Sonor Giant Step Double Pedal

Sonor is one of the leading companies in the world of drums and accessories. I have been using a full Sonor drum kit for a long time, which has never disappointed me.

Hence, you can be sure of their products, especially the kick drum pedals. For many drummers, the quality of the bass drum pedals carries the day.

This is why most of us take our time to pick the right product because we know that your gear will carry the day no matter how good you play. Some will even tell you that a drum player is only as good as his gear.

I have been reviewing a number of drum pedals for a long time now and every time. And this is how I know that the brand matters a lot when on quality.

Sonor is a reputable brand, well established in the modern world as a leader in creating high-quality products. There kick drum pedals are not different.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, come along as I share my experience through these reviews.

Sonor Giant Step

Leading drum magazines have been at the forefront of sharing information about innovative technologies. Most of their light is shone on top manufactures and what they do.

Sonor’s Giant Step has been featured in many of these magazines as one of the best pedal innovations over the past few years. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that this beast will be top on the loss of any drum plater as their favorite pieces.

The first time I saw this bass pedal was on a certain consumer website. I can’t remember very well, but the person who posted it asked about the cost and description. Many comments came up stating that this pedal will never disappoint.

Don’t get me wrong though, this may not be the best pedal you will ever need, but it delivers the services of a professional product. If you have never used a good pedal and you are looking to upgrade your gear, this should be a good piece, to begin with.

Build quality and features

The Giant Step is a real “giant step” of kick drum pedals. It promises absolute ultimate services insensibility, speed, and ergonomic features. Having it on your kit will make you look serious about what you do.

It comes with innovative construction and multiple expansion options. Everything is summarized in a highly admirable and premium line of bass pedals and accessories. These features put the Giant Step pedal in a class of its own.

I have used many bass drum pedal options, but nothing has ever made me feel as lively as this pedal. It makes drumming so easy that you can barely feel your feet moving while deep in action.

It features a target point design a docking station, among other things, which have been created with uttermost care.

And if that is not enough, this pedal comes in the selection of Twin effect, single double, triple and middle pedals option. This means every drumming enthusiast is covered with something that meets their individual needs.

Mine is a single pedal but comes with maximum power and speed that makes it perform beyond what you can expect from a regular beater.  

Sonor Giant Step bass pedal is recommended for discriminating drummers who don’t like to forego any musical freedom. This piece delivers the optimum feel for musicians, with great speed and handling.

The single pedal I have is equipped with target point, rotation pendulum, smart connect, and docking station features that make it easy to use.

Smart connect system offers flexible attachment while the anti-slip rubber ensures it stays in the same place while you play.  


  • Fast action
  • Good build quality
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • Modern technology


  • A bit high on the prices

Sonor Giant Step Twin Effect Bass Drum Pedal

Do you know that the double bass drum pedal is the best option for playing fast moves? Well, that is obvious, right?

But what if you don’t want the bulkiness of a double bass drum, and yet you still need the double actions. 

Well, I think this is where Sonor has made things very interesting. The Sonor Giant step Twin action is a technology on its level.

No wonder it has been celebrated by more leading drum magazines than any other pedal innovation in history. The story behind this innovation is quite impressive, which could make anyone want to have the piece.

Generally, Sonor’s Giant Step is an innovative solution for the modern drummer. They offer ultimate sensitivity, speed, and ergonomic features that you might not find in any other similar product.

Talk of the best features on the market, and anyone who has used Twin Action will tell you everything you need to know. It comes as the perfect solution for those who need speed without sacrificing their limited space.

Build quality and features

I will be completely honest here. I have never owned any of these pieces, but I ordered one just for this review. I must admit how impressed I was right from the word to go when I received the pedal.

It comes with this black finish that made it seem as though it commanded everything else. And this what a kick drum pedal is supposed to do. I was expecting something huge because the description said this pedal delivers a twin effect, like a double bass drum pedal.

