Vtech Kidibeats Drum Set

Growing children like experiencing new things by touching different items they can find. At times they touch everything in the house until they annoy you. That is the nature of children, and there is no way you can change that. They need to learn new things as they grow.

If you are tired of all the trouble your child is giving you, you need to keep him/her busy. The only way you can keep your child distracted is by buying him/her an alternative item to help him/her during their playtime.

The product that you need is Vtech KidiBeats Drum Set. Your pan, cupboard and the entire house will be neat and tidy because your child will be busy all the time. This kit will make a wonderful gift for your child during their next Birthday or Christmas.

You might sometimes think of buying your child the other types of drums, but at times that cannot be possible. A long time ago, I thought of buying my kid a real drum kit, but then my wife came up with an important issue. What if the child fails to love drumming once he grows old?

Therefore, I searched online and found out that there is a kit for young children. It is a fantastic set, and I can promise you your child will love it.

Vtech Kidibeats kids drum set

Vtech kids is a well-renowned name in electronic learning toys. The company is always improving its models that light up, buzz, and beep. This includes the Vtech KidiBeats Drum set, which is a widespread surprise for toddlers.

Most parents might have headaches when we talk of toddler drum, but the Kidibeats Drum Set has many fans. You can start by experimenting with an 18-months old child and see how entertained, and educative the kit will be.

Features of the Vtech Kidibeats Kids Drum Set

Kid’s drum has more than the usual drums that we know. It will entertain, keep your child engaged as well as equipping your child with new skills.

The features of this kit include:

  • It has a unique LED light.
  • 3 AA sized batteries included.
  • It has a volume button.
  • Buttons that give you a chance to choose free play or play along with nine melodies. It also teaches the child numbers, letters, and other valuable ideas.
  • It measures 3.9 inches by 12.1 inches by 11.5 inches.
  • Three drum pads.
  • Three cymbals with a unique sound and a pair of drum sticks.

What is the recommended age of the toddlers who can play?

This kit cannot just be played with by any child. You should supervise your child when he/she is playing to avoid accidents.

According to Vtech Company, this drum set is suitable for kids between 2 and 5 years. Besides, this set would be impressive for any child who can sit up by themselves. Therefore, it can be used by children below two years of age.

Children with the habit of sticking things to their mouths should be closely supervised. This mostly applies to children below 12 months old.

Benefits of the Vtech Kids Drum Set

  • Your child will accrue the following benefits by having this kit at his/her disposal;
  • The kit’s four distinct sounds will enhance the child’s sensory development.
  • It helps the child know the cause and effect of banging on different drums to produce various sounds.
  • It teaches the child letters and numbers at an early stage.
  • It improves the child’s hand-eye coordination.
  • It is crucial in building the child’s passion for music.

What impresses children with the Vtech KidiBeats Kids Drum set?

Children always like getting different sounds from the items they have. This kit produces distinct sounds that impress them. This kit has music that these kids can drum along with. They feel bonded with the activities that they are involved in.

Another exciting part of this drum kit is that it attracts children with unique colors. Children always start building a good vision by identifying these colors. 

Another children’s favorite is the free play feature. These attract so many children of different age categories. With these kits, older toddlers can learn to keep to the bits of the songs. These drum kits have lights that indicate where to drum during the song.

Parent’s take

Most parents and grandparents have given positive reviews for the Vtech drum kit. They have agreed that their children and grandchildren love this fantastic gift from Vtech.

Parents also found this kit to be reliable and durable. They love that this kit has volume control and other settings; thus, children won’t disturb the entire family.

Another excellent thing about this drum kit is that it can be cleaned easily. The thing that disappoints most parents is the size of this kit. Most parents were expecting a giant kit.

But this size is reasonably right for toddlers to be able to access it comfortably. If you need the best, then this is the right kit for your child.

Is the Vtech Drum Kit affordable?

In most retail shops, this drum kit goes for around $ 20. Considering it is an electronic toy, then that is a fair price. That money is not worth the problems children can give us at home when they have nothing to do.


I bought my child this drum kit, and I have noticed that he is using it most of the time. I was worried that he might not be interested in it by he is so comfortable with it right now.

You need not worry if the child will be interested in it. This is a high-quality product that can impress every child, even the dull ones. Get one for your child and be free from troubles brought by this energetic, growing generation.

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