Comprehensive Roland TD30KV Review

Roland is of the brand that comes with a hefty price tag. And that leaves me to wonder whether their value can justify this.

I have been keenly observing their market capitalization. One can easily admit the brand has made a name for itself.

Roland has become a household name among the drumming community. They allegedly produce top quality drum kits – acoustic and electronic. And the Roland TD30KV is one of their latest and finest kits.  

Overview of this review

Electronic drum sets are quite complex in every sense. This is because manufacturers create different options compared to acoustic drums sets to meet different drumming needs.

This means a buyer has to look at the specifications, features, and performance before buying their desired choice. And this is just before they look at the price tag.

In this guide and review, I will cover everything you need to know about the TD30KV. This includes specifications, features, performance, value, and then give my unbiased rating.

But before we get into that …

Where can you buy an electronic drum kit?

Buying an electronic drum kit is quite exciting. These sets have become very popular with the modern drumming community because they offer a better alternative to for varying drumming needs. For instance, they have volume control capability, which is suitable for those seeking quiet practicing time.

Because of this, there are many brands and dealers in electronic drum sets. Hence, it can be overwhelming to first-time buyers.

The most important thing to consider is your drumming needs. In other words, look at why you need an electronic drum set and compare it to the level of your expertise.

A drum set like the TD30KV, in this case, for instance, is built to experience drummers and professional gigging. It may not be, therefore, a good idea for a beginner to invest in such.

And once you have defined your needs, you can now research on the best brands. We have companies like Yamaha, Roland, DW, BDC, and others who are known for building great drumming needs.

From here, you are ready to look at different sources out there. I put drum shopping in two categories: Brick and mortar stores and online shopping.

  • Physical stores. One of the best ways to get an e-drum is through brick and mortar stores. With this, you can try out the drums until you get the right one. But the biggest disadvantage is that you may have to travel a long distance before finding the right store.
  • Online shopping. No one can argue against the impact technology has created on the entire world. Shopping today is easier than ever, thanks to the internet. Buying electronic drums sets online is great because they get delivered at your doorstep. Besides, you are exposed to a wide range of suppliers. Online that now you cannot try out the product before buying.

Generally, you can buy these drum sets anywhere you like, as long as it is convenient.

Just be sure to understand the features of an excellent e-drum set.

And here, Roland’s TD30K is a good example of high-end specs in electronic drums. Let’s have a look.

About the Roland TD30KV

I was not sure whether it was the price tag or the value that was attractive wit this kit. But I could already tell it is an excellent piece just from a natural look.

It is important to note that the TD30K is not sold in most stores anymore. There are only a few stores that have it. And therefore, if you really want is, this store may be a great place to check.

Roland Td 30kv

The kit features a more than professional look with a solid rack, and great drum pads, making it look more like a real acoustic drum.

In terms of both their surface and depth, every component of this set looks real. And it comes with a fantastic module.

Note, however, that it does not come with a hi-hat stand or the double bass pedal.

It is not just the physical appearance that impresses in the Roland TD 30KV. Perhaps the craftsmanship and dedication that seem to have gone into this drum set should tell you something more.

From the box, you will get:

  • Five trigger pads
  • Four cymbal pads
  • Counting gear for the components
  • The module
  • Input/ output audio cables

Key features and Specs

The drum pads

I love the TD 30KV’s trigger pads. They are made to sound a lot more like real drums. And this is why they are not with a rubber-like the case of many beginner electronic kits.

They are not created with mylar either. Mylar is used in making acoustic drum heads. But in this case, the drummer expects electronic drum pads to be quieter.

Hence, the pads on the Roland TD30KV are built with mesh, a woven material that absorbs physical sound. You still have to strike the pad for the production of noise. And the sound modules translate every strike into the sound you want at the volume you set.

The point is, the pad on this drum set is quieter, but the sound fantastic. Also, Roland has tried making larger pads, which makes the setting a lot more like acoustic ones. And this is a wonderful feature, especially when you want to change to acoustic drumming.


I really love the way the Roland TD30KV sounds. It features supernatural sounding with behavior modeling. This is something you will not get in many entry-level kits.

The kit does not come with sampling loops. This is because it uses the SuperNATURAL and behavior modeling technology.

This simply means you a new and unique sound every time the stick lands on the pad. This is a feature of an acoustic kit.

This feature operates without the need for human interruption. From the price of the kit, you can expect a load of customization features to play around with, all under the sound module.

So if you are a drummer looking to try electronic drum kits without having to give up the feeling and sound of acoustic drums, this is the set for you. What is more, you can set up the kit to sound like any kind of kit you want.

You can always alternate your drumming needs between different sound setup to get what you want. This is to say you don’t only get great acoustic features, but you can build any type of kit to fit the genre you are playing in.

The module

Every electronic drum kit comes with a sound module. And the module or the “brain,” has labeled buttons that provided different services.

TD 30KV’s module has eight levers. They are used in controlling the ‘fade’ of the pads you hit. Each pad has a different control lever, allowing you to set individual pads appropriately.

Roland Td 30kv

It also has an LCD screen. This screen allows you to view all the other applications and parameters you may need to adjust.

At first, I found the module interface seemingly complicated. But I used some practice and tutorial videos until I was able to customize the kit appropriately. If you are a beginner, this may be one of the things that will give you some hard-thinking.