But it was very compact and portable. It nearly made me think it was not going to be satisfying.

The best description of this product is “a single pedal capable of double action.”

Now I know that is not something you may hear every day.

It comes with sturdy construction that will serve you for a very long time without having to replace it. That is just something about products made from Germany. They are created with exaggerated quality.

The Giant Step Twin Effect pedal is no different.

It comes with a Splitboard feature. This means a footboard split into two independently operating parts. The upper part is larger, and it controls the right beater. The other section is small, find at the heel, which controls the left.

Each of these sections operates independently with its own cam and springs. And you can adjust the beater cams individually without having to alter the positions of your board.


  • This is a single bass pedal that promises a double pedal effect
  • It is smooth, durable, and quiet
  • It features a new and innovative clamping system


  • Being that you have to operate with one foot, it can be a bit hard to learn how to use
  • It is a bit higher in price than regular single bass drum pedals

Sonor 600 Series Bass Drum Pedal

The Sonor 600 series bass drum pedal is another kick drum pedal that reveals how far technology has advanced in this industry. It comes as everything you can expect from a high-quality bass drum pedal.

Sonor is a true leader in this market, and everything they make brings out the greatest service. The Sonor 600 bass drum pedal carries that greatness with it.

I have reviewed the Sonor SP-672 MC 600 Series Double Bass pedal. It comes as the pinnacle of the brand’s award-winning hardware design and manufacture.

This is one of the reasons many professional drummers will pick a Sonor product over any other brand on the market. They know that here is what true quality is defined.

If you are an advancing drummer, the SP-672 should be a great deal to get you in top form.

Build quality

The whole line is known for delivering stage stability, fact action, unbeatable portability, and an elegantly refined look. It has that Giant Step design that many drummers are talking about today.

Smart Connect system is a feature that lets you connect the pedal and use it with great ease. A Docking Station echoes this for a quick and reliable mounting of the bass drum pedal.

The pedal comes with two two-way beaters, giving you a choice over the attack sound. If you want it hard, go for that option, and if you want it soft, also pick something that gives you that feel.

Along with these is the adjustable toe stop on each footplate. Hence, every part travels with ease and smoothness of professional musicianship.

The 600 line is Sonor’s best product line and probably the best you can ever have. It is designed and build for maximum reliability and optimum handling.

Also, the pedals are equipped with everything professionals demand from their drum sets and hardware.


This is a kick drum pedal featuring the Giant Step appearance. And hence, it can be described as one of the best on the market.

It features a smooth, fast action, thanks to the unique Sonor construction that puts it on a whole new level.

A Smart Connect System with a docking station makes mounting this pedal easy, quick and reliable. You can be sure that once set in position; it will not move.

A two-way beater means you can choose your preferred sound attack for maximum performance.

It is designed for right-footed players. Also, it comes with an adjustable toe stop to meet the needs of every drummer.


  • Giant Step Design
  • Innovation and professional quality bass drum pedal
  • Smart connect system got easy and reliable fitting
  • It comes with an adjustable to stop


  • For right-footed drummers only, which can be inconvenient for left-footed
  • It is expensive

Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal

Many drummers know who Jojo Mayer is. He is one of the most admired drummers today, which is why any product he endorses is taken very seriously.

The Perfect Balance Bass drum pedal with Jojo Mayer’s signature is, without a doubt, one of the most admired bass drum pedals around. It lets you experience your kick drum like nothing you may have experienced before.

Just like any other product from Sonor, this pedal is an innovative solution that will leave you feeling like you made the best decision. It comes with a strap-controlled round cam and beater hub mechanism, offering a smooth linear action.

If you are a frequent gigger, then you will find how the pedal folds down flat for easy transportation very convenient. You will not wear on your gears, which makes traveling very easy.


