The Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Kit Review

Electronic drums are, without a doubt, the best models in terms of silent playing. Sound is generated electrically through a sound model, giving you better volume control than you would find with acoustic models. The Roland TD-50KV is one market best in this category.

It is a flagship electronic drum set by Roland that comes with the latest technological advancement. The playability of this differs in many ways from the TD-50K, mostly from the pads and cymbals. Also, it is more than 50% more costly.

In this review, I will be looking at the best features of the TD-50KV as an elite drum set.

Who is the Roland TD-50KV for?

As stated above, this is Roland’s flagship e-drum kit that comes with improved features. Roland is one of the brands dedicated to discovering new frontiers in the e-drumming industry. As such, you can expect the most advanced technology from this kit.

Based on its size and price, this kit is designed for professional touring drums and advanced drummers. It comes with the capability for recording and studio production.

And because you can switch the sounds and alter their quality, this set is perfect for any modern drummer seeking different sound textures.

However, I would not recommend it for beginners. You don’t need all the complexities of this set if you are just beginning out.

Besides, is it costly. This means one should invest only when they are sure about their investment. Advanced drummers can use it for live performance, home practicing, and studio recording.

Also, if you are looking for a drum that offers you a smooth transition to acoustic models, I would suggest you try out this one. It comes with a beautiful setting to provide a similar feel you would expect from traditional drums.

Roland Td 50kv

About the Roland TD-50KV

No one can deny that Roland is one of the best e-drum manufacturers in the world. The TD-50KV is one of the latest models that come with improved features.

In the box, you will get:

  • One TD-50 V-drums sound module
  • One PD-140DS digital snare pad
  • One PD-108-BC tom V-pad
  • Two PD-128 tom V-pads
  • One VH-13 Hi-hat
  • One CY-18DR ride Cymbal
  • One CY-14C Crash
  • One CY-15R ride/crash
  • One KD-140-BC Kick drum
  • One MDS-50KV drum rack

The drum-tec “silent Pack”

The TD-50KV e-drums set from Roland comes with noise-absorbing components that dampen the transmission impact of noises. This makes the drum quieter. The drum-tec pack in the Roland TD-50KV includes:

Roland Td 50kv
  • A sound-absorbing beater newly developed and patent. It uses the combination of special dampening materials the drum heads.
  • The pedalmat sound-absorbing features reduce noise in the pedal by a considerable amount.
  • RackFeet sound absorption that replaces the normal rack-feet-stoppers. They come with newly developed and patent stoppers that reduce noise transmitted through the Drum Rack greatly.

Their features are like what you get from standard electronic drum sets. Only that Roland has greatly focused on making better adjustments.

Features of the Roland TD-50KV

Drums and Pads

The Roland TD-50KV is a five-piece electronic drum set. It comes with four cymbals pads, the hi-hat, ride, and two crash.

The snare is the same size as you would find on the TD-50K, which is Roland’s best. It is a PD-140-DS, measuring 14 inches and fully mesh. Hence, it looks and works just like a real acoustic kit. It is also free-floating, which is quite applicable alongside a conventional snare stand.

I liked it that Roland has improved the response well in the TD-50 module. It has more triggers than previous versions.

Also, there is a great improvement on the rim, now able to produce a huge range of different rim sounds. You play variations from low and deep, depending on where the stick lands.

Even better, the PD-140-DS can pick the difference between a normal stroke and a buzz roll without changing.

The toms are a significant improvement from the TD-50K too. I have one PD-108-BC, a 10-inch super sensitive pad. It features in the same category as the PD-140-DS snare.

It allows for many different sounds on the super-real rim. Hence, rolls feel and sound more realistic than what you get in many e-sets in the same price range. It has improved triggering that alternate between the same samples, eliminating the overly consistent machine-gun-like sound.

Two PD-128-BC pads work as floor tomes. They are bigger, 12 inches, and stand to any side of the snare. They are the best toms from Roland.

The bass drum is another upgrade you will love. It is bigger than the KD-120-BK of the TD-50K. Although heavier, it feels more like any other model from Roland.

