Best Drum Machines Selection of 2021


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Below you will find the best selection of Drum Machines curated by the team of Zero to Drum.

Best Drum VST for Drummers

Toontrack Ezdrummer
Toontrack Ezdrummer

VST means Virtual Studio Technology. And as the name suggests, it is a technology that helps music enthusiasts create and save studio-quality music.

It is important to understand what the three types of VST Plugins stand for. Here is an overview:

  • VST instrument. these are plugins that create audio. They come as either virtual synthesizers or samples. Most of the VST instruments on the market stimulate the features and sound of common synthesizers. They include options like Massive, FM8, and Absynth, among others.
  • VST effects. As the name suggests, these are technologies that improve audio. They don’t generate audio; they only process it. And these plugins work like audio processers. This is where you find reverbs and phasers.
  • VST MIDI effects. These are plugins that translate MIDI messages and send the data to other VST instruments and devices. 

VST plugins are used by Digital Audio Workstation. In other words, you will need to download DAW on your computer before connecting your audio equipment.

Roland TR-8S

Roland Tr 8s
Roland Tr 8s

Now looking at the TR-8S, one may think it is something very new. Well, sorry to disappoint you because there may not be a lot. It is only interesting that Roland has chosen to go back to the Roland TR-8 functionality.

In terms of physical appearance, it is more of the less the same item you would get as the TR-8. But there is more in the software.This device has been upgraded to being more playable. And the most significant changes is the inclusion of more sample playback,

With the original TR-8, Roland solely used its Analogue Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology. In this case, it imitates the foundational hardware using a component-by-component basis.And this is the same tech driving the TR-8S. It comes bearing all the goodies to models like 808, 909. 707, and 606.

All these are greatly emulated instruments, in which case they are here linked through sample tracks. Hence, the TR-S8 is perhaps the more advanced box on the market right now.Here are some of the features that make it stand out.

Best Saturation Plugins

Fab Filter Saturn
Fab Filter Saturn

Saturation is a term used in the audio world to mean emulating the audio passing through analog hardware by adding harmonic distortion. It changes the way your audio sounds, creating some impact and meaning on the audio’s general output.

In other words, saturation boosts the frequencies that exist within the sound. Think of the saturation settings of your TV. It makes the colors more intense and vivid, perhaps creating a more realistic scene.

Nowadays, digital music has become the new normal. As such, we record music straight to computers. It is easy and faster for this.

However, there are some of us who still find pleasure in using tape machines. Tape saturation plugins emulate the audio’s sound as though coming from these machines, even when you use a computer.

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