Tama is not a new name in the world of drum kits. Many drummers have come to like the company because of the quality drums they produce.

Anyone looking for a great snare drum will be happy to have Tama kits. I have been using Tama snare drums for many years, and they have never disappointed me.

The rating of Tama snare drums is pretty high, considering they are known across the globe. They feature the best material, aimed at offering an incredible experience for the drummer.

One thing that stands out is the rich multi-ply wood selection that creates rich, strong, and tight sounds. No wonder they have inspired a wide range of drum kits common with some of the greatest drummers of all times.

I recently came across an online post where someone was wondering where any Tama‘s snare drum is good. And that is the reason I came up with this review. I will be going through several snare drums from the manufacturer.

Tama Starclassic snare drum

The professional appearance of the Tama Starclassic line is something else. Every component on the drums comes from the best materials on the market. Considering Tama’s reputation in terms of quality, it’s easy to say these are some of the best snare drums the market has seen in recent years.

Tama makes these drums using excellent wood selection. And they are top-rated for the right reasons. One will first notice the unique design of the drums that make them look professional. Even the least of the line presents better features that you would find in other brands.

Multi-ply wood selection assures a superbly rich, strong, and tight sound. The attack comes out with wow clarity. You can find several models in Bubinga, and maple, performer Artwood custom. Every aspect goes the drums is richly connected using industry-standard hardware.

These snares are an excellent work of art. You can also find them in copper, brass, and metalworks choice, delivering a sensitive, crisp, and generally great attack. It is no surprise that everything about the Starclassic line is top-rated.

Another incredible feature about these drums is the hold-tight patented washers and a slip-free strainer that maintains tight tunes and endurance.


• The exhibit Tama’s commitment to superior quality

• It comes in different sizes and preferences

• Professional quality


• Standard heads are not great

• Some users have complained that it takes too long to tune the drums.

Tama Rockstar snare drum

If you want to progress well as a Rockstar, it’s crucial to learn the steady backbeats that define the genre. This depends on the kind of snare drum you use. Perhaps you have already noticed that the snare is the most important component of a drum set.

The Tama Rockstar snare drums are a perfect upgrade after your first drum set. It is for those who are getting serious about their backbeat tone.

Tama’s Rockstar drums start with a 6-ply, 7.5mm shell constructed from 100% poplar wood. With this, you are assured of a round, versatile tone and an even tone. Quick resonance and a sharp tone that rings through the mix will leave you amazed.

The snare drums come in 14-inch x 5-inch configuration in one piece. The packaged does not include a case or a stand.

Shell construction features an 8-ply of 7.5mm poplar with a 45-degree bearing age. They do not come with a reinforcement ring, which makes tuning much easier.

Hardware is steel and includes triple-flange hoops, standard lugs, swivel/lever throw-off. It lucks internal mufflers.

Heads are factory standard. Also, the drums are finished in a wrap. You may want to change these heads are the factory standard doesn’t sound great.


• Tama has made these drums specifically for rock drummers, making them focused and excellent for the genre.

• They come in different varieties

• Offer a great alternative as upgrades from beginner level drums


• Factory heads are not the best

• Stands are not included

Tama S.L.P. G Bubinga snare drum

Lots of thick and focused sound defines the Tama S.L.P. G Bubinga snare drums accessories. Bubinga is one of the best woods used in making musical instruments, which is why its use in these snare drums is everything you would expect in a great drum.

They produce a Fat Spruce on the 7mm, 8-ply shells. And if you thought that is fat enough, wait until you try out 10mm thick shells that define real Bubinga snare drums.

I have noticed that many drummers want more open sound with lower tones from thinner wood on the shells. But for those who love thick-shelled snares with a classic crackle and wondering ring shots, you will find the S.L.P. G Series worth your time.

G Bubinga LGB146: 6 x 14-inch shell is an incredible snare drum that will make you feel great with every strike. It features 10mm 11-ply walnut shells of Quilted Bubinga with nickel hardware finish. You are sure to get some of the best pieces of furniture on the market.

