Rotel RA1592 Best Review in 2023

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Rotel RA-1592 integrated amplifier is among the moderately priced entry-level product category on the market with subwoofer outputs. This market is getting crowded by many reputable companies, like Devialet, Nam, and Parasound, among others.

But Rotel amps have become a preferable choice by consumers because of its impressive modern, high-value, high-performance products like the roetal ra 1592 integrated amplifier using their subwoofer outputs. For several years, the brand has been making its mark in the market, making consumers feel like they finally have something to count on especially with their new amplifier section and custom integration features with inputs including the 32-bit 768khz ip control.

The Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier is one of the best stereo amplifiers today. Costing close to $2500, this gadget offers service beyond expectation with crazy sound ranges that beat others in this price range.

In summary, it is:

  • A highly attractive alternative to more expensive ones. The amplifier rotel ra-1592 features high-quality cables with high-end functionality.
  • The rotel ra-1592 offers neutrality and resolution, just in the right measure. No listener will feel any fatigue using the ra-1592.

What makes the best amp?

There are so many amplifiers on the market today. As music needs keep surging, consumers are looking for different ways to get the best out of their audio needs.

Manufacturers are rushing to produce some attractive features just to pull consumers to their side. This is why it gets overwhelming, even for experienced buyers.

But that does not mean to you just go for anything that seems nice. It is vital to pick the right amplifier if you want to enjoy more.

Here are some features that make an amplifier good.

Power output

One of the features the defines, even the price of an amplifier, is the power. In other words, what type of speakers can it handle without fatigue?

If you are looking for a high-end choice, then you should be thinking about 200 WPC @8Ohms and above. But this is just according to your needs.

For instance, the Rotel in this review comes with this power. It is, therefore, very strong and can handle all types of loads.

But it is not all about the most potent amplifier for powerful output. You need to consider your needs too.

This means your speakers and area of application should determine the amplifier to go for. It will not make sense to but a high-end amplifier for simple home speakers. It may overpower the speakers and produce unpleasant sounds.

On the other sound, buying a weak amplifier for heavy speakers does not help in any way. It will only end up hurting the speaker.

The ins and outs

Amplifiers are necessary for connective audio devices. For this reason, you need to consider one that comes with all the necessary inputs and outputs.

For analog Ins, look for single-ended, balanced, MM phono signal to noise ratio, and similar features. This will enable you to get the most desirable sound quality.

Also, digital inputs matter along. In most cases, the basic ones include up to 192kHs 24 bit and coaxial ins.

Other inputs like USB, Auxiliary, subwoofer, headphones, and RCA should also be important. It is all about having a fully functional audio system.

Sound quality

Amplifiers have become very necessary audio output devices in many situations today. And this is why sound quality matters a lot.

Ensure that once you connect the speaker, there will be no noise or any interactions that reduce the audio quality. You want your music to come out as clearly as possible.

Many manufactures include so many features in their products, which don’t make sense if you are not getting satisfactory sounds. It would be best to have fewer features with uncompromised sounds.

Note, however, that you may have to dig deeper into your pockets for this. But do it carefully because quality does not always mean expensive.

About the Rotel RA1592

Rotel seemed to be the most attractive brand back in the 2000s. Ra-1592 offered the best alternatives for budget-minded audiophiles, perhaps the reason they became very popular.

I remember every CD player and power amp featured on the best-of listings. They have used Rotel products for several years, and they never disappoint and the RA-1592 is no different.

And this is why I thought the Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amplifier would not disappoint – and it didn’t.

My experience with higher-priced, dedicated integrated amplifiers, and DAC separates me from an expert in these gadgets. And I feel like, somehow, I have been overspending on them when I could find all I needed in a cheaper device. This is where the RA-1592 rotel comes into place.

The Rotel RA1592 is a mid-range amp that comes with features of a high-end product. It offers everything you need to enjoy the unlimited audio output. It has much better watts per channel and class ab design that the previous integrated amp which is the digital ra-1572 rotel.


