Rega ELEX-R Best Review in 2023

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I am a huge fanatic of Rega products. That is why I couldn’t wait before getting my hands on their new Elex-R integrated amplifier as soon as it was introduced.

But writing this product review was not a cakewalk. Not because it’s terrible, it’s just that Rega products offer so many features that it takes a long time to test them all out. Besides, I got so caught up in listening to the sound of the Elex-R that I never felt like stopping.

This Rega review is all about the features that come with the best stereo amplifier and how spectacular it sounds when playing your favorite music.

The Rega ELEX-R features both the Brio-R and the Elicit-R, making this model a hybrid. This version is a high level product that takes the combination of their best features and design. Its performance is greatly upgraded, bearing 90Watts into 6 ohms power rating.

Features The Rega Elex-R

The Elex-R is the first six-ohm rating that is channels driven that I have ever seen in all my years of covering audio products. The output power 72-5 watts into eight ohms compares better with other amps; this is why it can also be used for other speakers. Many audio components in the market today focus so much on detail that they lose the musical message. You will hardly find high resolution and great musicality in one product. Rega Elex-R has achieved this because they seem to understand more about consumer needs, thus meeting market demands. The 72-5w doesn’t have the power to shake rooms but is on quite a high level compared to it’s competitors. There’s isn’t any type of digital input level, but rather a MM phono stage instead.

Positioning is a huge factor in customer satisfaction. It’s not enough to just have all the details and features right. It’s also about being about to coherently present your product. 

Rega is a company that has invested more in consumer needs. Hence, they have managed to stay relevant to most consumers. This is why the Elex-R does not come with the latest bells and whistles. But it includes everything you need. Thus you may never need to get another amplifier for a long time. 

I like Rega more for its minimalrega elex-r  concept. When it received its first award in 2014, it was because of how much they cared about simplicity in their high-end products.

This has caused Rega to unleash this new product different from what everyone was expecting. Instead of the best technological features, Rega focused on simplicity and masterful design, placing them on their own level.

The design

Today, the fashion for integrated amplifiers has gone away from the phono stage. There is no better choice than Rega products if you are looking for the best sounds from your turntables. Phono stage offers a connection between the amplifier and record player.

Expect reliable and high-quality sound equipment from Rega, because it has proved it over the years. Think of the muscles in the elex-r integrated amplifier and you know I am talking about here. This kit has received a lot of traction across the market. It paved the way for the Elicit-R, which could be considered a great success over the years. From the 1990s, since creating its first little amp, Rega has remained consistent with its simple construction. It’s latest version comes with mini remote handset and bears some resemblance to its predecessor, only this one is much improved. 

The first thing I spotted upon receiving my Elex-R was the square power button. This is something I have not seen in many of their products. But it’s not perfectly aligned to the front panel. It’s quite odd, but it adds to the minimalistic concept that I initially spoke of. One power button is much better than a bunch of buttons with little purpose. Also, the top and bottom plates have rough surfaces. You may not discover this until you take a closer look. Overall, the finish is impeccable. It has a simple design that offers excellent sounds and easy to operate. 

The inside of this full-sized amplifier bears a big transformer that feeds 90 watts per channel into 6ohm. It also loads 72-5w channels driven into 8 ohms. It seems quirky, but Rega is known for innovation. You get four-line output power 72-5w in the rear, a moving magnet phono section, and a set of preamp/record outputs. There is nothing for the headphones; you may need to look at other options if you want this feature. The amp includes a mini remote handset that can be used for selecting a source, adjusting passive volume control, and muting the amp. You can also use the mini remote with Rega’s digital sources. Rega says the Elex-R includes combined feedback and passive volume control to offer proper matching per channel level.

The enhanced power supply is another thing worth noting. Rega describes it as a hybrid of the two previous designs. The amp bears a considerable resemblance to the Elicit-R in terms of cosmetics. This makes the player incredibly useful and high level. I was recently reviewing the vintage Naim kit and couldn’t help but notice how its finish resembles the modern Rega casework’s level. Even the sonic character is quite similar. But Rega boasts a higher power and finesse, differentiating itself from its competitors. This upgrade justifies a higher price in the market. 


Some of us like the traditional look and feel of amplifiers more. This is why Rega will always remain a favorite to many audio enthusiasts. It is a fully analog amplifier with no digital inputs. You get an excellent quality MM phono stage that produces high-quality sounds from $1000 turntables. The circuitry is relatively silent, which makes it keep all the good sonic points in check. It comes with only four line inputs, one tape out, and a single preamp for those who need some more muscle. Most purists’ stereo setups will find these features more than enough, especially the phono stage. One thing that does not appear right is the lack of a built-in headphone out. Many rival amps have included this feature.


If you are familiar with Rega’s range of amplifiers, you will find the Elex-R’s character is very common. In terms of sound production, it delivers more than what you get from this price range.

The amplifier delivers a fast, subtle sound that is rhythmically on point. It is everything you can expect from modern technology.I started using channels driven from my Maggies, and it has some difficulty picking up. If you push it as far as it can go, it performs reasonably well. However, this causes some straining when pushed too hard. I listened to some pieces by Dire Straits and Patricia Barber, among others, and it sounds exceptionally smooth and open.


  • Rega is an excellent brand with a proven track record
  • This is an agile and articulate performer that is perfect for any music genre
  • It comes with an ability for rhythmic dynamism
  • A great phono stage
  • Excellent output power 72-5w channels driven into 8 ohms
  • Little or no combined feedback


  • No headphone amp
  • No remote handset


I highly recommend the Rega Elex-R integrated amplifier for any audiophile seeking a high-quality and easy-to-use channel driven device. Despite its affordable price point, the Elex-R offers 72-5w into 8 ohms of power, making it a market standard in its category.

However, it may not be the best fit for those who require more power or frequently use headphones. We hope that this review has provided valuable insight into the Rega Elex-R and assisted in your purchasing decision.

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