Low-mass linear drive construction promises an intimate connection for perfect performance from a kick drum pedal. Among its coolest features is the integrated drive cam and beater hub, which makes it highly portable while giving you an almost perfect linear stroke for endless possibilities in playing dynamics. Add this to the lightweight features, and you may never need anything else.

The longboard feature ensures you get extra leverage. I have seen many drummers complain about linear kick pedals, saying they can be a bit challenging to generate enough power for heavy music. There is never enough space to play, which makes it hard to use a full range of techniques.

And this is among the reasons why Jojo chose an elongated board construction.

Whether you like using your toes for a smooth action or want a full punch with heel strokes, this bass drum pedal has it all in check.

Easy to transport is another feature worth mentioning, especially if you gig a lot.

Transporting your gear to and from the venue can be quite daunting. And this is why you may need something easy and portable. This bass drum pedal should be a perfect choice for you.


  • Low-mass linear drive design
  • Longboard design for extra leverage
  • Easy to transport


  • There is nothing much to complain about from this product

Sonor Double Bass Drum Pedal

Sonor is known for offering high-end products. The German manufacturer has found its way into the hearts of many drummers with their drums and hardware.

If you are looking for fast action and reliable service from a bass drum pedal, consider any products from Sonor. They come with the latest features, giving you a great experience with every action you take.

Modern ones come with the design of a Giant Step, which keeps them top on the market.

They have a low-mass linear drive design. Nothing works better than Sonor’s linear-drive kick pedals.


  • Top on the market
  • Best performance with professional quality
  • Fast action


  • They are a bit high on the cost

Sonor SP-4000 4000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal W/Bag

Sonor will always have something great for modern drumming needs. Their foot pedals are among the most popular products, any drummer would wish to use.

And here is the Sonor Sp-4000 from the 4000 line, which is a perfect solution for any drummer. Whether you are a professional drummer or you are just starting, this piece will make you feel in control of your playing, allowing you to achieve incredible dynamics.


The first thing you will notice on this single kick drum pedal is the high-quality built design. It comes as a sturdy product that will let you play for a long without requiring any change.

If you are looking for a single-kick drum pedal that has everything you need, go for Sonor’s SP-4000. The independent pillar construction makes it fit right in the middle of your gear while allowing you to play with easy.

It comes with infinite adjustments for the beater holder, which makes it easy to set in any position you want. There are not very many pedals that offer this capability, which puts this product among the market leaders at this price range.

It comes with a pedal bag for easy transportation.

Besides, the pedal has a bearing hinge at the heel plate, which ensures a smooth action.

There is nothing you need that this pedal will not deliver.


  • Best quality design
  • Smooth action
  • Sturdy


  • Single beater bass pedal

Sonor GDPR 3 Giant Step Double Bass Drum Pedal + Evans PB2 Double Bass Drum Patch (Pair) – Black Nylon Value Bundle

Nothing makes drumming more fun than a good bass pedal. It lets you feel in control of the action at every turn of your music, allowing you to play with infinite possibilities.

This is the real definition of the Sonor GDPR 3 Giant Step bass pedal. The award-winning Giant Step line offers professional services with top-market functionality. And this is no different.


The GDPR 3 Giant Step Double kick drum patch comes with these features. It is a BlackDouble kick drum pedal with a docking station, allowing you to easily set your gear in place.

PB2 Double bass drum pedal patch. It comes in a Black Nylon finish, which makes it stand out among the rest of your gear.

Every Giant Step feature that makes this product has been designed for ultimate top performance. It comes with a docking station.

The Evans PB2 double kick drum pair creates a perfect combination for a professional product.

The Smart Connect System with anti-slip rubber ensures your setup stays in place through the performance.


  • Giant Step’s smooth and controllable speed
  • Smart Connect System
  • Sturdy and best quality


  • High price 

Sonor is a top manufacturer of kick drum pedals. Now that you know some of the solutions they offer, it should be easy to make your choice. Any Sonor drum pedal will be good.

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