Simmons Sd1000

Currently, many brands issue sophisticated electronic drum sets. One of them is Simmons, who is known for launching various kinds of electronic drum sets. One of them is the Simmons SD1000 which is quite famous among drummers.

This time, the article will discuss in full the Simmons SD1000. Here is the review.

The Simmons SD1000 is a 5-piece electronic drum kit that appeals to both the senses of a seasoned drummer and the budget of a working or hobbyist musician. The SD1000 Sound Module powers the setup, which includes 99 drum kits (55 preset, 44 users), 210 songs, 516 voices, and a large collection of classic sounds. The SD1000 sound module consists of a programmable metronome, an auxiliary input (for MP3 or otherwise), a headphone output for quiet rehearsal, and ten trigger inputs.

The pads provide a sensitive and authentic feel, while V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response) provides a realistic response by triggering different samples for various velocities and drum rolls. Variable Attack Response combines more intelligent sample triggering and more internal memory for each trigger input across four different velocity zones. As a result, natural dynamics and smooth decay times are achieved, removing artificial-sounding “machine gun” playback and ghost notes when playing rolls. Furthermore, the multi-position hi-hat foot controller responds differently in open, closed, and half-open positions.


  • Most realistic sound
  • Smooth decay times
  • Natural dynamics


  • Small pads

Simmons SD1000 Features

  • SD1000 Sound Module includes 99 drum kits, 516 voices, 210 presets, and 100 user songs.
  • For authentic responses, advanced V.A.R. technology is used.
  • Sample ROM expansion
  • Pads from the S1000 series
  • Hi-hat foot controller with multiple positions
  • Sequencer with 7-track capacity that can be programmed
  • MP3, USB, and MIDI compatibility
  • Memory: 128MB
  • External storage via SD card


In addition to the Simmons SD1000, several electronic drum kits are equally good in performance. Some of them are as follows.

Simmons SD350

The Simmons SD350 offers a larger-than-expected drum sound at a lower-than-expected price. This full-size, 5-piece mesh-head electronic drum kit is ideal for rehearsals, practice, and recording. Furthermore, the tension-adjustable mesh heads capture more nuanced playing than any other kit in its class. The sound module comes with ten drum kits, 179 custom sounds, and ten songs. The 8″ mesh heads provide an authentic drum feel, and the quick assembly design allows quick and easy setups and tear-downs. It’s ideal for first-time drummers or anyone looking for a full-size drumming experience on a budget, thanks to its simple navigation and preset multi-pin cabling. The Simmons SD350 allows you to play large drums without breaking the bank.


  • 5-piece portable drum set
  • 8 Rugged “Mesh heads that can be tensioned for the snare and three toms
  • Ten years of use “Hi-hat, ride, and crash cymbal pads
  • Kick pedal with integrated kick trigger Hi-hat controller 179 custom sounds
  • Ten pre-programmed drum kits plus one user-programmed song
  • Simple user interface with straightforward and comprehensive navigation
  • USB/MIDI computer connection via multi-pin pad connector
  • Headphone and stereo outputs
  • Includes a free interactive Simmons Basic iOS App that can be downloaded.

Simmons SD200

The Simmons SD200 electronic drum kit is ideal for aspiring drummers who require a full-sized kit for learning and practicing. Once you remove drums from a song, you’ll get the most out of your practice with this kit.

It’s simple to dial up the perfect sound and start jamming with a simple button interface, 11 drum kits, and an extensive library of dynamic voices.

For realistic feel and response, the SD200 includes three 8″ rubber tom pads, a dual-zone, tension-able 8″ mesh snare pad, and crash, ride, and hi-hat pads. A built-in kick drum pad makes it easier to practice with minimal sound. The SD200 connects to your computer, iPad, or iPhone via USB MIDI, and the 1/8″ stereo AUX input allows you to practice and learn with your MP3 player or smartphone.

The Simmons Drums iOS app lets you select kits, customize sounds, and access various practice tools. The specially designed, rugged 4-post hex rack prevents pads from slipping when struck while allowing easy playing customization when needed.


  • The electronic drum kit in full size
  • 8″ tension-able mesh snare head and three toms
  • High-quality 10″ pads for hi-hat, ride and crash cymbals.
  • Controller for hi-hats
  • Kick pedal with a built-in kick trigger
  • SD200 Sound Module with 93 custom sounds, ten preset drum kits, one user preset, and ten songs.
  • Simple user interface with straightforward and comprehensive navigation
  • Simmons Drum App for iOS includes kit selection, sound customization, and practice tools.
  • Specially designed and rugged 4-post hex rack
  • Simple-to-use integrated kick drum pad
  • Computer connection via USB/MIDI
  • Smartphone and MP3 player 1/8″ stereo Auxiliary input
  • Output for headphones
Simmons SD1000


Suppose you are an advanced performer, someone who already plays the drums, and you need a new or electronic drum set for performances or practice. In that case, this is an excellent model to consider because it has higher quality sound samples, one of the most extensive ranges of pieces and presets in the Simmons repertoire. It focuses on advanced technology in the module and the pads. This means that your pads have a higher level of responsiveness, similar to acoustic drums.

The physical configuration of the various drums is not only more flexible with this design, but the drums are larger, so you have more space to play on and in. This is a significant departure from other Simmons models, which are typically much smaller and more difficult for advanced players to use because things are not positioned as they would be with an acoustic drum set, and they cannot be moved.

You should have a much better understanding of what the Simmons SD1000kit has to offer, where it might not be the best fit, and what key features it has after reading this Simmons SD1000 review. You can contrast it with other models or manufacturers to determine which is best for you.