A beginner may understand why snare drums are so crucial in any drum set. They keep the beat. This is why a snare is the most played component.

In a marching snare band, they are the instruments you will hear than most. As the band marches down the street, you can always hear its sounds, as if it’s the leading part.

Listen to the band playing during a football game. The most dominant instrument you hear is the matching snare drum accessories.

If you are going to play them and wish to join a marching band, you will first need an excellent snare instrument. You want something that will look not only great but also sound amazing outdoors.

I have seen many brands over the years, and Tama offers some of the best matching snare drums. Several top drummers have sworn by these drums, and they are not wrong.

Let see what Tama has to offer in this regard.

Tama Marching Maple Snare Drum

Tama Maple Marching Snare Drum – 14×12 is a great snare drum that will give you the satisfaction of playing quality. It comes from Tama’s high-quality line of products, which makes it ideal for the modern drummer.

When choosing a matching snare drum, or any other snare, it’s always good to consider its features. And in this case, the snare should be lightweight and yet strong enough to take the beating.

Also, looks matter a lot. Since you will be playing outdoors mostly, you want your snare drum to stand out as the best. And Tama has got you covered.

Note also that matching snare drums are very loud. This is mainly because you will be playing them outside.

But then, you need to be aware of potential ear damage.

Tama’s maple matching snare drum has all the right features to impress. Maple is an excellent wood for drums as it’s not overly loud either.

• Tama Maple Marching Snare Drum – 14×12 – Product Information

This snare drum offers innovative and unique qualities as no other instrument would. The first thing you will notice is the high position strainer, making it easy to adjust the height and play at your comfort. Also, it allows one to change the snares when the drum is on carriers.

Then there is the Tama Detachable Gut Frame. You can remove this part in seconds to change the bottom head when while playing. It does not affect the tension or position mutes. This also lets you achieve individual snare tension adjustments or remove sound customization.

Tama’s Buzz Killer mutes allow for easy adjustment and lockdown. One can do this without taping the head to get the right sound.

Another great feature is the high-quality Maple, which provides a sharp and aggressive attack with a top-notch resonance.

There is also a 60mm reinforcement ring on the shell. This allows it to withstand high tuning tension and keep the shape during those hot days.

In summary, you are looking at:

• 14 x 12-inch shell size

• 6plu maple

• 12 lugs with aluminum tube pipes

• 16.9lbs

• High-position strainer

• Detachable Gut Frame with 11 snare strand and 2 Buzz Killer mutes

• Drum hardware: aluminum die-cast hoops, 6mm strong tension rods, aluminum die-cast edge-ring, chrome finish

• Black Satin


• High-performance snare

• Strong and yet lightweight

• Loud


• Nothing to complain

Tama Marching Starlight Marching Snare Drum

Tama is not a new name for many drummers across the globe. When you are looking for high-quality drums, this is one brand you can always rely on.

The Starlight series offers a line of high-performance drums. They are designed to assure great satisfaction for the user.

And this is where you find the Tama Matching Starlight snare drum. The piece does not only look great, but it feels wonderful too.


This snare is an ideal option for anyone who will be playing in a marching band. However, it’s not designed to work in large venues, only smaller ones.

It’s built from high-quality birch. This is a strong and durable wood that can be found in a wide range of musical instruments.

This wood is also perfect because it’s relatively light, which is what you need in a marching snare drum. It is easy to carry around, which means you will not be getting tired very fast.

The shells are eight-ply, which is slightly thicker than what other brands offer. But that is what makes this piece unique. Besides, that also means it’s going to be the most durable matching snare drum you have ever seen.

In terms of the hardware, you can also be sure of top quality. It’s crafted from die-cast aluminum, which is why they are lightweight.

The only big disadvantage you will find on this drum is the luck of feet. But it comes with a carrier, and hence, one can start playing immediately.


• Great quality

• Durable

• Top sound


• Only ideal for small venues

• No feet

Tama Marching Snare Drum Slip – Silver Chrome

Marching snare drums can be quite demanding as you will be playing them outdoors. For those who are concerned about changing themes, you will want a different snare for each situation. If you have been playing a white snare in one place, you want Black Matte for another.

But what if you didn’t have to change the whole snare? That is where drum slips come in.

They are pre-cut, interchangeable, non-permanent wraps that fit around the drum’s hardware. This allows you to change the drum’s appearance with ease instantly.

Tama Marching Snare Drum Slip – Serious Red Traditional Camouflage (Red) offers such use. This slid is designed from a water-resistant, UV-protected, durable vinyl composite.

It will make your matching snare drum appear different without having to pick another instrument altogether.

Tama understands how many quality products mean to drummers, and they make them so. This is a simple accessory that does make your drum look great.

If you are looking for a good drum slip, then this Tama Marching Snare Drum Slip – Serious Red Traditional Camouflage (Red) should be a good choice. It comes in camouflage colors, which means it can take to the colors of your environment easily.

You will love Tama matching snare drum slips because they are easy to fit and remove. You only have to remove the bottom heads from your snare drum, and you are good to go.

The hardware protrudes through the pre-cut openings, and the Drum Slip is secured with a single adhesive strip. This means they will not damage the original surface of your drums. They are also easy to remove and interchange.


• High quality

• Durable

• Easy to remove


• Removing the drum heads to replace may take a longer time

Tama Marching snare stand

The recent matching snare drum stands from Tama are designed with great stability and precision. If you understand Tama’s quality of products, it shouldn’t be hard knowing what this means.

These stands come with great adjustability and versatility like no other. The stand will fit all Tama marching snares.

And since they are made from top-quality materials, these snare stands will leave you feeling at ease. Your expensive drums will be safely secured in place without falling down.

Trust me when I say these stands are stable. These come with a center of gravity design that assures balance for your drums. No matter how you adjust them, your drums will stay in position.

The next feature is the dual-locking system, which keeps the drums secure all the time. That is not all. You also have adjustable legs and a multi-lock stadium seat clamp. This makes them ideal for stadium seating. Your drums will remain upright even on the windiest days.

Note that this is not just a generic stand. It comes with Tama’s matching snares as their inspiration. Hence, the anti-shake bumper. Here is a feature that helps you avoid the annoying wobble that may come when things start heating up.

The stands also feature an upside-down system, which makes tuning and changing the bottom heads very easy. You don’t have to fear tipping the drums.


• Center of gravity construction

• Duel Drum Locking

• Stadium Seat clump locks

• Anti-shake bumper

• Adjustable legs

• Upside down setting


• Easy to use snare stand

• Lightweight and durable

• Useful features


• These stands are not versatile in terms of using other snares


A good matching snare should not only sound great, but it also has to look good. And Tama has got you covered in both. Get any Tama matching snare, and you will never regret it.

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