Yamaha Dd65

Electronic drum sets have really come a long way. And before they were serious on the market, we had drum pads, which were just some flat surfaces on which the drummer would practice different moves.

They did not have any realistic kickback and offered nothing but hit the surface.

But now, electronic drum pads are offering more, delivering a realistic experience.

One such product is the DD65 e-drum pad. Let’s see how it stands out to the rest of the market.

Yamaha DD65 Drum Pad review

Yamaha is one of those companies you can rely on for top-quality products. This is why Yamaha DD65 is a top-end product, just like its sibling Yamaha DD75.

It is not just a simple pad for practising anymore but offers more in terms of functionality and features.

Yamaha’s DD65 digital drum set configuration

This is kit pad comes as an actual drum pad. It features an impressive eight pads and a number of tone controls, and two-foot pedals configured.

One is the standard setup; one can use only one kick pedal for the bass pad and the other for the hat as a spacing controller.

You will also get a part of drumsticks and over-the-ear headphones. You are good to start playing immediately.

The drum pads are all touch-sensitive and arranged in the form of a standard drum kit setup. It has toms, bass drum, snare, and toms.

But the pads are smaller than actual drum units.

On the face of the pad is a series of controls that can be used to adjust different functions, including tempo and reverb effect.

It also comes with a master equalizer for easy control of the actual sound.

Yamaha’s DD65 stand

If you are looking for an excellent stand to set your drum pad on, the original Yamaha’s DD65 stand will be a good idea.

It is strongly constructed to hold your pad in place for a long time.

Yamaha DD65 foot pedals

Yamaha DD65 comes with two pedals, one for the bass drum and the other one for the hat.

The hi-hat foot pedal controls the spacing of the two cymbals.

Not many drum pads come with this feature. So, this is a surprising and great gesture from one of the best brands. Most of the other brands only concentrate on drum components and cymbals.

Yamaha DD-65 Digital Percussion

Yamaha’s DD65 Digital Percussion offers a great combination of style and functionality. It is designed to meet the modern user’s needs.

The drum pad features eight pads, from which you get all the cymbal sounds, the kick drum, snare, and the toms.

All the pads are arranged following a real drum kit configuration, which makes them easy to play and learn. This is what makes the brand stand out from other manufacturers.

Besides, it features two onboard speakers. With this, you can play your drum set up anywhere without the need for external audio.

However, if you want to practice silently, it comes with an audio jack to connect your headphones. It is the perfect tool for playing modern sounds.

All the controls are perfectly positioned to offer ease of use.

It does not come with pedals or any other addition. It would have been better if the manufacturer added this.


• Portable and functional

• Yamaha-quality

• Good sounding with a near real-kit function


• No foot pedals

Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit with Foot Pedals and Drum Sticks

There are not many electronic pads that come with a foot pedal for controlling the sound on the two cymbals of the hi-hat. This is what makes Yamaha’s DD-65 portable digital drum pads a unique product.

This is a premium package that comes with everything you need to start playing drum sets. You get a pair of drumsticks, overhead earphones, and two pedal options for foot use, one for the hi-hat and one for the kick drum.

The eight touch-sensitive pad surfaces are designed to deliver expressive playing, like using a real drum kit. And they are configured like traditional drum options too.

Aux is added to help you connect and play along with MP3. And all the controls are set on the surface with a Tap Start for tempo control.


• A powerful and durable e-drum kit

• Excellent sounds

• Pedal usability


• It does not have onboard speakers, and its onboard tunes on these drum kits are a bit basic.

Yamaha DD65 Electronic Drum Pad Premium Package with Headphones, Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and 2 Foot Pedals

Yamaha’s DD65 Electronic Drum Pad Premium Package with Headphones, Power Supply, Drum Sticks, and 2-Foot Pedal setup.

The DD65 e-drum kit comes in various configurations. Here is one of the premium setups that any drummer would love to come.

The DD65 electronic drum pad premium package comes with headphones, a power supply, a drum stick, and 2-foot pedal solutions – an ideal drum set for the modern drummer.

Eight touch-sensitive pads, aux jack for MP3 connection, tempo control using Tap Start, and beautiful design are some of the features you will notice immediately.

Inside, you will get a hand percussion mode with Latin drums, letting you use your hands. 254 GM compatible voices assigned are included – assign them to any pad, and you are good to go.


• Compact and useful e-drum kits

• Quality drum pads and foot pedal parts

• Effective


• No internal speaker

Yamaha DD-65 KIT | Portable Digital Drums with Survival Kit C2

Another great configuration of the Yamaha’s DD-65 set is the portable digital drums with survival kit C2.

Just like the other reviewed above, it comes with eight touch-sensitive pads for expressive drumming. The aux jack helps you connect play-along MP3 with tempo control using Tap Start.

The hand percussion mode features Latin tunes, which you can play with your hands. It comes with 254 GM-compatible tones.

In addition, this package has a survival kit C2, which gives you easy playing time. The kit has everything to make your drumming life easy.


• High-quality drum kits

• 254 GM compatible voices

• Excellent feel


• It might feel like a toy


The DD65 electronic drum pad is a perfect practice tool for drummers. You will get everything you need to make your playing easy. But it’s not worth using in real playing.