Yamaha DTX720 Review

No one can doubt the superior quality of the Yamaha DTX700 series. And in this category, the Yamaha DTX720K is one of my favorite kits, apart from the DTX760K.

Come with me, and I will show you my experience with this set.

About the Yamaha DTX720K

The Yamaha DTX720K is a standard professional gigging drum set. It offers a combination of the superior playability of the DTX-PADs, real hi-hat controller, and superior sounds.

Summary of the features:

  • A subtle, more responsive head
  • Simple control with a free App
  • Single zone DTX XP70 tom pads, RHH135 hi-hat
  • 64MB Flash memory
  • USB port


  • DTX700 module
  • One XP80 snare
  • 3 XP70 toms
  • 3 PCY135 Cymbals.
  • One RHH135 and one HS749A hi-hat
  • KP100 Kick
  • RS502 rack

Yamaha DTX720k

This drum kit is, therefore, excellent for training acoustic drumming skills. This means you will not have any problems transitioning to acoustic drumming should you choose to do so later.

It comes with the new KP100 features that present a softer, more responsive head. With it, you get an improved and more realistic feel, enhancing your overall performance.

Also, it comes with a free App that makes the module easy to use.

The toms feature DTX XP70 technology that provides an excellent feel. You also get a simple operation. Besides, there is the RHH 135 hi-hat with a Yamaha hi-hat stand, giving you the best balance for your sounds.

It comes with up to 64MB FLASH memory for samples. Therefore, you can load extra content kits with ease.

This drum kit is perfect for experienced and professional drummers.

Top features

Pads and Hardware

The Yamaha DT720K is a five-piece drum set that comes with three cymbals. The pads are made with textured cellular silicone, making them sound like acoustic drums. The bass feature a KP100 mesh, which equally fantastic to play and has reduced noise production.

Depending on your preference, you can connect either a single or a double bass pedal to the bass drum, as it has a large playing surface. It can handle any size of a pedal on the market. The pad feels quite strong for easy playing, and it is very, extremely quiet. Also, the bass is more heavy-duty compared to the one on the DT502 series. And the best part is, it is stable, you can be sure not wobble, or lateral movements will make your life hard.

The stand-mountable hi-hat is another feature you enjoy on this drum set. It is an RHH135 pad that resembles a real hi-hat even in the way they sound. You can mount it on a common hi-hat stand and enjoy your playing. But Yamaha has given you a free HS740A hi-hat stand.

One thing I love about this hi-hat is its responsiveness. Also, it comes with a nice range of positional-based sample triggering. You can, therefore, play it open, closed, or in any variety you wish. It has a quick response to the downward foot pressure so that the player can hear the actual sample pitch as it rises slightly.

Again, the hi-hat is widely responsive on the surface and the rim. Playing on the edge and top brings out different sounds. This feature is very important because it makes it sound closer to an acoustic drum. This means playing DTX720K is more enjoyable.

The new and improved pads feel great to play on. This gives the player a chance to produce a beautiful mix of hi-hat sounds. It is built with a rubber-like material, which soft and cushioning, yet offers wonderful bounce with each strike. It is so sensitive it can pick even foot splashes accordingly.

The XP80, silicone snare pad has three zones-of-trigger. It measures 8 inches in diameter, hence bigger than the toms. And with it comes a variety of sounds, depending on where you strike and the intensity of the strike.

You can, therefore, play the snare on the head, rim, or put your hand down to play rim click. A rim click comes out when the performer places the entire stick over the drum, creating contact with the rim in two points at the same time.

With the XP80 silicone head, you great and quiet bounce with each play. This feature allows you to practice quietly in a busy home or apartment block. Also, the XP70 toms pads are made with silicone, though they are slightly smaller than the snare.

The tom pads are quite amazing to play, even on the rims. This is a useful feature when a drummer plays several background percussion sounds.

There are three cymbals, the hi-hat, crash and ride. But you can expand them as you wish. They also feature three-zone triggering, which sounds very natural with every strike.

Are you looking to play staccato mutes during or towards the end of each song? Well, the PCY135 choke-able cymbal pads let you do so.

The whole set comes with a solid Yamaha RS502 drum rack. It is strong and flexible for easy setup and uninterrupted playing.


Yamaha builds an extensive acoustic ranger or drum kits. And it is here where the motivation for the samples on the DTX700 module comes from. You care exposed to 1396 sounds and enough room to store your own. Hence, you can import samples from the USB direct to the module.

It also features high-quality built-in sounds that work nice with the pads. A player can adjust each drum individually and store their own customized kits.

Who is the Yamaha DTX720K for?

Yamaha DTX720k

The DTX 720K is a quality electronic drum set . It comes with many high-end features found in most professional standard e-drum.

It can work just fine for a beginner. But I wouldn’t suggest it for them because this is a drum set in the higher class. It is, therefore, more suited for experienced drummers and professionals.

