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In this section of Zero to Drum all the Best Guides of How to Play the Drums and learn how to get better at what you love: drumming! Looking for tips for beginner drummers? You are in the right place!


Drumtune Pro

Best Drum App

Drumming is not only for the professional performance of audio production. It can also be a great workout for your body and the entire brain. Even so, you may want to progress through different levels,

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Music Production

Best DAW Buying Guide and Reviews

Home recording started way back in the 90s. Before then, there were only studios, which, even today, are costly. Producing music through studio takes time, energy, and money This is why having a DAW today

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Modern Samples Drum

13 Best Drum Samples in 2020

If you have been drumming for a while, then you understand the importance of sample drum libraries. They are becoming more and more popular as bedroom music producers find their way into the market. For

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Play A Drum

21 Easy songs to play on drums

Getting your hands on a drum stick brings out certain goodness in the heart. Getting the right beat, with some incredible beats, can be the best way to enjoy life with easy songs to play

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Drum Recording

Free Chord Plugins Best Review

If you are looking to create a beautiful music production, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Some of these factors include sound quality, pitch, rhythm, sound texture, and melody. Apart from

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Drumming 3

Best Drum Plugins of 2020

Today’s drum samples music is dominated by different drummer technology in terms of software. And the term ‘drum samples machine’ has taken on a wider meaning. It now combines everything from emulations of vintage drum

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Pearl Vision Drums Birch

When did the Pearl Vision Drums come out?

Pearl Vision Drums Blue Pearl is one of the oldest drum manufacturers in the world. They have been creating all solutions covering entry-level to professional products. The Pearl Visions Drums series is among the top-line

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Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz 4 Piece Drum

What Is A Jazz Drum Set?

Jazz is one of the most popular music styles in the world. And jazz drumming can be defined as the art of playing the drums in jazz styles. They range from the Dixieland jazz style

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Alesis Dm10 Mkii

Alesis DM10 MKII User Guide

Alesis DM10 MKII Pro: How to Change Drum Set The Alesis is among the best entry-level electronic drum sets on the market. However, it is not well sounding.  Its module is pretty functional. Hence, instead

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Drumming 1

20 Best Beginner Drum Songs

You need a suitable song when playing drums, especially as a beginner. There are a ton of songs in the world that you can use. And that is where the problem is. The choice is

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Drumming Tab

How To Read Drum Tabs

Learn how to read drum tabs can be a lot of fun. But it goes beyond just knowing how to hit the drum heads to produce good sound. The music sheets for drums are necessary

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How to Tune A Drum Set for Jazz?

No matter how you want your drums to sound like, the tuning process is fairly the same. But if you are not sure where to begin, don’t worry. I will show you how to tune

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Drum Tunning 2

A guide to Drum Tuning

Playing drums is more than just hitting them with a stick. You need to tune your drums properly and train your ear to capture the right sounds at all times. But you cannot start using

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