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In this section of Zero to Drum all the Best Guides of How to Play the Drums and learn how to get better at what you love: drumming! Looking for tips for beginner drummers? You are in the right place!

Cardio Drumming

Cardio Drumming Supplies

Drumming itself is a wonderful exercise. I have seen many people get excited behind the drumsticks, and they will be sweating profusely at the end of everything.   Today, you will see people using anything as

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Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz 4 Piece Drum

What Is A Jazz Drum Set?

A jazz drum set is a complete setup of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments used for jazz tunes. The sets are quite similar to a standard drum kit. But they show a massive and

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how to hold drum sticks

How To Hold Drum Sticks?

Studying and learning different drum stick grips is certainly not the most amusing task a drummer can pursue, so why go through the hassle of comparing the French grip with the overhand grip? What can

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9 Drum tricks to Look Cool on Stage

Becoming one of the best drummers doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of practice and learning need to take place. Learning new drum tricks can take a prolonged period. But with ambition, this can happen in

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Book For Beginner Dummer

Drum Music Books For Beginners

Drums are very interesting, and great instruments to play. There are so many different styles and techniques a player may use. However, learning drums can be tedious and demanding. Many enthusiasts have gotten themselves stuck

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Drumbeats Vr

Best Drumming Video Games

There are so many ways of learning to play drums today. You only need to identify the approach that makes you feel more comfortable. One of my favourite methods is using drumming video games. They

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Roland Spd One

Best Drum Pads Worship in 2022

The technology in the modern music industry is quite interesting. Ever since I learned to play drums, I have always been fascinated by these technologies. Technology has concerned itself more with inventions and drums are

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