It comes with qualities that make it a mile above the entry-level. This makes it way more costly than most start-up kits. Hence, it might be a waste of resources for someone in the beginner class.

The DTX700 drum module features better technology than the DTX502. For instance, the unit gives the player full control over the kit volumes, with individual faders on the pads and cymbals.

The fader controls the hi-hat, bass drums, snare, toms, and the cymbals. Also, there is a volume control button that is easily accessible.

These features describe a drum set suitable for gigging professional players. And the controls can be set comfortably for easy reach. Helping you set the volume right as you play.

Also, the DTX700 module offers accessibility to home studio setup where you can use it with DAWs. You can record your work as MIDI to Cubase, Pro Tools, and any music tool. Also, the DTX720K is compatible with virtual instruments like DFD or EZ drummer. Using these tools offers access to a vast amount of sounds and kits.

The kit comes at a more reasonable price, compared to other e-drum sets in the same category. But it is still expensive for beginners and mid-level players. You may need to invest more than $2k in the kit. And that is only for professionals.

Overall, the Yamaha DTX720K is one of the best electronic drum kits on the market today. I personally like it because it brings out the feel and sound of a quality acoustic drum set.

Other notable features

The drum module has a built-in sequencer. You can use this with the DTX720K by assigning the control on the pad you choose. For instance, you can use them to initiate a song sequence. This is extremely useful in live gigging.

The coach function on the module is another notable feature. They carry different modes created to challenge your skills, hence helping you improve. For example, the ‘Groove Check’ and ‘Rhythm Gate’ both offer a fun approach to improving your timing.

The DTX700 module is very compact too. You can connect to your computer, PC, or Mac to function as a MIDI controller for your DAW.


  • A silicone snare and toms for better playability
  • Improved bass
  • Extremely quiet


  • The memory is not enough
  • The price seems higher than the features it has


Technology is, without a doubt changing the way we drum. Every electronic drum kit that comes out promises the best features.

You should check out the pad material, the quality of the cymbals, and the functions of the module. This way, you can easily tell what your drumming future looks like.

The brand

There is no better way of knowing an e-drum quality than by the manufacturer. Some brands have established themselves as market leaders, and you can never get anything wrong with their products.

Like in the case, Yamaha is a reputable company. They have been on the market for a long time not, creating drum sets with cutting edge technology.

Roland is another wonderful drum company. They focus on innovation and creating a solution for drummers around the world.

Your budget

Unfortunately, the best e-drum technology is costly. You may have to invest more than $3000.

But if you think money is not a problem, then you are in a better position to get everything you require. Fortunately, some electronic drums sets look and sound just like acoustic sets.

And they even have better features. For instance, they are more portable and allow you to record from your home studio.

How to buy electronic drum kits

When it comes to buying the best electronic drum kit, many people think it is just a walk in the park. After all, you only go online and select the products you want to get.

However, you will realize there is a lot to it than meets the eye. And if you want to get the best out of you drumming, then you should consider the kit you buy very seriously. Here are a few things to look out for.

Your drumming needs

There are drum sets for every level of experience. If you are a beginner, it may not be a good idea to invest in heavy equipment. What you need is something easy to get you started and for practicing purposes.

And this means one must consider the features that come with their kit.

For beginners, all you need are the essential components. These may include the drum pads, the cymbals, and a few training songs.

A mid-level player will require something extra. They may need to practice making and recording their own music. Hence, it is vital to keep in mind what the drum set offers.

And for experienced players, you are looking at a fully compatible drum kit. Because, perhaps, you may wish to transition to an acoustic set, everything, from the drum setup to the components, should make it easy to transition.

A pro will need additional features like home recording, live stage performance capability, and much more. And this is why they need something that can hold more water,

Again your level or playing expertise will determine how much you should invest in the drum sets. In other words, drumming requires a good budget if you want to be successful. For beginners and mid-range players, you have an option. But for professionals, you will be compelled to invest heavily in the kit.

They say a drummer is only as good as their equipment. And it all makes sense because appearance speaks volumes.

Other Kits You May Want To Look At

If you feel like this is not the kit for you, then you should consider other alternatives. The Roland TD-11KV is one such kit. This kit is the bigger brother of the TD-11K and less expensive, yet it has the same features as the Yamaha DTX720K.

But if you well loaded, you may want to check out the Roland TD-25KV. It has the same size as the DTX720K, but with an extra crash cymbal pad. Also, it features high-quality mesh heads as well as TD-25 module.

The Crimson 11 is another great alternative from Alesis. It is a mid-range kit with a full mesh setup. Apart from this, the Alesis Strike Pro is another wonderful kit worth investing in. It has bigger drum pads than the DTX720K.


The Yamaha DTX720K electronic drum set by Yamaha is a very impressive kit. But it is not revolutionary just yet. And I find the kit a bit overpriced considering other brands offering better features. However, it may be more superior, considering the brand. 

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