  • 200 WPC @8Ohms power
  • Digital Input: three single-ended; balanced; USB 1.0 and 2.0; 2/mono subwoofer ins; headphones.
  • 103dB signal to noise ratio.
  • Digital input: 3 optical and three coaxial in front panel
  • Outputs: Preamplifier, 2/mono subwoofer.
  • Full function with remote control in front panel

The features

Rotel claims this is the ultimate solution for modern audio needs. And they may be right, considering some of the features I have seen on this amplifier. I will only highlight a few.

Construction and setup

“The RA-1592 taps into the power of its award-winning RC-1590 preamplifier and the RB-1582 Mk II power amplifier fixed in a sleek design chassis.” These are the words of the manufacturer.

I have been very careful looking at this statement and comparing it with my initial findings. It is fairly possible to call it an imposing beast by and standards.

Looking at it for the first time, you will immediately perceive a high-end receiver, more than a stereo integrated amplifier. This is because of its size.

It comes with a wide range of features that makes it present a traditional integration, a new generation fully integrated amp. Well, I just made that up, but it is just how I feel about it.

And if you the size and weight are not enough reason to like it, the Rotel does not make jokes on the power. It offers an incorporation of 200watts of category AB power into a dual-monoblock configuration.

But that is not all. Rotel gives you a 32-bit/768kHz DAC from AKM in addition to the amp and preamp. You also get a full range of ins, and outs, including USB, Coaxial, optical, and aptX Bluetooth.

The analog inputs include the single-ended and balanced ins, which let you connect different devices. In addition, there is the moving magnet phono input in case you have a turntable.

In short, the Rotel RA1592 comes as a full package to fulfill your audio needs. They are all packaged into a smooth sounding machine.

The RA1592 is based on the existing two Rotel separates, the 1590 preamp and the RB-1582 MK2 amp. Hence, it operates in Class AB mode, giving out reliable energy of 200WPC into 8 ohms.

It resembles the smaller RA-1570 integrated but it has more output capability and a higher damping factor. It features a rugged power supply with a big toroidal transformer linked, a T-network select, and slit-foil capacitors.

The preamp section is quite modern, offering a wider range of connectivity. The ins and outs mentioned above should be incredibly satisfying. In addition, the RCA inputs and a single pair of balanced XLRs should complete your setup.

–  The construction

There is something that gets every user on this amp. First, it comes in different colors – black, silver, or any other- which makes it very interesting.

The construction presents a high-quality finish, with nicely done metals. I liked the smooth edges all around.

It comes with an overall classy look. The dedicated buttons for ache input on the front panel controls are greatly applicable.

The display is a bit small, but you can read from a chair if you are near. A backlit indicator would have been better, but since it is a DAC, a full display is understandable.

I did not like the remote, as it looks more like an A/V receiver’s remote. It has too many buttons with small reading labels, something they would improve on.


I easily used the Bluetooth connection with great swiftness and smoothness. All you need for this is to identify the “Rotel Bluetooth” in your iPad or any device’s BT setup menu. You will get great quality, depending on the compression scheme.


In terms of a critical ear – which is why we are here, the Rotel RA-1592 did not disappoint. In all the Rotel products I have used, this seems to be the only one that really touches the spot.

It seems the brand has invested more in the sound of this amp. I enjoyed the rich balance midrange receiver with top-end bass and treble reaches. It comes with a sense of reserve power and extensive headroom of the RB-1090 bass extension, slam, and pitch.

The amp also offers incredible clarity and freewheeling dynamics that will give you full satisfaction with any piece. I could hear every instrument and vocal clearly from the demo of Janis Joplin, “Me and Bobby McGee.” It was so clear and realistic.


  • The RA1592 is a mid-range amp with high-end features.
  • Affordable
  • 200WPC into 8-ohm power output.
  • Extensive connections.


  • It has too many buttons on the remote.


I tried playing high-resolution files like Judy Collins and Willie Nelson’s duets, “Stranger Again,” and their benefits were clearly revealed. With this, I believe there is no audio need the RA-1592 will fail to deliver.

Even if you are a movie laugher, you can be sure to enjoy the sound effects as long as you connect it with sturdy speakers. And all come with a very affordable price.

I would recommend it for anyone looking for high-end audio output, but doesn’t have enough to invest in a high-end amp.

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