They come with S.L.P.’s top equipment, including Starclassic lugs, Steel Mighty hoops, and a 20-strand Starclassic carbon steel snare wire. These are the features that make the snares worth the sound.


• Thick shells good for heavy-hitting

• Incredible sound from Bubinga wood

• Lots of sound from high-quality material


• Not many drummers want thick shells today

• The Evans heads may not be the best for those who need something more

• Too many overtones

Tama’s snare drum parts

The snare drum has been around for more than 500 years, making it one of the oldest components of a drum set. Tama features among the best manufacturers of these instruments, having been around for many years too.

Tama snare parts promise the best of the market, coming from the top-quality material. The most common parts you will find for upgrade and replacement include:

The shells. Tama uses a wide range of best quality materials ranging from wood, bronze, aluminum, and wood to make their snare drums. This is where you will also find good rims/hoops for creating overtones and reducing the ring.

Tension rods and lugs. Tama offers great sound control with its high-end tension rods and lugs. Each part is designed uniquely based on the amount of control the drummer is looking for.

Strainer. This is the part that holds the snare together, helping you adjust the wire tensions.

Snare wires. These are fragile strands that define the snare’s characteristics. They interact with the drum to produce a bright sound.


• Tama snare parts are made from the best quality materials

• They are strong and durable

• Good for professional use.


• Some of them are quite expensive

• A few are not as versatile as you would want.


The Tama S.L.P. Big Black Steel snare drum offers a full, wet tone to give a powerful sound for your backbeat. The 1mm thin steel shell of this drum is fitted with hardware that will not disappoint you. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the Steel Mighty triple-flanged hoops. These 2.3mm thick hoops assure a wetter tone compared to diecast zinc. It’s also defined by its articulate rimshot or accent when you need it.

The 14-inch x 8-inch snare drum is sure to stand up to the challenge. Tama understands how to create useful drums, and this is one of their best products so far.

If you are not sure about the steel snare, the S.L.P. line comes in a wide variety of options. Consider the following:

  • TAMA S.L.P. G-MAPLE SNARE DRUM – 7 X 13 INCH – SATIN TAMO ASH. This is a classic maple shell snare that assures the right punch and pristine tone. The 11mm, 12-ply shell on this drum is enough to deliver a fat tone, lasting for a long time.
  • TAMA S.L.P. G-MAPLE SNARE DRUM – 6 X 14 INCH. Unlike other shallower snare drums, the 6-inch depth of this drum delivers an extra ring. Maple is a great wood for musical instruments and does not disappoint here, especially with the Evans G1 head.
  • TAMA S.L.P. BLACK BRASS SNARE DRUM – 6.5 X 14 INCH – BLACK NICKEL. Brass shell construction with a rolled shell thickness of 1.5mm and a 45-degree bearing edge gives this snare drum a great tonal value. The hardware is solid, like any S.L.P. drum.
  • TAMA S.L.P. DUO BIRCH SNARE DRUM – 10 X 14 INCH – TRANSPARENT MOCHA. A 14 x 10-inch snare drum is not something you will find common. And that is what makes this snare unique. It features 100% duo birch shells with hardware.


• Incredible build quality

• A wide range of sounds

• Affordable


• The industry heads are not good


The Tama Starphonic copper snare drum could simply be the best in the world. I was very impressed with the design and performance of this drum, especially considering its character.

I have been using Tama SL snare drums for a while now, and I was unsure if this product could stand up to the challenge. Let’s just say it did better.

The industry heads were not good, and that got me a little worried. But then I replaced it with Evans UV1 Coated heads, and the sound was out of this world. I have always known that Tama does not disappoint when it comes to creating high-quality products, and they have given the same impression on this drum.

Compared to many other snares in the S.L.P. line, this piece is a totally different beast. It does not produce the dry certainty of many aluminum drums. You will not find their male counterparts’ predictable performance or the warm hollow walnut sounds and birch sounds.

The drum is characterized by a somewhat gentle behemoth, with a dark, virtually bottomless tone that speaks power.

