drumming pad that offers a great bounce and feel.

I like it because it is tunable. If you are like me, who want to create my own perfect sound, then this is the pad you should check out. 

The rim is made of wood, which is great. Also, it still serves a great purpose with the pad.

The bottom comes with anti-slip material. Therefore, you can play comfortably without worrying about the pad sliding away.

It comes with a pair of drumsticks and a carrying bag. But you can buy more expensive drumsticks if you wish to play them to the best performance. 

Note that the sticks don’t fit inside the bag. You can buy another bag for your sticks.


  • A eight-inch side pad is fit for different drumming needs.
  • It is one of the most affordable drum practice pads.
  • Good for beginners.
  • The bottom is anti-slip.


  • The rim is wood.

You will also like it because it feels like a classic, standard drum practice pad. It does not have any special features, but that does not mean it is bad either. 

9. Sabian QTM10

Sabian Qtm10

Sabian Qtm10

This 10-inch drum practice pad from Sabian may be the best the market has to offer. It comes with specially designed and developed mesh drum heads. This means you get the sounds like that of a real snare drum. The only difference is how quiet it is.

The best part is, it doesn’t compromise the feeling of a real drum while maintaining a quiet environment without disturbing your neighbors with too much noise. 

Apart from replicating the sound of a real snare, this practice drum kit is tunable. You can change the tension of the head. You might not feel the change in pitch, only in the bounce.


  • Lightweight with great quality.
  • 10-inch.
  • They are designed with mesh.
  • Extremely silent 
  • Good for tuning.


  • Quite expensive   

10. HUN Silicone Drum Practice Pads 12 Inch

6149S7Stl1L. Ac Sl1500
6149S7Stl1L. Ac Sl1500

HUN Silicone Drum Practice Pads 12 Inch

This is one of the few drum practice pads that come with a difference. With other practice pads coming with a rubber, or something else, this drum kit is made with silicone. 

Silicone is non-toxic. This is why I think it is a big plus, in addition to being very durable.

The HUN Silicone measure 12 inches in diameter. This is a pretty great size. It can fit in your snare basket; hence, you can carry it around easily. It is one of the softest practices pads you will find. This means it features great bounciness and responsiveness. 

The pad is available in grey and red. We all have our favorite colors. There is a carrying bag included.

In a nutshell, I like silicone material. It is quiet and of the best quality. You can also pick your favorite color.


  • 12-inch drum pad.
  • Red and green options.
  • Silicone pads.
  • It comes with bags.


  • Expensive. 

What do you need in a practice drumming pad?

1) Many sounds 

Practicing to play drum requires a high level of versatility. So you should be looking for, especially if you are a novice, a pad with a friendly control interface, and a good price.

The aim here is to easily access the drum kits and sounds that perfectly fit the genre you are playing for since drumming has different styles. Hence, Drum pad helps a drummer work with music from different genres like jazz, rock, a classic of pop music.  This helps a beginner learn about the different styles on the market today. You can be sure to meet everything you practice in real-life performances. 

And this means you want a practice drum pad that is both affordable and useful. I always advise beginners and experienced drummers to pick pads that are two-sided.

It comes with one of its sides being soft, bouncy, and quiet while the other side is hard, but this can be a bit challenging to play – and it is louder. Several brands make these two-sided pads because they are great at improving your stick handling skills. A more obvious advantage of this two-sided practice drum is that it helps you practice with both options. Also, it is an excellent way to save some money, since you will not need to buy different pads. 

One-sided pads are good as well. However, they may be more costly, considering you are only getting one side.

2) Compact and portable

For those who live in a dorm, or an apartment, you may not have enough room to carry in a whole acoustic drum set. But the practice pad will give you the opportunity to get more familiar with the different drumming styles.

Still, there are some pads that will not fit such needs. Hence, you want to go for something that lightweight and highly portable. I always recommend to beginners that they begin with practice pads before upgrading to a fully electronic kit or an acoustic set. The pad will get them acquainted with some basics of drum playing.

3) Near-silent

The reason you want a drum practice pad in the first place is that you don’t want to disturb your neighbors with too much noise. Also, when you are at home, your family members may feel offended if you disturb them with too much noise. Hence, you need a drum practice pad playing surfaces with a gum rubber surface and a gum rubber pad.

Many of the practice pads on the market come with nearly a silent functionality. They don’t make noise like regular drums. Still, there is variation in the practice pads.

There are those whose vibrations don’t make any sound, while others can still make a thudding sound, which can be irritating to some people around you but this is always in the material they are made with. 

Do I Need A Drum Practice Pad?

Yes you do need a Drum Practice Pad. First, it is very convenient. Since it is very portable, you can carry the drum set anywhere you want. You don’t always need to assemble and disassemble the pad. This means you can leave your real drums in one room and use the practice pad to keep up with your sessions. Also, they are reticent. This means you will not disturb your neighbours with loud drumming. At the same time, you will be able to practice anywhere. For those who live in apartment homes, you need such a piece. 

How Do Drum Practice Pads Work?

Using a drum practice pad is pretty basic. First, you need to get your hands on a quality practice drum pad. Then, all you have to do is carrying it with you anywhere.
The pads come with two sides made from rubber, silicone, mesh or similar material. You play them just like you would play real drums. The softer side is for lighter drumming styles. But for vigorous genres, like rock, the harder side should do well. On the negative side, a drum practice pad is not a real instrument. You cannot perform with it anywhere, and it will not feel the same when you pick a real drum kit. 


All in all, a practice pad is essential. Even professional drummers use it.

A drumming pad is an essential accessory for drummers. Finding some time to practice your skills without interruption can be hard, but a silent pad should resolve that issue. It is all about being able to keep up with your skills. 

I hope the list above has something that fits your needs.

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