The cymbals

The TD-50KV features VH-13 hi-hat, the older brother of the VH-11 in the TD-50K. This hi-hat is a wonderful piece of technology with more realistic sounding. It is fully mountable, and its sensors are stronger.

I enjoyed playing the pad as it is comfortable. For those who love realism, this is one option you will enjoy.

Along with the hi-hat, the ride cymbals are another expressive and versatile instrument that comes with this kit. It is wonderful that Roland invested greatly in upgrading this kit.

The TD-50KV comes with bigger crash cymbals, same as better toms and hi-hat. They come as CY-14C and CY-15R, all two inches bigger than what you get in most other kits.

The crashes offer an excellent response, which includes sensitivity and playing, more like acoustic cymbals. As such, one can create genuine sounding cymbal swells. This is something that has never been achieved before.

On the CY-15R is an additional cymbal bell response. This was built to work as a ride cymbal pad. With these features, you get a more realistic sound than you would in earlier versions.


The TD-50KV comes with great and sturdy hardware. You will discover that everything has been designed to meet the needs of modern drummers.

Since the drum bass is heavier and feels more like an acoustic, you would expect to get a stronger hold. This is why the kit comes with two large and solid legs one ether side. They keep upright and in place.

The pads rack strong enough to ensure everything stays in place while you play. Hence, you can enjoy long hours of beating without feeling strained.


The TD-50 drum module has been widely commended for its exceptional looks and performance. It is the same one you would find with the TD-50K.

However, it comes with ultra-sensitive drums. This makes it sound to produce better sounds than the earlier versions.

Because of the multi-zone triggering on the drum and cymbal pads, the module can pick and select the most appropriate sample for every occasion. You don’t have to change manually.

The internal storage in the module is quite impressive. It is three times larger than what you find with the TD-30. Also, it features a card reader that can support up to 32GB SD-HC.

Even better, the drummer can layer the samples with the built-in samples. This is a feature that can create a beautiful sound production.

The module features an LED display and buttons that can change the color you play.

Other notable features

One of the greatest things I enjoyed with the TD-50KV is optimum control and connectivity. And this is the feature that makes it great for professional use.

There are large faders on the sound module to control the level of each drum. This means you can work with each pad independently.

Also, you get a host of other control knobs for altering effects as you wish.

In addition, there is a USB and MIDI connectivity. You can hook the module to your computer and capture your performance for editing later.


  • You get the best of bother worlds as it comes with superior sounds and maximum playability.
  • Each pad can be controlled separately.
  • Big pads that offer a real feel


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of TD-50KV is the discouraging price tag. Not many people are just ready yet to invest in such equipment.


If you feel like the Roland TD-50KV is not the e-drum set you are looking for, there are alternatives.

Roland TD-30KV is a great kit to consider. It comes with almost similar traits as the TD-50KV. Although it is not any less expensive, it offers a great approach to electronic drumming. Besides, the TD-30 module is highly applauded as it comes with highly impressive sounds.

Also, the Yamaha DTX60K e-drum is another competitive kit. It comes with almost the same features, only perhaps a bit on the higher side. Besides, it has larger and more natural three-zone pads. However, it is more expensive.

Alesis is another brand that makes high quality affordable e-drum sets. Hence, you may want to check out the Alesis Strike Pro as well. The kit is a huge improvement from earlier versions, featuring better sound production.


In the electronic drum industry, I find Roland TD-50KV extremely competitive. It has all the features and elements a drummer would expect in a drum set, combined with beauty for an excellent performance.  

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  1. The Roland TD-50KV Electronic Drum Kit is a fully-featured kit that can be loaded with up to 16MB of sounds and loops for little money. You can also take full advantage of Roland’s gear-upgrade and reuse programs to further expand the TD-50KV’s potential, or

    While the TD-50KV’s .2GB of built-in sounds and loops won’t be all that helpful for many bassists, its two microphone channels plus its two drum processing modules will be plenty for most any drummer. In addition to its (definitely more affordable than the pricey EXP-50V, which has just one mic channel) there are three stomp

    • Hey Zeppelin Fan, good one. I really think that the Roland TD-50V and the Roland TD-25-KW are interesting models. Of course, the drum module power is different, as both have different potential and power!


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