I compared it with the Tama Starphonic Series Snare Drum – 6 X 14 Inch – Nickel Plated BRASS, and the steel stood out.

Unlike the Tama Starphonic Series Snare Drum – 6 X 14 Inch – Nickel Plated BRASS, this drum is not for everyone. But you should give it a demo, just to know how great it is.


• Steel snare – durable

• High-quality construction material

• Excellent sound


• This drum is not for everyone


The Tama Metalworks Effect snare drums are a great option for those who need an extra snare to enhance their kit. It comes in different configurations, all with a 3-inch depth steel shell. This review’s 6-inch option is slightly darker than the Tama Metalworks Effect Series Snare Drum – 3 X 8 Inch – Black.

Half snare wire on these drums assures a sharp crack with a brief sustain. Such tonal value does not come easily, which makes this instrument a beautiful part of every drum set.

The series comes with a newly-developed Mod-Tone system that gives out a smooth and precise adjustment of snare wire tension.

The Metalworks snares come with various shell diameters, including the popular Tama Metalworks Effect Series Snare Drum – 3 X 8 Inch – Black.

The top features of these snare drums include the 1.0mm steel shell. Effect snare has become very common with many drummers today, and there is a good reason for this. They enhance your drum set, allowing you to develop new and better sounds as you enjoy newer sounds.

Matte Black shell hardware is added to improve its performance. Tama’s Metalworks “Effects” snare drums assure the usefulness of having a special snare sound to your arsenal.

They come with a 3-inch depth steel shell with a half-snare wire that delivers a sharp crack with a shorter sustain. The snare features an MC69 single tom attachment and a Mod-Tone system.

Above all, the drum comes with a five-year warranty.


• Beautiful effects snare drum

• MC69 single tom attachment fast clamp

• 3-inch ultra-shallow shell for a flexible setting


• It cannot stand as a main snare


Tama comes with a wide range of useful drum sets that delivers a wonderful choice for drummers. And these 14-inch x 8-inch Woodworks snare drum promises a balanced tone that every drummer will appreciate.

It comes in a beautiful Black Oak Wrap and matte black hardware. The woodworks snare does stand out on stage, and it will make you feel in control.

The lightweight 8-ply poplar construction of this drum delivers the fullness and warmth of a modern snare drum. Its medium attack, clarity, and character can be heard with every strike. Also, the snare features triple-flanged hoops and durable lugs that assure stability.

Above all, the snare is offered at a jaw-droppingly low price. Whether it’s your first snare or you need it as an effects snare, Tama’s Woodworks snare drum will stand out.

Tama is known for its painstaking attention to detailers, which delivers the best drums possible. Many touring drummers swear by these drums.

This Woodworks snare drum features:

• 14 x 8-inch shell size

• Poplar shells

• Versatile medium attack

• Triple-flanged hoops and hardware

• Attractive Black Oak Wrap


• High-quality construction

• Versatile

• Excellent performance

• Affordable


• The factory heads are not the best

Tama S.L.P. G-Maple Snare Drum 7 x 13

The TAMA SLP G-Maple snare drum is an excellent choice for drummers looking for a lively, clear snare sound. The 7″ x 13″ maple drum features a 13mm shell, one of TAMA’s thickest, resulting in a fast response and meaty attack. The snare’s exceptional snap and sensitivity make ghost notes and rimshots stand out, perfect for a variety of music styles such as funk, pop, punk, gospel, hip-hop, rock, and country.


  • Maple shell provides a lively and clear snare sound with a meaty attack and exceptional snap.
  • 13mm shell thickness gives the snare drum a fast response, suitable for different music genres such as funk, pop, punk, gospel, hip-hop, rock, and country.
  • Sensitivity allows ghost notes and rimshots to stand out.


  • Some users may find that the snare is too heavy or bulky.
  • Some users may find that the snare drum is not as durable as other options on the market.


Tama snare drums are, without a doubt, pieces you want to try out. The amount of details that go into these drums puts them on the top market. I hope this review helps you find the right choice that meets your needs.