Sonor Sonic Plus Guide and Review 2023

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I have always been a fan of Sonor drums, especially their most recent products.

This is why I like reviewing their products. One thing that makes me happy about this brand is the quality of their products.

The drums are made in Germany using the highest quality materials. Sometimes I tend to think they are even over-engineered.






Sound Quality


Value for Money



  • High-quality sets manufactured in Germany
  • Great construction with a vintage look
  • Incredible sounds
  • High affordable


  • Even though these kits are good, they are very rare.

One such product is the kit in this review. If you have used any classic drum set, you already know what I am talking about here.

Sonor Sonic Plus II Review

Sonor Sonic Plus 1
Sonor Sonic Plus 1

I have to be honest here, I have never used this kit before. But from what I have seen and heard; I am convinced that is it’s nothing short of the quality that the firm promises.

Besides, Sonor is among my biggest brands simply because they don’t compromise in terms of quality products. I come across a listing for this kit on, which said everything I needed to know.

It is a nice vintage kit, built-in Germany using vertical grain. They are 100% birch, which puts them somewhere between the beginner and mid-user levels.

The tom drums bear 6-ply wood, while the bass is 9-ply. Hence, they are quite heavy and solid for a beautiful sound.

Apart from this, it comes with Sonor’s chrome hardware, which is heavy duty and well polished. Even if you have never used their products before, you will like the quality of any German-made product. They put a lot of detail on every aspect of the sets, making sure that nothing stops you from enjoying a high-end performance.

In a nutshell, these drums are worth having.

Sonor Sonic Plus 2 construction

Sonor Sonic Plus Drum Set 1
Sonor Sonic Plus Drum Set 1


The kit I am referring to here comes with a 14 by 5-inch snare, 12 by 10-inch and 13 by 11-inch toms, 16 by 16-inch floor toms, and a 22 by 18-inch bass drum. In term of hardware, it all has the tom mounts,

It also features new heads and a new Pinstripe Bass batter with original felt. If you thought perhaps the vintage kits would not work well for the modern sounds, think again since this drum has every good side to give you a memorable performance.

The sets have become very rare today because of their affordability and high-quality sound. There are no other pieces set you will find at this price range that delivers this level of quality. They come with isolation mounts.

Also, none of the tom holders is, or even floor tom legs of the bass are drilled through the shell. They have innovative lugs to attach.

These drums’ sonic features are pretty amazing—the shells and clear and very easy to use.

Sonor Sonic Plus Drum Kit
Sonor Sonic Plus Drum Kit


This is a good drum kit for drummers of all levels. You will be glad to have it. And the company has built it for great performance.

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