Sonor Select Force

The Sonor Select Force was released during the NAMM 2011. It is the pinnacle of the New Force range.

Sonor Select Force is a line of drums for drum sets for every drummer. It is specially designed for advanced and professional drummers.

If you are looking for an affordable drum kit designed for professional use, this could be an interesting choice. It comes with pre-configured sets, components, and the latest features making these drums a real hit.

I have been a fan of Sonor drum for many years, and I have always found a reason to review every product they bring on the market. The quality of the Sonor Select Force kits is what makes Sonor stand out as a reputable brand as seen in any other kit they offer.

Sonor Select Force Review

I was very sure of liking the Sonor Select Force even before it was delivered. Even though my greatest interest came from online reviews, it was fueled by the fact that Sonor is one of those manufacturers that understand the needs of their customers. One user from says, “I recently purchased a Sonor Select

Force kit through Guitar Center! I went with the Piano Black finish in studio pre-configured design. I did some research on YouTube and various searches on the web about the kit and came out impressed with the design, sound, and price. I was wondering if anyone else has made the plunge into Sonor’s relatively new Select Force line ….”

Many drummers have been wondering about this. My decision to review this kit come because I wanted to give a firsthand experience.

Many of the reactions on this post indicated more pros for the kit, mainly based on the fact that Sonor is a reputable brand.


If you have ever used any Sonor product, you know that they don’t joke when it comes to quality in their products. The build quality of the Select Force is not different.

They feature 7-ply maple shells, including Canadian maple, which promise a rich and warm tone. It highlights lower pitches while delivering a well-balanced mid-range treble.

Maple shells measuring 7.2mm on the bass and 5.8mm on the snare and toms give to make a perfect fit for modern drumming needs. They offer maximum strength, perfect curve, and neutral tuning, which makes them everything you need for an incredible drumming experience.

Tension-free cross lamination of individual plies of wood Sonor calls CLTF (Cross Laminated Tension Free Process) makes tuning an easy and quick process. Drums can be quite hectic to tune and get the perfect tone. But Sonor has made things easy for you here.  

Another cools construction feature is the vibration-free T.A.R. (Total Acoustic Resonance) mounting system. It comes with A.P.S. (Advanced Projection System), ensuring maximum resonance and sustain.

The bass mount ensures a strong and secure base. It features a smooth yet firm application of pressure, which rubber pudding under the kick drum claws that protect the wooden hoops from damage.

Memory locks are installed to ‘remember’ your favorite bass drum spur height. You can also easily convert the bass drum feet from rubber to metal by turning the rubber foot and then fix the position by fastening the screw. It can never get any easier.

The tuning lugs feature fine-tuned threads and are equipped with the TuneSafe feature. Hence, the tension rods will not loosen, no matter how hard to hit the drums.

Besides, the pre-muffed butter and resonant sides ensure a surround and powerful sound from the bass. They are Remo heads, which gives them a powerful vibe.


The Sonor Select Force drum sets come in a variety of configurations. Mine came with a 22-inch kick, 10 by 8 and 12 by 9-inch toms, 16 by 16-inch floor toms, and a 14 by 12.5-inch snare. It is a five-piece shell pack with not hardware and cymbals.

The shells are all maple with a 7-ply construction. They come in multiple thicknesses and a 45-degree bearing edge.

Drum hardware is made from steel: this includes suspended mounts, triple-flanged hoops, and patented lugs.

Other features include branded heads and a variety of finishes. This is to ensure that every buyer gets what fits their desires.


Sonor understands what it means to offer professional sounds in their drums. It is no wonder that most of their product feature on the higher end market.

The 7-ply maple shells deliver uncompromisingly rich sounds full of warmth. The lows are well highlighted, and the mid-range/treble are well-balanced.

You can be sure of a powerful performance from this kit. Besides, it could be all you need to become a better drummer without upgrading as a professional kit.


Sonor’s Select Force features a variety of individual components the ensure perfect add-ons for greater performance. It is therefore recommended for live gigs requiring multiple set up. Wherever you use it, this kit will deliver.

Unless you have an issue with the price, the Sonor Select Force should be a good choice.

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