Adjusting the Roland TD30KV sound was a bit complex at first. But I had to find a way of personalizing it to my favorite content.

First, I adjusted different features of the sounds I chose for individual pad trigger.

  • Shell depth. This feature allows you to increase the depth or length of the shell. For example, you get a much deeper, with heavy undertones sound when you increase the range of the kick drum.
  • Beater type. It lets you switch the type of beater you want emulated, like plastic, wood, e.t.c.
  • Sound muffling. You can use multiple sounds, muffling values available to set a precise tone.
  • Resonance/Mic position. Just like in an acoustic kit, you can change the microphone position. This is important in adjusting the way sound resonates with each hit. For example, increasing resonance means a higher sustain.

I also tweaked the reverb settings to customize the general sound. In this case, setting up the kit becomes a fun activity.

  • Hi damp Freq (Hz). Hi frequency dampening is great in stimulating warm sounds. It reduces the impact of high frequencies in sound, making it sound like a room with a lot of wood, pillow, blankets, and similar things.
  • Hi damp (%). This works concerning the overall sound of the kit.
  • Mid damp freq (Hz). The middle dampening frequency works just like the high frequency dampening feature above. The only difference is that it works on mid frequencies making most of the sound audible.
  • Low cut frequency. This feature determines the lowest frequency the kit will be producing.

There is a lot more you can do with the Roland TD 30KV module. The options above are the most basic and will help you set your kit more appropriately.

Things I liked about the kit

  • The outward appearance of the Roland TD30KV is outstanding. It looks a lot like an acoustic setup.
  • Impressive performance. In terms of sound production and performance, I haven’t seen any other e-drum set like this.
  • State-of-the-art tech. Roland is a brand dedicated to innovating cutting edge technology. And this kit proves just what they can do.
  • Professional drum set. It is useful in playing, rehearsing, and recording, among other things.

What I didn’t like

  • The drum kit is very expensive. And taking that it does not come with a warranty, this can be a major setback.
  • The kit is not good for beginners.

Who the TD30KV is for

Well, from the description and the feature above, I think it is pretty obvious who needs it. The drum kit offers a wide range of options, and there is nothing left out.

Therefore, if you are looking for a great on-stage experience or studio performance backed with high-quality sounds, here is a kit that won’t disappoint. The kit comes with top-quality sound gives you a more realistic feel.

In short, the TD 30KV from Roland is a kit for experienced and professional drum beaters. It helps them unleash their creativity and tap into opportunities of electronic drumming.

It offers an excellent chance for easy transitioning from electronic to acoustic and vise versa.

Who the kit is not for

This kit is quite complex. Hence, it can be overwhelming for some drummers, even experts.

And feel like it would be a significant waste of money and a quality kit in the hands of beginners. They don’t need all the customizations and nuances this kit provides.


Well, if you are looking for something that will still give you great sound without using rubber pads, I suggest you find among similar products as the Roland TD 30KV. And there are plenty on the market.

For those who cannot handle the complicated settings of this kit, you may want to check out the Roland TD25KV. It is still a wonderful option, only that it is less advanced. It does not have the same customization level as the TD 30KV. Still, it offers natural sound feel while ensuring affordability.

Roland Td 25 Kvx
Roland Td 25 Kvx

Also, Yamaha DTX760K is an outstanding choice. Yamaha is a reputable brand, and this is one of the best electronic drum gears. It offers drummers with the benefits and enjoyment of all 3-zone DTX-pads. And the best part is its affordability.

Alesis is another brand on the same level as Yamaha and Roland. Hence, there Crimson II  is a great alternative. This kit is outstanding not only in terms of physical appearance but in its price.

My Verdict

The design quality and structure of the Roland TD30KV caught my attention first. It comes with a brilliant sound module that can produce a vast extension of sound variations, enabling you to create the sound you want.

Its SuperNATURAL sound and consistent behavior are all a drummer’s needs for exceptional performance. It gives the ‘real feel’ of an acoustic set during a performance, studio recording, or practice time.

I only have an issue with the price. And I think it is really impressive for drummers seeking the best of both worlds.

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  1. The Roland TD30KV (Hi-Rez Exclusive Edition) is an unmatched, all-around controller for recording, rehearsing, production, DJing and live performance. It was developed to be the perfect controller for With Roland’s V-Moda TD30KV we get 16 voices of synthesis, along with midi-controller support, built-in sounds and presets and USB. Why not upgrade your instrument on the cheap? Reimagined TD30KV is a bass amp-like drum machine that gives you up to 48 presets and a host of sounds built around its semi-modular TD-30KV-SYNTH engine. It will look alike the As well as the level of sound variety that a vocalist can find in their own rack, you can also control the voices via MIDI, and build your own sounds from the low-end through to the upper octaves, with patch recall and whatever you need.

    • Hey Rolad TD Lover, I love upgrades, I think they are the best way to mae your drum set better, but I am really new to this whole process. Check my steps on upgrades. I show pictures of everything and how I do it. If you have any questions about anything, just ask! I am always willing to help you and teach you how to do anything on your drums. With all of my words, my videos and my products, I can get you more than what you need to be great, I will show you how to earn that money that you need to get you the drums you want for less! If you are interested, just let me know! I will be happy to talk to you.

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